Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (Six) 

(recall:) The arena fight that originally ruined all of the host’s hopes will become his first step to success.
Isn’t it to defeat Yang Jun? He will let everyone open their eyes and see.

In the base, everybody’s reaction is different after hearing the news of Ye Sinian challenging Yang Jun into a fight.

Yang Jun is already a person who has made fame a long time ago as a fire ability user.
Although his strength isn’t the best in the base, he was still someone who stood at the top of the pyramid; however, Ye Sinian is in contrast to that as everyone knew deeply of the rumour that water ability user’s attack power is weak.
Even if he has killed a fifth rank zombie before, many people believe he just happens to be lucky so no one thought he would be a match for Yang Jun.

Some think Yang Jun is just being shameless for bullying the young as an elder, and adhering to the strong but condemning to the weak.

There are some people who believe it was Ye Sinian who is in need of a lesson for overexaggerating his own abilities, and there are also believe Yang Jun has some friction between Ye family, otherwise, he wouldn’t make a ruckus to the point of getting challenged for a fight by Yeliu’s only son

Everyone’s reaction differs, however, everyone is anxiously looking forward to their match.
The base allows observers to watch others fight although they would need to buy tickets to enter if they were able to learn something from those experts during their fight spending money for a ticket is nothing.

Even when the apocalypse came, people’s love for gossips hasn’t withered away, instead because entertainment has declined and degenerated this, then, started to increase sharply so in a matter of moment the news spread like wildfire.
Also, the information has just been passed onto the network so many guesses, gossips, and ridicule to matter has emerged on the base’s forum.

Currently, Ye Sinian nestled in the chair in his pyjamas looking very engrossed at the computer.
Looking at the forum he was shocked by netizen’s astounding ability to imagine.

On the other hand, Qin Shiyue looked at the computer with a frown, and after hesitating for a while he picked up a communicator at the side.

Ye Sinian is just so engrossed in watching that he didn’t even bother too much and picked up the communicator when it rang.


An intoxicating deep voice sounded in his ear making Ye Sinian freeze, so he moved the communicator away from his ear a bit only then did he speak, “General Qin? What’s the matter?”

“Just call me Shiyue.” The man over the communicator appears to be a bit helpless.
“I saw the news on the forum.”

“Oh” Ye Sinian replied indifferently however his gaze has stayed on the computer screen.
There are currently several groups of people picking a fight and the topic of is exactly who will win and lose on tomorrow’s oncoming fight.

“Why?” Qin Siyue didn’t realize the perfunctory in his speech so he asked for the reason in good spirit.

“Only severing a tie, nothing much, really.” Only then did Ye Sinian take back his concentration and put them on their conversation.
He suddenly has a thought and spoke craftily, “Who do you think would win?”

“Of course it’s you.” The man over the communicator let out a light laugh.
He even half-joked, however, his tone sounded very certain.
“I have made a big stake on you so you must not let me lose everything ah!”

“You made one?” He asked in astonishment, “How much?”

“All the money in the card went in.” Qin Shiyue playfully said, “If you lose I would become poor.”

“Then I must think carefully about whether to win or not.” Ye Sinian deliberately teased him, and his eyes gleam in clear humour.

Qin Shiyue turned startled but then he let out a hearty laugh, “It doesn’t matter even if you lose, just think of it as my investment.”

Ye Sinian naturally wouldn’t ask about what investment.
He pursed his lips, smiling instead of saying anything.

Qin Shiyue tried to restrain the strange nervousness in his heart.
He holds his breath listening to the youth’s shallow breath.

In a moment, they sink into an unexplainable silence.

After a good while, Qin Shiyue only reluctantly speak when he saw that the time is not early, “You should sleep early to keep yourself in good health.”

“Mm.” Ye Sinian hooked his lips and lightly reply.

“I’ll come pick you up tomorrow?” Qin Shiyue forced himself to at least stay calm a little and cautiously asked.

“……Mm.” Ye Sinian raised his eyebrows and his smile deepened.

Qin Shiyue’s heart almost jumped out of place from the excitement after attaining his wish.
He lightly coughed to retain himself and only said after being calm, “Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll see you there.”

Hearing the tooting sound, Qin Shiyue regretfully put down the communicator.

Yet in a mere second, his regret turned into enthusiasm.

Sinian didn’t reject him! He promised to let him pick him up tomorrow!!

Qin Shiyue took a deep, deep breath, only after a while was he able to level out his mood.
However, his clear voice, and perhaps to his imagination, carrying a bit of shyness seems to still linger beside his ear.

Qin Shiyue unconsciously caresses the three big words ‘叶斯年 (Ye Sinian) showing on the communicator which made his countenance light up with gentleness and smiles.

In the morning of the second day, Ye Sinian left Ye family’s villa after finished with preparing himself.

He turns around, looking at the home the original host has been yearning for.
His lips suddenly hook up into a ridiculing smile.

When he was taken out of the orphanage at the age of ten, this home became a place where he belongs to.
It was a place where he would use his full strength to stay.
But, in the end, what happened?

Ye Liu had a meeting for all night.
The moment he received the message he rushed back home.
He didn’t think he would meet this shameful and unfilial son the moment he got out of the car.
His face immediately turns ashen.

“What a disgrace!” Yeliu sternly roar, “Are you going hysterical! Who allowed you to challenge your Uncle Yang?! Quickly go give your Uncle Yang an apology!”

Ye Sinian knit his eyebrows.
He is too tired for him already.
This cheap father, except for reprimanding him, what else can he do?

He never cared for the original host.
He also never see him as his own son.
Now he is forcing him to apologise when he hasn’t even fully understood the truth.
Just why?

Therefore, he also no longer hide it, and coldly speak to him, “Why do I have to apologise? Just because you’re my father?”

“Isn’t this already enough?!” Yeliu’s face turns even more ashen when he heard him talking back at him.
He has never liked this thing from the result of his one night stand all along, now that he has a lover it is even more awkward.
“if you still think of me as your father, then stop this at once!”

“Bye.” Ye Sinian suddenly turns his head to look at the black off-road vehicle gradually coming not far away from the villa.

The off-road vehicle is looking even more fierce after getting modified.
Looking from far away it is as if it’s a ferocious steel monster.
It can be seen that no normal people can just simply own one when they want to.

The window rolls down, and Qin Shiyue’s handsome face is revealed.
He coldly gives Yeliu a nod and shifted his gaze to Ye Sinian.
His expression visibly softens when he looks at him, even his voice is bright.
“Sinian, get in.”

“Mm.” Ye Sinian did not glance at the flabbergasted Yeliu or Li Feiyan carrying a complicated look and swiftly get on the copilot seat.

The smile in Qin Shiyue’s eyes deepens when he sees he didn’t sit at the back.
He didn’t waste a moment and drive the car to the base centre’s public square as the stage is located there.

When they reached the square, the people who have bought the ticket has already entered.
As for the people who weren’t quick enough to by the tickets, they are discussing making a profit from their bet, making the place very noisy.

Ye Sinian looks at the sign written about the odds.
He then sweeps a glance the man beside him.

Qin Shiyue follows his gaze.
He immediately turns happy.
He carefully dodges the passerby while saying, “This sort of easy way to earn crystal nucleus, I would naturally not let it slip by.”

“So you’re that certain I will definitely win?”

“I believe you.” Qin Shiyue suddenly turns his face and profoundly said.

Ye Sinian only smiled and said nothing.

Yang Jun walks towards the stage with an abundance of confidence.
Although his fire ability hasn’t advanced for a while because he is busy at work that he could only pause his cultivating, it is still a lifesaving card he could use.
Yeliu is also very generous with giving him crystal nucleus that he is not in a lack of it.
This was also why he is very confident in strength.

Looking around, the site is flooded with spectators and hubbub.
Yang Jun secretly plot in his mind as he looks Yeliu and Li Feiyan whose complexion isn’t looking so good.

Ye Sinian is, after all, Yeliu’s own son.
Even if Yang Jun utterly hate him to the bones because of Li Feiyan, Yang Jun can’t be too excessive, so even though this is a life and death battle he still has to leave Yeliu some faces.

Yang Jun frowned, He should just cripple this fool’s ability lest he will have the ability to go unbridled.

As for the other matter, after he chases him out of Ye family’s house and out of Jing city, he will let secretly capture him to take his time to take care of him.

Yang Jun originally calculated which move to use to defeat Ye Sinian so that his reputation will not fall, but when Ye Sinian leisurely walked towards him, his thought is disrupted.

The youth standing tall has a build that is slender but not weak.
His face still has that relaxed expression of carefree to all things, but once he looked into his waveless eyes.

—As if he was looking at an ant.

His heart turned cold.

He put away his careless attitude.
With a clench of his fist, his body jolt.
A golden flame ignites on his hand, but within a blink it transformed into a gigantic blazing dragon, making heatwaves overflow to all corners of the arena.
The spectators exclaim in admiration but before they could share their feelings, they saw the blazing dragon threateningly pounce towards Ye Sinian.

Ye Sinian’s face turned cold.
He slightly raises his right hand and quickly a crystal clear water dragon smaller than the fire dragon appears in mid-air.
The water dragon moves to and fro, then it shoots towards the blazing dragon in an imposing manner.

When both dragons clash in the air, only the rumbling sound penetrating the sky was heard.
The arena is now tightly wrapped in a thick concentration of vapour.

Before any spectators can react, they saw the water dragon with twice as much vigour break out of the fog and rush into mid-air, once again aggressively diving down.
It fiercely charged towards where Yang Jun is standing.

A miserable scream then came from the fog.
All the spectators couldn’t resist their fear but their curious heart was anxious to know the situation.
How they hate they weren’t born with see-through eyes so they could properly see what’s happening on the stage.

In the fog, Ye Sinian smiled as he looked at him.

When he slightly hooked his finger, the body hanging between death and alive violently twitches, and blood overflows out of Yang Jun’s mouth.

His whole body was plagued with an acute tearing pain, blood was flowing out uncontrollably, and his vessels were crazily contracting. He instinctually curls his body, desperate to relieve the intense agony.

But the physical pain is far less than the pain in his heart.
He suddenly found he could not feel the crystal core.

Yang Jun widely open his eyes, looking at Ye Sinian with terror.

—towards that waveless pair of eyes.

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