Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (Six)

Closing the door, the furious expression that seemingly looks like he’ll losing his sanity soon disappeared.

Rubbing his face, Ye Sinian rolled his eyes skyward.

It has been a long time since he had acted in plays so acting furious as an arrogant and conceited young master in lavish clothes made him feel addicted.

It’s just that the malice in Yang Jun’s eyes made him feel very uncomfortable.

Just because he and Li Feiyan are against each other so he cannot wait to send him to death?

Following the track of the original fate, the previous host and Yang Jun also had an arena fight.

When the original host returned to Qing Lan county in a sorry figure, he was unable to bear the ridicule of others, and so with a nature all the more irritable and easy to anger after being compared as mud on the ground together with Li Feiyan, he became increasingly hateful towards him so conflicts often occur when the two already didn’t have a good relationship with each other.

Mochi’s Note

Qing Lan Country – It is actually ‘County‘ not ‘Country‘.
I didn’t read it properly so I got it wrong.
I’m sorry about that.
I have corrected all of them from prev.

A County is a smaller division of a state but usually larger than a city, also may also be called a parish or a borough.
A Country is a nation. A country is made up of loads of county’s

—Taken from A person called Mark Peterson


Then, the original owner became hostile towards Li Feiyan once again.
When he was threatening him that he’ll kill him, he just happens to let Ye Liu and Yang Jun who was in the house to hear it.
Without letting him to really make any sort of actions, Yang Jun, under Ye Liu’s approval, helped Li Feiyan out of the mess.


Using the same words to stimulate him, the former owner was sensitive and irritable, so how could he endure it? With a ball of flame stuck in his head, he mentioned competing in an arena fight, just as Jang Jun intended.

Mochi’s Note

Confused by what this means (so I’m guessing you are as well?), but I think the author meant him being compared to mud on the ground and ridiculed by others after getting back from the mission.

Ye Liu reprimanded, and Yang Jun pretended to be ashamed, relenting on the surface, but the glance he secretly gave to Ye Sinian is full of contempt as if to say you’re useless to the point of only able to depend on your father!

Since Ye Liu’s face had been stood on, the unsatisfaction in his heart increased so he didn’t care and did nothing.

The two people signed the contract, and the stake is the person who loses will leave Ye family, forever not returning.

The former owner’s strength was weak so how could he beat Yang Jun with strong fighting power? He irrefutably lost and lost miserably to the point of losing more than his face not only because his nucleus was shattered, it was also because he also tried to cheat by trying to bribe the judge.

Unfortunately, Yang Jun exposed him in front of everyone.
Hence, his reputation that wasn’t too bad became greatly terrible.
Ye Liu was even dragged into this losing his face completely so regarding Ye Sinian, he loathed him to the extreme.

However, he is not the former Ye Sinian.
He would not try to bribe the judge, and would even more not lose miserably.

The arena fight that originally ruined all of the host’s hopes will become his first step to success.
Isn’t it to defeat yang Jun? He will let everyone open their eyes and see.

Happy New Year! 新年快樂! Hope everybody will have a good year! ^^

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