Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (Five)

“What are you doing!”

Yang Jun abruptly charged through the door. His eyes that were glaring at Ye Sinian looks like it would almost emit fire.

“It’s not yours to control what I do.” Ye Sinian calmly put down the communicator, not bothering to look at heinously furious Yang Jun.

‘Fei Yan’s experiment will soon make progress! You actually wanted to stuffed mouse crap in his lab!’ The indifference looks of his made Yang Jun fly into a fury of rage, so he severely yelled again, ‘You want to destroy Feiyan’s experiment, don’t you! You shameless wretch!’

‘I can stuff people into the lab, so what are you going to do about it?’ Ye Sinian disdainfully lifts his eyebrow, letting the former owner’s dandy and arrogant temperament to show through vividly. It was obvious that his elegant and relaxed attitude was as if he was participating in a high-class banquet, but contrarily, the words spoken can almost cause someone to die from anger.
‘I certainly didn’t know when Li Feiyan had become a scientist, but since he can preside experiments and my people are all specialists, wouldn’t it mean that they are much better than Li Feiyan?’

‘You’ Yang Jun was angered to the extreme, but he just couldn’t find words to retort him!

In his heart, Li Feiyan is outstanding in anything, but no matter how blind love can make him be, he knew Ye Sinian’s words were correct; developing a zombie vaccine is truly not in line with his expertise.

But how can he let other’s ambition to grow?

Also, Feiyan had already clearly said that with enough time, he can definitely successfully develop a zombie vaccine.

He believes that Feiyan can do it—for sure.

But with the premise that Ye Sinian is not allowed to send in people to stir up troubles.

However, contrarily to expected, Ye Sinian sent people over wasn’t because he wanted to stir up trouble, although he didn’t want Li Feiyan to have it good, with an issue at hand, he would not carry it out with personal matters.

Those people are indeed specialists in that aspect that he gathered with difficulty after looking around everywhere in the base, so how could he think about really sending them to Li Feiyan’s lab as they all specialise in research on how to stimulate special abilities? As this is especially useful for Li Feiyan, how can he let Li Feiyan get it cheap?

Not to mention those people are already sent over to his own lab.

This all is nothing but a guise.

Confronting this Yang Jun who quickly stepped on to his trap, Ye Sinian is innerly very satisfied.
However, his face is full of mockery, ‘Is Li Feiyan that worthy, enough for you to throw your life away to protect him?’

Yang Jun ‘s anger was completely set on fire by his insulting words, so the tall man was emitting a terrifying aura and with killing intent in his eyes. ‘Ye Sinian, if you’re a man then come, openly without those tricks! What do kind of person is counted as noble when they use dirty tricks behind the back!’

Oh, sorry ah, but I don’t want to be some whatever noble what’s it!

Ye Sinian innerly roasted, but on his face, he seems like he had been trampled on the face.
He murderously glared at Yang Jun, huffing with anger, ‘What did you say–!’

‘I’m saying you are a despicable lowlife!’ Seeing that his manipulation worked, Yang Jun wasn’t feeling any more misgivings.
He did his best to use up all of his taunts, ‘Except for making dirty tricks, what use do you have? That fourth rank zombie, it must’ve only been a coincidence— nothing much.
How can a person such as you kill a fourth-grade zombie! It’s a wonder how there’s a child like you born under Mister Ye!’

Ye Sinian is literally enraged to the point of exploding! He seized the communicator beside him and violently flung it towards him!—roaring: ‘Shut up! If you want to come then come! Shao ye isn’t afraid of you! Come to the arena! If you’re not dead, then it’s I who lives!’

Mochi’s Note

Think you already know, but… 少爷 – Young master.
Can be used when acting arrogant.

Ye Sinian shockingly also wants to challenge him.
Yang Jun rejoiced because it was matching with what he wanted.
Leaving no thought on analysing why something sounds wrong, he sternly said, ‘I accept your challenge! You cannot regret it!’

Having that said, he feared that he would renege so he deliberately changed his tone into a mocking one to provoke him, ‘But first, I still need to first ask Mister Ye’s opinions so as to avoid you acting dumb when you lost and then finding me for troubles! I might even be kicked out of Ye family, so in order to avoid this from happening…’

His capability was being questioned and even being ridiculed that he would find his dad for support.
How could Ye Sinian endure it?

Sign a contract for the wager!’ His eyes were turning red from the anger and he roared, ‘Immediately sign it! The loser has to get lost— out of Ye family!’

‘I’ll sign!’ Happiness immediately flashed past Yang Jun’s eyes while he fished out a printed paper from who knows where and with a few strokes, signed his own name down. After, he mockingly looked at Ye Sinian, as if he was certain he wouldn’t dare to sign.

The paper prepared in advanced was permeating an aura of conspiracy, but the rage attacking Ye Sinian’s heart and mind made him ignore everything, brainlessly snatching the pen to sign his own name. Yang Jun’s face was brimming full of unconcealable joy.

Yang Jun immediately put away the contract after he is done and spoke in an extremely provocative tone, ‘Since it is young master’s own choice, then don’t accuse me of being vicious because I wouldn’t give lenient tomorrow!’

‘Who wants your hypocritical leniency!’ Ye Sinian, who had his intelligence corroded by anger, fiercely pointed at the door, ‘Get lost!’

Yang Jun disdainfully gave him a glance.
Since his aim had been achieved, he didn’t want to stay together with Ye Sinian anymore than this so, with a chuckle, he walked out.

Bang! The door slammed shut behind him.

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