Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (One)

Blinking his eyes, the scene before him is still displaying the colour of cold metal.
He narrowed his eyes as Ye Sinian carefully ponder.


Then an icy cold electronic voice sounded in his ear.
Ye Sinian slightly lift his hand up to see the ring on his slender ring finger.

Ye Sinian was originally a King of Silver screen on the godly altar.
Naturally, Ye Sinian’s appearance is faultless especially his perfectly shaped phoenix eyes that slant upward.
His distinctive eyes when he look around makes one see the unforgettable.

Mochi’s Notes! ‘Normal’ Eyes Phoenix Eyes 

Ye Sinian possesses an exceptional figure and an outstanding talent that he became the King of Silver screen yet, he didn’t think that a car crash would occur.
At the moment of life and death, a mysterious space dragged him into it.
He awoke to see that he was already bound to an intelligent system called ‘Cannon fodder Counterattack System’. Under the threat of being obliterated and the temptation of returning, Ye Sinian embarked on a continuous road of finishing countless missions.

Until now, he have already been to more than hundreds of worlds to do tasks that he have earned a scary amount of points.
With a few more points to fill the enormous hourglass on the corner of the room, he will be able to entirely free himself from the system’s control, returning to his world.

Although he isn’t really fond of his original world, it is much better than being under the system’s control.

At least he will be able to have his freedom.

Who cares about dying from old age and illness?

But, what is going on right now?

Looking at the virtual control panel, Ye Sinian’s pitch black eyes glimmered as he raised his eyebrows.
This is beyond his belief.

On the control panel nearly similar to the size of a common computer, only a few simple words, which was unlike its past’s harsh style to demand for the extreme, was on it.
It only requested for the host to complete the cannon fodder’s counterattack during which he could freely act.
Moreover, the award will be a generous amount of points, so much so that it could immediately fill the hourglass.

The most unbelievable thing is that he can use the manual system mode.

Does that mean he wouldn’t have to listen to that extremely annoying system talk?

After he was happy, doubt took over.

According to the system, it hates not being able to set the rules for the host.
What made this annoying bastard give up and allow the host to freely act?

Mochi’s Notes!

大小语调高低的尿性 – Big small voice High low urine ‘尿性’ – Bastard, cocky, arrogant, stubborn, all that vulgarities.
‘大小语调高低’ -‘大小语调’ – Kind of like shouting and making a ruckus.
So it probably means making a ruckus and being the fly that always flies near you.

It’s not always like what the system described it as so is it trying out a new supervising method?

Is it perhaps being troublesome?

With a strange look on his face, he knit his eyebrows


The control panel flashed as the red option button shine again.

It doesn’t matter what the system is doing as it would be best to quickly fill the hourglass first.
Furthermore, being able to freely move is the world’s greatest news to him.

His eyes slightly flashed and he stopped immersing in his random thoughts and lightly nod his head while speak in a cold, jade-like voice “Yes”.

【Host have successfully accepted the mission.
Beginning transfer】

Once again opening his eyes, his surrounding have completely changed.

Ye Sinian scrutinised the room for a few times.
His gaze quickly skim through the room’s simple arrangement and when he’s certain that nothing is abnormal did he then unhurriedly sat up.

Just as he slightly poked at the very simple-looking ring, a cold light flashed.
Ye Sinian raised his brows as the floating control panel is packed with dense writings, introducing the previous host’s information in detail.

Quickly reading through it, Ye Sinian then closed his eyes, silently digesting the information.

This is an apocalyptic world. Mochi in the background: (●°u°●)​ 」|( ̄3 ̄)|  (´∀` )

A few months ago, the Sun suddenly became unusually different.
The Sun’s ray have a type of intensely strong radioactive substance that can easily penetrate through the atmosphere, radiating onto the human world.

Under the influence of the unknown substance, more than half of the world’s population was infected with high fever and coma.
Then the population found out the infected people mutated into ferocious, and bloodthirsty undead.
The world was in chaos.

Driven by immense fright, the people was also driven to insanity.
They unsympathetically massacred any patients with high fever as they would become man-eating corpse anyway.

Days after days, innumerable people died in their sleep until one day, a survivor from the high fever woke up to discover that he possesses the legendary supernatural power and the slaughter gradually decreased.

One day, an expert discovered a theory: The substance in the Sun’s ray stimulated the cells in our human body.
Some are repelled so as a consequence, they became zombies.
Some people are urged to evolve so as a result, they became supernatural user.
There are also people who didn’t have a reaction so is still a normal human being.
Plants and animals also faces the same thing.

All of this is merely the same as survival of the fittest.

Mochi’s Comment!

The typical key quote in action novels meow.

This world’s Li Feiyan was born again.
In his last life, because he was traveling, Li Feiyan didn’t rush back home.
When he had a fever, he was nearly thrown into a pile of zombies.
After awakening his healing ability, he experienced a journey full of hardship.
In the end, just as he entered Jing city’s base, he was targeted by the research institute to be experimented on until he was tormented to death.

The Li Feiyan reborn was lavish full of hatred.
As a result of approximately knowing the direction of the world, he quietly stocked up a large quantity of weaponry goods, silently maxing out his powerful uncle’s favourable impression of him and bravely stepping up, offering the goods to let his uncle stabilise the people and the army’s hearts, making him wield power over Jing city’s safety base.

The main character with a strong backing then started his road to revenge.
Almost every single researcher in the institute was not spared as well as every people involved in it was one by one discovered by him and eliminated.
The protagonist is truly the protagonist.
Even if he was in the middle of revenging, he also gained a truly beautiful romance.

His Uncle Yeliu was in fact only his mother’s neighbour’s little brother when his mother was a child.
The two’s relationship was good from when they were little so after Li’s mother passed away, he took him home and meticulously took care of him.
He originally took a pity on him but later on, he felt greatly moved by his actions.
He couldn’t hel

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