stood by the horse.
He looked up at Ren Yue's stuffy red face because he was unhappy.
He said, “Do you want to ride around by yourself?”

Ren Yue looked down at him and snorted, “You think I can't?”

“No, I believe you.” Mr.
Bai smiled and then said, “But let's run together until my horse is pulled out—— is this acceptable to you?”

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Ren Yue raised his eyebrows and said, “Why should I run with you?”

At this time, Mr.
Bai noticed that Ren Yue’s trousers feet were folded a little.
He reached out to rearrange Ren Yue’s trousers and wiped the grass scraps on his shoes.
When Mr.
Bai did these small gestures, his attitude was very natural.
He even continued to discuss with Ren Yue without changing his face and said, “Don't you think it's more fun to run with two people?”

Ren Yue stared at him.

Bai slowly smiled back.

In the end, Ren Yue didn't want to take care of him, so he pulled the reins and the result…
didn't move.
Ren Yue silently took Mr.
Bai’s hand on the horse's back for a long time before he said, “Let go.”

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Bai obeyed and took his hand down, and at this time his horse was just pulled out.
Ren Yue knew at a glance that he might have been tricked, so he threw a few whips angrily and galloping away.
But Ren Yue's skill was not perfect, and his horse was too disobedient, and it ran crazily.
Ren Yue didn't think that the horse would have such a fierce reaction, he failed to grasp the rope, and the whole people were thrown out.
At this critical moment, he felt that he was caught and picked up, and when he recovered, he sat on another horse.

Ren Yue bowed his head and looked at the white horse under him, and then he turned his head, he saw Mr.
Bai's beautiful and extraordinary face without surprised.
The smile on Mr.
Bai’s face disappeared a bit, it's just that his tone was always gentle, he said, “You are too reckless.”

Ren Yue didn't want to care about him and said directly, “Let me go down.”

“Not run a lap?” asked Mr.

Ren Yue twitch his lips and said, “No interest.”

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