Ren Yue felt a little stunned by the development of the matter.
He squinted at Mr.
Bai and looked at him a few times and expressed his doubts about the man's words about adopting him as his son.
As a man, Ren Yue has a kind of vigilance against Mr.
Bai, and at the same time, he was quite dissatisfied with Mr.
Bai's seemingly calm and extremely strong manner.

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Ren Yue found the loophole in his words and said, “So you don't deny that you are gay?”

Bai responded faintly, “Not deny it.”

Ren Yue was enraged by Mr.
Bai's logic.
He stared at him and said, “Then you still want to say that you don’t mean this to me?”

Bai looked at Ren Yue and said, “If you want me to mean this to you, then I think I can try my best.”

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“Do you mean it?” Ren Yue suddenly felt that he was so irritating, because Mr.
Bai doesn't know what was going on, as if he was a man with no temper at all.
So he tossed it off, instead he made it look like he was hoping the other guy was gay.

Bai always paid attention to Ren Yue.
He felt that Ren Yue was not happy and doesn't want to talk about it.
Ren Yue looked like a little wolf dog who was not happy, with some painful awkwardness.
Bai was not a comforter, and in his identity, he does not need to lower himself to comfort others, so for a while he felt a little confused.

But, in the end Mr.
Bai was Mr.
After a brief gap, he immediately thought of countermeasures.
He stood up from the sofa and then looked at Ren Yue and said, “I am going to the horse track.
Are you interested?”

Ren Yue refused, “Not interested.”

“There are many horses in the stable.
You can choose one you like to run for a while.” Mr.
Bai didn't care that he was rejected.
He continued, “The weather is very good today, especially suitable for a race in the racetrack.”

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It must be said that Ren Yue was actually very excited, and boys always like these types of sports.
He was also a good-looking big boy.
Many things had only been seen on TV dramas or the internet.
Just like horse riding, it's still far away for him.
So when there was a chance in front of him, he wanted to say yes.
Even if he doesn't like horse riding, he also wants to see the horse track.

Ren Yue glanced at Mr.

Bai smiled faintly and said, “Let's go together.”

This time, Mr.
Bai’s words were no longer an invitation for inquiry.
He saw Ren Yue's thoughts in his eyes, so he went to him and took him out with him.
The way he was acting like he didn't want it, and he didn't want to talk to Mr.
Bai, but this pretending acting disappeared instantly when he arrived at the horse track.

It looks like an endless grassland, the sky was so blue, the breeze blew gently, and suddenly his sullen mood disappeared.
He looked back at Mr.
Bai excitedly and asked, “Where are the horses?”

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Bai looked at Ren Yue's smiling face and his mood was better.
He hooked his lips in a rare smile and then said, “You can see it when you go ahead.”

So Ren Yue left Mr.
Bai and rushed forward.

The stables were located in the meadow.
When Ren Yue ran over, he saw rows of tall or short, big or small, brown or black horses.
Probably the conditions of this pasture were very good.
Every horse looked particularly strong and beautiful.
The hairs were beautifully shiny and looked very healthy.

Ren Yue's mood was particularly excited.
He picked a group of black and brown horses and then wanted to try to ride on them.
The staff next to him helped him pull the horse out and asked, “Sir, did you ride for the first time?”

Ren Yue nodded.

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