The butler responded with fear and trepidation[1], “Yes, Mr.

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Ren Yue unimpededly ran in the villa and opened the room one by one, and he was all sweaty, but he could only see that the man was super rich.
But in the end, he still found something.
He found a book on the bedside table in Mr.
Bai's room.


Ren Yue raised his eyebrows, he took the book and ran to Mr.
Bai, then he threw it heavily on the table.
“I said that you are such a good person! It turned out to be a gay man!”

Ren Yue’s face hung an evil smile, and he looked coldly at Mr.
“I finally know why my dad is so simple this time.
Emotion is still the best business for a gay.”

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Bai took a sip of tea and quietly watched Ren Yue exploded.

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Ren Yue knew what kind of garbage his father was.
Although he was not rubbish in the early years, he had become rubbish in recent years.
Ren Yue was too lazy to evaluate what kind of person his father was.
He went back and forth over the years to live in other people's home, and he has long felt no feeling for his father.

Ren Yue raised his chin and looked at Mr.
Bai and said, “Do you spend money to buy a man for fun?”

Bai frowned, and he said lightly, “Don't belittle yourself like that.”

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Ren Yue felt as if he had heard a joke.
He hooked his lips and laughed, “Oh?”

“The first time I saw you, I felt that you were very good, it suits my ideals.” Mr.
Bai fixed his eyes on Ren Yue and then said, “It happened that your father had difficulties, so I made a suggestion about the situation.”

“Sell me to you and you'll pay his debts?”

“You'll be my son, and I'll pay off all his debts.”

Ren Yue who spent all day pampering himself became a little foolish, he repeated stupidly, “Son!?”

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Bai looked at Ren Yue’s dull appearance and felt much better.
He smiled and explained, “I've never liked a person this much.
When I first met you, you were telling others that you want the stars in the sky.
I thought about it for a moment and felt that I was very happy to pick the stars in the sky for you, so I think I will probably give you everything I had—— according to this logic, I think you are suitable to be my son and should be my heir.”

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The reaction was a little different than I expected…
I don't want to write anymore.

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