Ren Yue had been playing with his mobile phone in silence since he got into the car.
Looking at the colorful look on his mobile phone screen, Mr.
Bai knew that he was probably playing a mobile game.
After reading a document beside him, Mr.
Bai saw that Ren Yue was still playing games, so he said, “This is not good for the eyes.”

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Ren Yue's pair of phoenix eyes glanced at Mr.
Bai, and he suddenly coldly sneered back, “Then you look at the documents in the car is good for the eyes? Uncle, how many degrees your glasses ah.”

Bai doesn't wear glasses, but he wore a pair of rimless glasses when he went to the car to read the documents.
He was originally a handsome man, after wearing glasses, he had a kind of warm scholar's style.
He was not angered by Ren Yue’s taunt.
Instead, he said, “You are still growing up.
If you don't take good care of yourself, your eyesight will be affected in the future.”

Ren Yue was unhappy, turned his eyes and said, “You are cursing me.”

Bai smiled and said, “I just don't want you to regret it later.”

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Ren Yue glanced at him and finally put away his mobile phone.
He pulled up his clothes hood and put his head to sleep.
He fell asleep in a daze by the window and suddenly felt that his body was touched, and then he fell down to the left and pillowed on the thigh next to him.
This warm feeling made Ren Yue sleepier, and then fell asleep in such a confusion.
When he woke up, he found that the car had stopped, but he was still lying on his back, and Mr.
Bai was still sitting check some documents.

Ren Yue got up lazily and then saw that he was resting on Mr.
Bai's thigh.
He instantly showed a little disgusted look and said, “There are so many small pillows in the car, you actually let me sleep on this hard thigh—— Uncle, you can't find a wife if you are so insensitive.”

“I will pay attention next time.”

Ren Yue took a look at Mr.
Bai and looked outside as if he suddenly lost interest.
When he saw the bustling streets outside, he asked in confusion, “Is your house on this street?”

Bai put away the documents and glasses and said, “Take you to buy clothes.”

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Ren Yue slightly picked his eyes and then said, “You really take my words seriously?”

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Bai smiled and said, “Naturally take it seriously.”

“Oh~” Ren Yue pulled the corners of his mouth, and then said without any conscience, “You should take good care of your wallet.
The things I want are very expensive.
Don't pretend to be poor to me later.”

Bai got out of the car and he said faintly, “I'm still very rich.”

Ren Yue followed him out of the car, and he snorted after hearing this sentence and didn't make any other response.
They came to the most flourishing shopping mall in the Imperial Capital, and many international brands had settled here, and the things inside were naturally good and luxurious.
But Ren Yue was not nervous at all when he came to such a big place.
He put his hands in his trousers pockets, like he's on a patrol, and he's going to go to a big brand store, and he glanced at it briefly and then said with a very bold voice, “Take out the most expensive clothes you have here and buy them directly.”

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Ren Yue really fulfilled his own words.
He went to more than a dozen major clothing stores in a row and then decided on tens of millions of brands with a wave of his hand.
Nevertheless, Mr.
Bai bought everything without blinking his eyes.
He was not touched or admired at all.
He merely twitched his lips with a sneer.

Ren Yue’s supplies had been solved in such a simple and rude manner.
If the bill was counted back, it would surely scare people.
But Mr.
Bai’s face had not changed at all, and he gently accompanied Ren Yue to stroll around.
It took less than an hour for the entire trip, and finally, Ren Yue was tired of shopping, so they went home.

Bai’s home was in the golden zone at the downtown.
A tall villa with a large lawn garden in front of it.
To occupy such a large area in this place, Mr.
Bai's identity was obviously not ordinary.
Ren Yue was not stupid, he has guessed that the man’s identity was not ordinary when shopping for him.
Obviously, the man was both rich and expensive.
But, Ren Yue was not at all pleased when he found out that his father knew such a big man.

Ren Yue looked up at the big villa and could felt that every brick and tile here was not something he's familiar with.
The big villa stood there tall, with a kind of majestic chill.
Ren Yue walked into the villa, left Mr.
Bai behind and wandering around the villa.

Bai doesn't stop him.
Instead, he stopped the butlers and servants who wanted to stop Ren Yue.
He looked at them faintly, with a bit of obvious and indifference in his eyes, facing them like facing a group of ants.
He said, “He will be the young master here.”

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