Uncle Bai smiled and said, “Yes.”

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The answer didn't make Ren Yue felt relieved, and he's got a lot of guts to ask, “I can live on your house, but I need a jacuzzi, an outdoor swimming pool…
and a maid to take care of me all the time, so you can force me.”

Father Ren bluffed and slapped Ren Yue's back and he said, “You don't make any trouble.
It's good that Uncle Bai willing to take you.”

“You think I was rushing to stay at his house! I don't want it!” Ren Yue snorted coldly and said, “What do you mean to shelter me? I just need to wave my hand, there are a lot of girls in the class rushing to take me to their house.”


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“Forget it, I won't quarrel with you for the sake of game devices.” Ren Yue glanced at his father and turned back to his room to picked up his cell phone and came out.
Father Ren saw it, he frowned again and said, “Where is your luggage? Didn't I tell you to go up and pack your things?”

Ren Yue put his hands in his pockets, lazily answered, “All packed up.”

Father Ren looked at Ren Yue, dressed in casual clothes, held a mobile phone and a charger in his hand, and then frowned again and said, “You know your phone all day long.
Go and get your clothes and your textbooks out.
I will rent out the house here, and you can't find anything if you come back.”

“I've already packed up.
Besides, doesn't this uncle looks very rich man? What is missing, I let him buy it, and it's not your money, what are you distressed about?”

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Ren Yue glanced at the young man who was sitting there drinking tea, and then pouting at him, “Isn't it? Uncle Bai.”

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Bai nodded and replied, “You're right.”

Father Ren suddenly showed a bitter smile, but he quickly put away this smile.
He looked at Ren Yue with a straight face and then opened his mouth and said, “After going to Uncle Bai's house, you must remember to be obedient.”


Ren Yue was so lazy and get away from them, he walked very confident and at ease.
He looked at the car parked in front of the door and then stood in front of the car lazily.
When Mr.
Bai came out and saw him like this, he said, “Why don't you get in the car?”

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Ren Yue hummed, “You haven't opened the door for me yet.”

When Father Ren looked at his son's spoiled appearance, he suddenly frowned again.
But he didn't say anything this time, just stood behind and watching them.
Father Ren was an old man, and now he was fifty years old.
The black hair on his head was no longer visible.
The serious face was full of wrinkles.
He looked at Ren Yue with a sullen face, he took a few steps forward and said to Mr.
Bai, “Just…
handed him to you, please treat him well.”

Bai looked at the old man and finally smiled and answered, “Yes.”

The car went away, leaving an old Father Ren stood in the sun.
Father Ren stood for a while, then walked back to his house step by step, as if walked toward the past.
He looked back at the car which had disappeared as if he had crossed to the future and entered a new life.

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