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The lights on the second floor of such a large villa were all off, and it was extremely quiet.
Although the lights were still on in the hall on the first floor, it did not affect the sleeping of people on the second floor.
Bai was sitting aside drinking plain water.
He approved several documents.
At this time, the butler came in and said, “Sir, someone is coming.”

Then a boy was brought in.

Bai glanced at the boy who was as old as Ren Yue and noticed that he was sweating profusely, and he was still holding a mobile phone in his hand.
The screen of the mobile phone was still on, and the display of “in call” on it was similar to that of Ren Yue's mobile phone.
The boy had already glanced at the living room.
He looked at Mr.
Bai and said, “What about Ren Yue?”

Bai gently invited, “Sit down and have tea.”

Lin He bit his molar teeth tightly to avoid his feet soften when facing Mr.
He had seen all kinds of big people since childhood, but for the first time, someone gave him this overwhelming sense of oppression.

Before he was chatting with Ren Yue, he later learned that Ren Yue was asleep, and he didn't hang up the phone.
He just wanted to listen to Ren Yue's breathing quietly.
But before long, he heard the door open at Ren Yue's side, and then a burst of “whoop” sound.
With his great imagination, he let him guess that someone moved Ren Yue's bed.

Lin He's heart was immediately raised to his throat, especially when he thought that Ren Yue was now living in someone else's home, he felt more uneasy.
So he did not hesitate to rush out of the house, took a taxi to the address given by Ren Yue.
When he saw the huge villa, his uneasiness became more obvious.

Lin He turned around and wanted to go upstairs directly to find someone, but his thin body was easily stopped by someone.
He could only turn and stare at Mr.
Bai and ask again, “What did you do to Ren Yue?”

Bai looked at Lin He carelessly.
He knew this person.
It was clearly recorded in Ren Yue's information that the boy was Ren Yue's bamboo horse.
The two had met in kindergarten and had a deep friendship.
The most important thing was that Ren Yue attached great importance to the boy who seemed useless to him.
(TN: childhood sweethearts; a couple who grew up as childhood friends)

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It was precisely because Ren Yue took it seriously that he was here waiting to meet him and see with his own eyes how this person made Ren Yue treat him differently.
If it's a useless person, then…
Bai lowered his head and took a sip of tea, taking away the cruelty in his eyes.

Ren Yue woke up in a daze.
He rolled over and over on the bed, finally got up, and rubbed his head.
He opened the door and yawned to get some ice water to drink in the kitchen.
Then he saw the light in the living room downstairs.
Ren Yue didn't care much about it, but he felt as if he felt the existence of Lin He, so he walked over.

He really saw Lin He's thin and small body standing tensely in the living room, while Mr.
Bai sat opposite him with a calm expression, it seemed like…
Ren Yue stepped forward, he stood in front of Lin He, and then he stared at Mr.
Bai with bad eyes and said coldly, “What did you do to Lin He?”

Bai looked at Ren Yue's absolutely protective gesture to Lin He, and then he slowly said, “He is suing me.”

Ren Yue guarded Lin He and then stared at him vigilantly.

“Your good friend found me anxiously and told me that you were bullied by classmates at school during the day.” Mr.
Bai stared at Ren Yue's absolutely protective posture, and then he dispelled the strange emotion in his heart.
His eyes were dimmed, and with a kind of obvious oppression, he asked, “You have been bullied.
Why don't you tell me?”

Lin He, who was protected by Ren Yue, suddenly raised his head when he heard this.
He was about to say something, but suddenly his body became stiff.
He looked at the man standing in front of him rigidly.
He saw that the beautiful man was staring at him.
The contempt and oppression in his eyes tightly locked his throat, as if someone had clutched his neck, making him unable to make any sound.
So when Ren Yue asked him with a little doubt, he only heard an uncontrollable “um” sound.

The situation reversed instantly.

The nerve on Lin He's face seems to be completely dead, not controlled by himself.
So he continuously looked stupid, but he couldn't cry in his heart.

He lost.
He failed to protect Ren Yue.
He was fully taken advantage of.

And at the moment when Lin He sank into the river of despair, he felt that he was taken into a warm embrace, with a pair of powerful arms around him.
Then Lin He saw that he was hugged by Ren Yue.
He couldn't see Ren Yue's expression, but heard him firmly and forcefully say to Mr.
Bai, “You just bullied Lin He.”

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