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Was it natural to have sudden pocket money? Anyway, Ren Yue thought this was not normal at all.
During the day, he just jokingly told Lin He that he had no money to spend, and then Mr.
Bai gave him so much pocket money…
which made people think more.
Ren Yue stared at Mr.
Bai, who looked particularly leisurely, and then said, “You are really weird.”

Bai stood facing the sunset, his body was covered with the afterglow of the setting sun, he walked into Ren Yue with a light smile, then stopped at a suitable distance, and said without rush, “I feel honored to be said so by you.”

Ren Yue squinted his eyes and then said, “Do you feel honored to be called weird? Do you have any strange hobby?”

“I just think this can be said from your mouth, which makes me feel flattered.” Mr.
Bai said slowly, “If you don't mind, I'd like to record your words forever.”

“…what to record?”

Bai, who has been more and more aware of everything, blinked.
He obviously pretended to be stupid, “Use my preeminent brain to memorize.”

Ren Yue: “……”

——Suddenly, I don't want to know what this guy was recording with.


Today's dinner was as simple and rich as ever.
Ren Yue looked at the home-cooked dishes on the table that met his tastes, and once again felt that Mr.
Bai was not simple.
Every dish that appeared on the table these days was his favorite, which made him deepen the idea that Mr.
Bai was weird.

Ren Yue and Mr.
Bai both eat quietly, so there was not much communication on the table.
Ren Yue had just finished eating a piece of spare ribs and was about to eat some shrimp.
Before he could take up his chopsticks, he saw that there was a peeled shrimp in his bowl.
Ren Yue looked up at Mr.
Bai and said, “I prefer to peel the shrimp by myself.”

Bai nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Next, Ren Yue found out that he only wanted to eat what kind of food, and every time he hadn't used his chopsticks, Mr.
Bai over there directly saw through what he wanted to do as if he knew how to read his mind, and then took the food to him first.
Ren Yue's heart was stunned.
Bai's gentle, gentlemanly and super considerate behavior didn't make Ren Yue feel confused.
On the contrary, he felt seriously uncomfortable.

This kind of creepy feeling that was completely seen through….

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Ren Yue was about to have a seizure, but at this time Mr.
Bai stopped his feeding behavior just right, he looked at Ren Yue with a slight smile, and then said, “It seems that I have accurately guessed your preference, so you try to change?”

Ren Yue was taken aback for a moment and asked, “What?”

Bai explained, “I recently read a parent-child book.
It tells us that parents can easily see through their children's every move, so I just tried to observe and challenge…
fact proofed destined to be my son.”

Ren Yue who heard Mr.
Bai talking nonsense for the first time: “…”

After taking a bath in the evening, Ren Yue has already returned the money Lin He transferred to him, explaining to him that this was a joke.
Lin He seemed to be quite idle today.
Ren Yue talked with him on the phone, and it was midnight before he knew it.
When the time came, Ren Yue fell asleep on the bed in a daze.
He didn't turn off the lights and even forgot to hang up the phone.

At night, when Mr.
Bai had a routine inspection, he saw that there were still lights in Ren Yue's room, so he went over to have a look at the situation.
It was just that he turned the doorknob and found that the door was locked.
Bai was stunned for a moment, then laughed.
He took out the spare key and opened the door of Ren Yue's room.
Then he saw Ren Yue lying on the quilt and sleeping dazedly.

Bai stepped forward and adjusted his sleeping posture for Ren Yue.
He took out the quilt that he had pressed under his body and covered him.
At this time, Mr.
Bai saw the mobile phone with the screen still on showing “in call”.
Bai looked at the object of the call.
He blinked.
He didn't do anything.
He just put the phone aside.

Bai's eyes were on Ren Yue again.
He leaned over the sleeping Ren Yue's forehead and dropped a good night kiss.
Then he turned off the light and went out.
Bai looked at the butler who was guarding the door, and said in a light tone, “Prepare tea, there are guests coming.”

The butler didn't ask who would run in the middle of the night, but replied respectfully, “Yes.”

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