CH 21

Chapter 20: Pocket MoneyLin He was probably a little bit hurt by Ren Yue's unruly kneading.
He frowned slightly.
After the expression on his face eased, he said as usual, “If you have anything, you must tell me, I will help you.”

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Ren Yue found it was fun to see the serious look of the young adult Lin He.
He grinned and said, “I recently took a fancy to a game console, but unfortunately the money is not enough, you lend me 100000 Yuan.”

Lin He was taken aback for a moment, and then asked cautiously, “Is EPSR game pack?”

Ren Yue squeezed his white and clean face and said, “Yes, do you feel bad?”

Lin He raised his eyebrows and said happily, “I know you want it, so I bought it the day before and put it at home.
When will it be convenient for you to come and take it? The other 100000 Yuan will be transferred to your account.”

I made it clear that I was lying to you.”

Lin He talked with Ren Yue for a few words, and then went back to his class.
Along the way, he felt his reddening cheek which was kneaded by Ren Yue, and his heart was boiling hot.
However, at this time, he heard someone in the corridor staring at Ren Yue's class and whispering something.
He couldn't hear clearly, but he could also guess what they were talking about.

Lin He stood still.
He looked at his own shadow reflected from the window and felt that he was still too small.
He was so small that he couldn't do anything even if he had a big idea.
Even if he was blessed with the conditions, he had not grown up enough to really protect a person—— there were too few things he could do.

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Lin He walked into his own class.
In this class that always haunted the learning atmosphere, there were also some people who couldn't bear to the lonely discussion of today's gossip.

As the top students who use their study to be superior to others, they were naturally the top students in this regard.
Some people found the transcripts of the previous year and found the scores of Ren Yue and student Hou.
It was so obvious in black and white that Ren Yue's performance was indeed quite poor.

Some people sighed and said, “This was something that Ren Yue did was not authentic.”

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“Isn't it? His methods are a bit dirty.”

“We should be clear when we get to this class.
We should speak with grades.
If you have time to say boring things here, you'd better study hard and think about when to surpass me, otherwise——” Lin He's eyes were filled with ice, he glanced at the class, “You are the next classmate Hou, waiting to be kicked out.”

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Perhaps, Lin He has always been particularly casual in the class, this sudden outbreak immediately reduced the lively atmosphere of the classroom to the freezing point.

In the classroom, there was a very unruly boy who was very indifferent.
His complexion was a bit white and his lip color was not very obvious, but this paleness gave him a transparent and delicate beauty.
He faintly looked at Lin He passing by, then curled his lips and said coldly, “Was it not happy enough to be beaten two days ago? Fag.”

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Lin He looked also back at him coldly.

After Lin He returned to his seat, he suddenly realized that Ren Yue had been called away by Teacher Shangguan.
At the same time, he also remembered that classmate Hou came out from Teacher Shangguan's office before he went crazy…

He didn't know whether there was any relationship between the two, but he frowned and thought for a while, and sent a message to his mother, asking for the information of Teacher Shangguan.

Lin returned very quickly, she said, “What did Teacher Shangguan do? Just now, I received a talk from someone above and asked to fire the teacher directly.”

Lin He was stunned for a moment.
He ran out and called and asked, “Fired?”

Lin didn't hide secrets from her son.
Anyway, after talking about this matter, everyone started unscrupulous discussions.
So she simply said, “It's said that the leader suddenly received an urgent document and asked to dismiss Teacher Shangguan and deprived of his teaching qualification.”

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One day after class, Ren Yue felt that his rising popularity suddenly fell to the bottom.
There were people around who were obviously avoiding him, but there were still some people who don't care about those things and continued to chat with Ren Yue.
Ren Yue felt the interpersonal changed around him.
He was not nervous, but he continued to live in accordance with his own rhythm.

When he returned to the villa after school, Ren Yue's mobile phone shook and received two text messages for remittance.
One of them was naturally from his friend Lin He, while the other…
Ren Yue looked at Mr.
Bai who was standing in the yard watering the flowers, and then said, “Why did you suddenly transfer money to me?”

Bai put down the watering can and said, “I just remembered that I forgot to give you pocket money.”

“The pocket money here is eight figures?”

Bai smiled and said, “I will transfer another to you if it's not enough.”

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