CH 20

Chapter 19: Pocket MoneyThere was a storm of scolding and rumors spread.

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Ren Yue picked up his schoolbag and carried it slowly back to the classroom.
When he got to the classroom, the ferocious boy with a loud voice had disappeared.
The Chinese teacher, Teacher Shangguan, stood at the door of the class with a worried face and said to Ren Yue, “Ren Yue, come to the office.”

Ren Yue handed his schoolbag to fa xiao, who was standing by and watching him worriedly, and then followed to the office.
There was only Teacher Shangguan in the teacher's office.
He stood aside and let Ren Yue sit in his office chair.
Then he looked at Ren Yue with some concern on his face and said, “I heard about what happened just now.
Don't worry too much.”

Ren Yue blinked, and put on the right doubt, “Huh?”

“Student Hou may have been overly emotional for a while, so he did such a thing.” Teacher Shangguan said very gently, “I will try my best to appease the students there.
I believe that student Ren Yue, you are admitted to the top class on your own strength, so don't be disturbed by such things.”

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Ren Yue looked at the friendly Teacher Shangguan and said, “You believe me?”

Teacher Shangguan's beautiful face was full of trust.
He said, “Yes, I believe you.”

Ren Yue looked at Teacher Shangguan.
The trust in his eyes was not false.
If he was not keenly aware of the malicious intent of the Chinese teacher when they first met, he might have been deceived and thought that he was really a good teacher.
It's because of the discovery of Teacher Shangguan's true face that Ren Yue was in a very happy mood now.
How could he say that? It was the first time someone acted so well in front of him, and he couldn't bear to expose the good things.

Teacher Shangguan looked at Ren Yue's pensive look, thinking that he had fallen into the trap, so his smile became more gentle and delicate.
He said, “Teacher will stand on your side, so if you encounter anything, you can come to me to discuss, and Teacher will definitely help you figure out a solution.”

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Ren Yue asked, “What about the homeroom teacher? Does he care?”

Yu, the homeroom teacher of your class, is quite stubborn, and he used to be the homeroom teacher of classmate Hou.
He has a good impression on him, so he may take sides at this time.
Just in case, you'd better not talk to Mr.
Yu, otherwise, he will think you are a guilty conscience and deliberately slander your classmates.”

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Ren Yue pretended to be uneasy and turned off his head.
This action allowed him to face the computer in a big way.
It was at this time that he saw a word document on the computer desktop with the words “National Award Application Form” written on it.
Ren Yue blinked.
He felt that these words were a bit familiar.
He seemed to have heard of the words “National Award” somewhere.
It seemed that someone had been nagging him for a long time.

At this time, Ren Yue finally remembered his real father.
The old fossil in his family also a Chinese teacher.
A few days ago, he was selected as a national excellent teacher or something, and then he took the opportunity to tell him that he was going on a business trip to study.
Ren Yue doesn't care much about his father's affairs, but he remembered it because he talked a lot.
At that time, the old man not only nagged but also often took him to various restaurants for dinner.

He remembered when the old man said that it would be very important.
There were only so many places in total, and it was selected once every five years.
If he missed it, he would have to wait a long time.
The old man of his family was elected easily and occupied one of the places.
Could it be that Teacher Shangguan targeted him because of his old man?

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At this time, someone entered the office, because it was not convenient to continue talking, so Ren Yue also stood up from the office chair.
This was a gain for Ren Yue.
He could see who was going to make trouble next, and he had a better understanding of why Teacher Shangguan would target him.
Ren Yue walked to the door, looked back at Teacher Shangguan, and then said with an unclear smile, “Teacher Shangguan is so good, I think you can become a national excellent teacher, do your best.”

The smile on Teacher Shangguan's face froze.

There was a teacher nearby who didn't know whether it was intentional or not.
He said casually over there, “Haha, little boy, you are provoking people.
Shangguan lost his chance last time, and he doesn't know when he has to wait next time…
But thank you for your good words.”

Ren Yue hooked his lips.
When he returned to the classroom, he received a caring look from Lin He.
Lin He looked at him worriedly and said, “There is nothing wrong? If anything can't be solved, let me know.
My mother works in the Education Bureau, she should be able to say a few words.”

Ren Yue rubbed his friend's head and said, “Small things, you should not always want to help me find a relationship to deal with this problem.
I can still handle this problem by myself—— you can relax your mind a little, I am not so easy to be bullied.”

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