CH 18

Chapter 17: Freak OutAfter the start of school, Ren Yue's study life gradually got on the right track.
As the homeroom teacher said, after the second grade of high school, the study began to become busy.
In addition to friendly communication with the students during the first class, the teachers of each subject immediately entered the stage of formal teaching.

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Probably because of the reorganization of the class, most teachers did not ask the homework before the holiday.
So here, the Chinese teacher appeared very different.
He asked the class to hand in holiday homework as soon as he started the second class.
Because there were not much homework assigned by the Chinese teacher before, and Ren Yue expected the teacher was going to attack.
He was interested in doing the Chinese homework, so he could hand in the homework on time.

After the Chinese teacher received the neat class homework, his mood did not seem to be clear.
He was silent for a while, and then slowly raised a smile to praise everyone, “It seems that everyone did not waste their studies during the holidays, which is worth praising.
But then I will take the homework back, carefully correct them and make sure that there are no perfunctory students in it.”

After receiving the homework, the Chinese teacher began to give formal lectures.
Although the Chinese teacher was young, his teaching experience seemed to be very rich.
He was very lively in class.
Unlike the previous Chinese teacher, he would only read the text according to the book and read the text in a flat voice.
So even if Ren Yue felt that the teacher had an ulterior motive, he still gave praise to his teaching ability.

After class, Ren Yue sat in his window seat and looked at the people on the sports field.
His desk mate seemed to be a particularly fun person.
He disappeared as soon as the class finished, and then he would come back in a hurry with a basketball in his arms.
He was sweating, probably playing basketball in ten minutes between classes.
What a proper basketball idiot.

The new study life does not make much difference to Ren Yue.
What made him feel more regretful was that he couldn't stay in the same class with his childhood friend.
Because he was not very interested in opening up a new circle of friends, he was not too enthusiastic and not too proactive.

He spent a few days leisurely like this, and then he didn't know why he suddenly became familiar in the class, and some boys began to greet him on their own initiative.

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Although Ren Yue usually doesn't like to talk, he was not really a cold person.
Therefore, if someone greeted him, he would respond.

Everyone who came and went were familiar with it, and they could chat together after class.
It was also at this time that he heard the boys say that a school bully appeared in the school.

Ren Yue became interested and asked, “What kind of person is the school bully?”

“The problematic student who formed gangs at school seem to have a special background at home.
It's said to be a transfer student.
When he first came to school, many boys turned around him and volunteered to be his younger brother.
And I heard that he was a man, but he was very beautiful.
And in his previous school, he seemed to be very famous, often taking the lead in group fighting.”

Ren Yue always felt something was wrong when he heard it, so he said, “Why do I feel like you are talking about novels?”

The boys in the class felt innocent and said, “This is indeed a fact.
I heard that a boy in a certain class was beaten the other day.”


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“I don't know, but I heard that he was a student who studied very well.”

Ren Yue didn't know why he thought of his childhood friend.
In his impression, the person with good grades was definitely his childhood friend.
So he ran to Lin He's class while the class was over and called him out.

This was probably the first time that Lin He was called out by Ren Yue at the end of class.
His expression was a little dazed and nervous.
He asked, “Did you not bring the book?”

Ren Yue glanced at his friend and made sure that there was nothing wrong with him before he said, “I just came to see how you are doing in this top class.”

Lin He was amused by Ren Yue's words and said, “Alive and well.
Not too negligible.”

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“That's right, you are a top student.
You must be the first place here.”

Lin He shook his head and said, “After entering this class, I found that I was still not good enough.
There are too many powerful people in the world, and my vision was too small.”

Ren Yue was surprised and said, “Is there anyone who can beat you as a nerd?” It's really not that Ren Yue was holding his friend deliberately.
His childhood friend was really powerful.

In the beginning, he was able to enter this prestigious high school, but it was his friend who pulled him out to study.
Although his heart was broken after high school, but every time he went to his childhood friend for a make-up class before the exam, he was able to fly from failing to excellent.

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In Ren Yue's mind, his childhood friend was very powerful.

Lin He nodded and said, “I am the second in the class now, more than ten points less than the first.”

“Who is the first place?”

“The new transfer student.”

Ren Yue sighed with no sincerity, then he said to Lin He, “But I believe you can catch up and go back soon.
Don't give up next time!”

Lin He blushed for a while and then he said, “By the way, I'll help you make up your lessons before the next monthly exam.”

Ren Yue felt a little pain when he heard about his study.
He said, “You can take care of yourself now.
You don't have to give me a makeup lesson.
I'll take the exam casually.”

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