CH 15

Chapter 14: Wrong DemonstrationMr.
Bai watched for a long time, and it was very late at night.
He was still thinking.
Bai was pondering over the strange feelings which had sprung up in his own body.
These feelings made him feel very strange, which could not be interpreted by his wise brain.

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Bai was an ordinary human being, just because he grew up living in a wolf den and fighting with a group of people with bad feelings, he became quite dull in emotional aspects.

Bai knew the existence of all kinds of feelings, but he had little personal experience of them.
He does not know when he had become a very indifferent person.

In his eyes, all people were just human beings with eyes, nose and mouth.
For him, it's the difference between useful and useless, but this differentiation seemed to break down after encountering Ren Yue.
Judging by Mr.
Bai's theory, Ren Yue was obviously a worthless person for him.
After all, Ren Yue was obviously a good for nothing person to him, he just a student and his family was ordinary, not rich or powerful, and his father was a gambler.

In this way, Ren Yue, who grew up in that kind of family, did not make him felt special even though he was excellent.

In fact, the same was true.

Ren Yue was a person with many faults.
He was narcissistic and coquettish.
He had a short temper.
He even had some unknown rights and wrongs.
If these shortcomings appeared in Mr.
Bai's right-hand man, even if there was only one, Mr.
Bai would not hesitate to give up the talented person, let alone Ren Yue who has collected so many shortcoming problems.
But it's surprising that Mr.
Bai found himself not disgusted with Ren Yue's slight faults, and even found them particularly cute.

Why could he so tolerate to Ren Yue?

When Mr.
Bai thought about the problem, he saw a book.
The book clearly records that a person could always tolerate their children without limits.
No matter how many shortcomings, bad habits and bad things their children had done, they could unconditionally tolerate their children.
Even if the child was regarded as the most sinful person by all the people in the world, people would never abandon their own children.
When he saw this, Mr.
Bai felt that he had found the answer.

Bai calmly looked at Ren Yue sleeping on the bed, with a trace of tenderness in his eyes that he had not noticed.
He once again clarified his thoughts.
The 《Homosexuality》 book, which had been shelved on the nightstand, was thrown under the bed, sunk in the darkness and disappeared silently.

When Ren Yue was sleeping in the middle of the night, he suddenly felt a warm thing around him, holding it in a special warm and comfortable way.
He fell asleep in a daze and felt particularly comfortable.
But when he woke up, he found nothing else beside him.
He was lying alone in bed.

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Ren Yue tumbled over the bed and finally scrambled up.
It was at this time that he noticed that Mr.
Bai had entered at some unknown time, and then stood in front of the French window with his back to him and how long he was standing.

Bai felt the movement behind him.
He turned around and saw Ren Yue get up.
Bai first waited in silence to appreciate Ren Yue's dazed appearance when he just woke up.
Then he showed a smiling face and said gently, “You wake up?”

Ren Yue stared warily at him and said, “Why are you in my room?”

Bai looked back innocently at Ren Yue, explaining to you, “This is actually my room.”

Ren Yue didn't believe it at all.
He was sure it was his room.
The layout of the room—— the bed, the curtains, and all the furnishings was exactly the same as he remembered.
It was his room.
So he said to his righteous Mr.
Bai, “This is my room.”

Bai blinked.
Instead of continuing to argue, he responded faintly, “Hm, this is your room.”

Bai's relaxed attitude made Ren Yue a little confused.
He slowly got out of bed, turned his eyes, and then he ran to the next room.
When he opened the door, he found that the layout of the room was exactly the same—— the same beds, the same curtains, the same arrangements.

Ren Yue stared at the room for a moment, then turned around in silence.
He looked at Mr.
Bai, who had followed him out, and said, “All the layouts arranged in your house are like this?”

Bai answered, “It seems so.”

Ren Yue asked, “What does that mean?”

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Bai explained lightly, “I gave only one layout at the beginning, and then the people below may have misunderstood what I meant and arranged all the rooms in the same way.”

Ren Yue did not believe it and questioned, “Are you sure it wasn't your intention?”

Bai did not give any explanation, but came down and said, “If you think I did it on purpose, I did it on purpose.”

Looking at Mr.
Bai's calm and frank manner, Ren Yue felt somewhat dull and bored.
So he turned to the bathroom to wash, but during he brushed his teeth, he looked at himself in the mirror.
He silently reflected that he was so handsome.
He really had to be careful.
Although Mr.
Bai himself denied that he was gay, he felt that this point still needed to be studied.

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Ren Yue woke up at noon.
After having a good lunch, he went back to his room to play games as before.
But then Mr.
Bai pointed to the table with his finger and asked, “Have you finished your holiday homework?”

Ren Yue was shocked and asked, “Homework for the holidays?”

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Bai nodded and said, “You're going back to school soon, so have you finished your holiday homework yet?”

Ren Yue naturally did not do his homework.
He had a very crazy holiday.
The person who went to bed late every night playing video games and slept soundly during the day had no energy and time to do their homework.
Moreover, he doesn't want to do his homework at all, and he was not even aware of homework.
So he was very surprised when he was suddenly asked about his homework.

Ren Yue's father was a teacher, but he was very busy with his own work, so he had no time to worry about whether Ren Yue does his homework or not—— and he couldn't help it, so Ren Yue was fully adapted to the free life.
Suddenly he was asked, as if he had been disciplined, which made him felt a little uncomfortable.
So he answered, “What does it matter to you that I don't do my homework? Who are you to care about me?”

“Your father handed you over to me.
I need to be responsible for you.” Mr.
Bai answered.

Ren Yue was even more upset when he heard that.
He said frankly, “My dad is not qualified to take care of me.”

Bai paused for a moment, then he said slowly, “Students should still do their homework well.”

Ren Yue ignored him and returned to his room without looking back.
Just as he picked up his cell phone, he noticed that some messages had been received in the WeChat, and all of them were greetings from friends—— 「Honey, did you do your homework? Can brother borrow it to copy?」

Even the friend circle had been blown up by the topic of homework.

Ren Yue was particularly depressed.
He felt that he had never been so depressed as he was today.
Although it's said that he would go back to school in a few days, was it really necessary to pay so much attention to homework? Isn't that just writing a few words? And so much homework, which teachers had time to look one by one, and finally not let everyone answer by themselves.

Ren Yue fretted and logged in the game online, and wanted to match up with others to fight the team battle and vent his depressed mood.
As a result, the computer matched him for half a day without full capacity and unable to fight.
Ren Yue thought it was really incredible.
It's a very popular game.

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Every day there were hundreds of people playing in the game.
At this time, the players couldn't be matched, this was a very magical phenomenon, especially incredible.
After all, he had only heard people say that they couldn’t get on the bus, they had never heard of a car that nobody squeezes.

Although there were many other games to play, Ren Yue was not very interested in other games, and single-player games were very special.
So he put his mobile phone aside in a sullen mood and sat at his desk in a daze—— doing his homework ah…

Ren Yue thought about it, and then he realized that he hadn't brought his homework with him.
Ren Yue left home with Mr.
Bai wearing a pair of clothes and walked smartly with empty hands, and did not remember things like textbooks.
Now suddenly he said that he was going to do his homework, and he was a bit confused.

At that moment, his door was knocked, and then he saw the housekeeper stood at the door, which was said to be the housekeeper.
The housekeeper, dressed in a black uniform, looked very deaconed.
He was very old-fashioned with a great swept-back hairstyle and gold-framed glasses.
At this time, he held several books in his hand and said respectfully to Ren Yue, “This is what Mr.
Bai asked me to hand over to you.”

Ren Yue saw that it was all his textbooks.
He squinted, took one of his textbooks and rushed to Mr.
Bai's study.
He kicked open the door and threw the book over and said, “Why are my things in your hands?”

Bai seemed to be holding a video conference.
The atmosphere in his study was somewhat serious, but Mr.
Bai had not neglected Ren Yue.
He turned his head to Ren Yue, turned off the video conference directly, and answered, “Your father gave me this, let me urge you to study.”

Ren Yue stared at him without anger and arrogance.

Bai stared at Ren Yue and said, “Do you feel unhappy about my business? If so, then I will improve in the future.”

Ren Yue did not know what to say.
He stared at Mr.
Bai for a long time, then suddenly jumped to a topic and asked directly, “Are you sure you want to adopt me as your son?”

Bai nodded and said, “If you wish.”
Ren Yue squinted and smiled, “Okay, I promise you.”

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