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Ren Yue’s mood came and went quickly.
When the hot roasting pan was set down, the thin sauced slices of meat were roasted and make a sizzling sound, followed by a strong fragrance smell.
Just wait a little longer to get a slice of barbecue that scorched outside and tender inside, take a bite of the vegetables.
It's fragrant, crispy and full of sauce, really satisfying.

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Ren Yue took a disposable glove and ate it bit by bit as if he had rolled his own bad mood like a barbecue and then swallowed it.
Ren Yue’s mood gradually improved, he even handed a bundle of roasted meat to Mr.
Bai with his own sauce happily.

Bai did not take it, he leaned forward slightly and ate the barbecue from Ren Yue's hand.
After eating, he saw Ren Yue's bare wrist covered with a little sauce, so he did not hesitate to bow his head and lick it.
Ren Yue was shocked by his move and he pulled his hand, he stared at Mr.
Bai and said, “What are you doing?”

Bai blinked and said, “The sauce you made is really good, can't waste it.”

Ren Yue: “……”

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Seeing that these barbecues were very tasty, Ren Yue doesn't intend to lose his temper at this time, because it would affect his appetite.
He withdrew his hand and slowly continued to roast the meat, but this time he doesn't continue to feed Mr.
Bai, he either ate it himself when it was rolled up or put it on a side plate, as he liked.

Bai doesn't have any objection on this, he took the tool and began to roast the meat for Ren Yue so that he could eat it wholeheartedly.

Today's Happy Meat had very few customers.
Ren Yue had been eating for more than an hour and found that they were still the only people at the table.
However, this did not make Ren Yue felt strange, because now was not dinner time, it seemed that the small number of people was not particularly strange.

Ren Yue looked around at his surroundings with the soda and noticed that the restaurant as a whole didn't look much different, but the environment seemed to be much better all of sudden.

The wall seemed to have been renovated, and the yellow and stains stained by age were no longer visible.
The tables seemed to have changed, no longer with the old greasy feeling.
The most surprising thing for Ren Yue was the barbecue plate that had just been served, the meat felt very different from before.

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Happy Meat still looked like the same Happy Meat, but after some changes in these small places, the small barbecue store that used to be just a street corner has suddenly become a bigger one.
Ren Yue thought the restaurant changed owners at first, but soon he saw the fat boss running in panic.

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Ren Yue often visits this store and was familiar with this fat boss, so looked at his nervous appearance, smiled and said, “What are you nervous about?”

The fat boss gasped as he wiped his hand with a towel and said, “That's…
It's not good if you get a burn, or let me do it.”

Ren Yue waved his hand and said, “No, I've been here so many times, have you seen me being burnt?”

The fat boss still wanted to say something, but suddenly he trembled and closed his mouth and doesn't utter a word.
Ren Yue doesn't notice his difference but asked, “Right, why did you suddenly think of renovating the store? When I told you before, didn't you say that dirty and chaotic is the characteristic of barbecue store, the traces of time, the proof of old brands?”

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Bai listened to these words and suddenly said, “Hm? Is there such a thing?”

The fat boss hurriedly explained that he was probably worried that the explanation was not strong enough, and he raised his head and took a deep breath, “No, no, no! The last time you told me that, I felt very reasonable! Then after I think repeatedly, I finally…
I reflected on myself! We do food and drink, is to live up to the customer! To create a clean, welcoming, and let them eat healthy, safe and nutritious food!”

Ren Yue was amused and said, “You are so strange today.”

The fat boss forced a laugh and said, “Ha ha ha it's not strange, not strange.”

Ren Yue felt particularly satisfied after he finished eating a barbecue.
But because he drank a lot of drinks in the middle of the meal, he goes to the toilet after finish eating.

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