CH 11

“I know the way…”

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“That's no problem.”


Finally, Mr.
Bai entered the back seat.
He saw the two people sitting in front of him before he got on the car, but he raised his brow and didn't say much.
The car slowly went on the road.
At first, Ren Yue was excited to talk to the Uncle Driver about the road conditions, but he found that the Uncle Driver was particularly focused when driving, the whole person was completely tense, his facial muscles looked stiff and his eyes stared at the road ahead.

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Seeing the Uncle Driver like this, Ren Yue felt that he was disturbing him while driving, so he just chatted for a few minutes, and he started to brush Weibo with his mobile phone.
He used to go around his favorite game anchors and celebrities microblogs, only to find out that his favorite game anchors were exposed by the company's snowstorm.
The anchor of this game was Ren Yue's favorite person.
Although he does not know the appearance, his operation was really slippery, and he was also proficient in multiple games.

Seeing this news, Ren Yue suddenly straightened his back and fiercely brushed it.

The game's anchor named Hui Ye, was good at LOL, King's Glory and other games, and currently hosts the Jedi Escape game.
Very few words were spoken during live broadcast, but according to the analysis of the fans, the voice was particularly good so the person must be a handsome man.
Three years ago, when Red Apple was broadcasted live, relying on his unrivaled operation and cold slagging voice, he instantly became a brother of Red Apple.
Originally such a person should be strongly cultivated by the company, but the company didn't know what medicine was wrong.
Recently, Hui Ye was forced to crack down on fake products, games and advertisements.
In short, he was struggling with various kinds of fake products.

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Originally, such a popular anchor like Hui Ye, the company was smashed, and the result was again exploded, that he had signed the overlord contract and other things that year, which could not be separated from the company, and he himself seemed to be thinking about the company's good, and didn't have the idea of a lawsuit with the company.
Anyway, when all these things come together, plus with the fans rendering, Hui Ye was simply abused by the company.

After Ren Yue finished reading the news on Weibo, he was little angry, he said to himself, “I want to have money, I want to buy the Red Apple company, what a crap.”

Bai who was giving instructions in the back seat, raised his eyebrows when he heard Ren Yue's words.

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Because of the episodes on Weibo, Ren Yue's mood was not clear even when he arrived at the barbecue shop.
He looked at the menu and ordered the dish, then went to get the soda.
He went back to his seat, and as soon as he sat down, he saw a red apple rolling in front of him on the table.

Bai holding his chin in one hand and smiled, then said, “This is yours.” The deep meaning of it was self-evident.

Ren Yue looked a little unexplainable, he blinked and said, “Did you run to steal apples from the kitchen?” There was no fruit supply in this barbecue shop.

Bai: “……”

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