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After Ren Yue changed his clothes and came out, he felt that the outside atmosphere was abnormal.
It was only when he looked at it carefully, but he found that everyone's expression was the same as before, as if there was nothing wrong with it.
Ren Yue felt bored after watching it for a while, so he picked up his mobile phone and swiped it, Mr.
Bai said, “What kind of food do you like?”

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If he let Ren Yue decide his own, Ren Yue certainly does not hesitate to eat something like a fried chicken and burger, but this was his personal taste, this was to invite people to eat, naturally it was about the other's wishes.
But if Mr.
Bai was a good buddy of Ren Yue, then Ren Yue must have made the decision directly regardless 37-21.
(TN: Whatever happens; regardless of the consequence)

Bai smiled and replied, “All right.”

Ren Yue's hand paused for a moment, he looked at Mr.
Bai and said, “Your answer is the one I hate the most.”

Either way, such statements tend to involve a lot of trouble.
When Ren Yue had dinner with a girl before, the girl said something like “whatever” even though she didn't say anything.
The result was Ren Yue took her into several stores and each of them she could pick out such questions as “I can't get used to this”, “That's too hot” and so on.

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It's almost like that.

Bai seemed to be a man with a very good personality.
When he heard a bit of dissatisfaction in Ren Yue's tone, he immediately reflected it and took the initiative to say, “It's better to eat barbecue.”

Ren Yue's eyes suddenly lit up, barbecue? This was his second love! But hid the look in his eyes and pretended that he was not interested at all.
He paused, and then looked at Mr.
Bai's Tang suit which looked particularly elegant, and suddenly wondered, “Do you like to eat barbecue?”

Bai looked very handsome and gave people an extraordinary feeling, such a man sat in a big stall with him and ate barbecue….
It's kind of hard to believe.

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But Mr.
Bai didn't seem to understand Ren Yue's surprise, he said, “The taste of the barbecue is good, and especially when it comes with sauce, and it's more appetizing.”

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Although Mr.
Bai's words were very simple, it's enough to arouse Ren Yue's appetite who liked to eat barbecue.

“Then eat barbecue, go to the one I often eat.” Ren Yue made a decisive decision and get on the car.

He took his phone and opened the map to the driver and explained, “It is about a few hundred meters to the south between Dongxiang and Xixiang.
There is a barbecue restaurant there…
but its name is not barbecue, and the store is a bit small, there's no takeaway service, but it's really delicious, but I can't remember the name of the store every time…”

The driver glanced at him and then said confidently, “It's 'Happy Meat'.”

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Ren Yue was surprised in an instant, he looked at the driver and said, “That's the name! Uncle, have you been there?”

The driver was stunned, he glanced silently at Mr.
Bai behind him and then he said with a laugh, “Yes, my daughter likes it very much…
I often take her to eat in the past, and it tastes really good, ha ha ha.”

Ren Yue felt that he had found a foodie partner, so he was very happy to sit in the passenger seat and chat with the Uncle Driver.
Just as he was about to get in, and the Uncle Driver was scared to stop, “Mr.

Ren Yue looked at him with confusion.

The Uncle Driver looked at him with his mouth half-open for a moment before he said, “Maybe it's more comfortable to sit behind.”

“Is there any difference?” Ren Yue said, “I think sitting in front of the view is a bit more open, it is not so easy to get carsick.
Besides, I can chat with you and give you directions when I sit here.”

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