The sunshine in August was a good time to oversleep.
Ren Yue woke up with messy hair, then changed his clothes and went downstairs.
As he passed the living room, he half-squinted his eyes and saw that there seemed to be a guest at home.

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His father was entertaining the guest.
Ren Yue was not particularly concerned.
He yawned and walked lazily toward the kitchen.

Just then his father found him and shouted, “Ren Yue, come here.”

Ren Yue was not very happy to walk over there and took off his shoes, and then he saw a young man wearing a black suit who looked like a model sat on the sofa.
Ren Yue was most annoyed with these elite characters.
He yawned and said impatiently, “Is there anything? If not I'm going back to sleep.”

“This is your Uncle Bai, quickly greet him.”

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“Oh, hello uncle.” Ren Yue said hello without any sincerity, then turned to his father, “Can I go back to sleep? I didn't go to bed until six o'clock.
I'm sleepy now.”

Father Ren was a language teacher and very good at ancient Chinese.
Don't know if it's because he loved ancient Chinese so much that he became an old-fashioned person.
He looked at his son's unruly look, he frowned and coldly yelling, “Ren Yue!”

Ren Yue rolled his eyes and said lazily, “I'm here.
I'm not asleep yet.”

In the end, there was an outsider present, even if Father Ren was so angry, he would not attack him on the spot.
He pulled Ren Yue to sit next to him, and then said to the young man opposite him, “This is my son Ren Yue, I didn't teach well when he was a child.
He is a bit naughty, but his character is not bad.”

The young man called Uncle Bai smiled and said, “He is a little naughty indeed.”

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Ren Yue snorted before he looked up lazily at the young man in front of him.
Just now, he simply glanced at him and didn't pay much attention to him.
Now he looked at him seriously and found that this U

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