CHAPTER 1 ; Link 1

The deserted and abandoned city was drenched by heavy rain and horrendous thunder, along the way it had no light source to shine, only a few billboards that still stood giving a sparkle even though it was only dim. Under the pouring rain, lightning flashed showing tension. In a place that has been abandoned; consumed by time.

On top of one of the abandoned buildings, there are two male figures of the same height facing each other, the lack of light only adds to the suspension that occurs in that place. Every now and then lightning flashed, showing a glimmer of capture from the faces of the young man and the middle-aged man, facing each other. The young man stood, in front of the only way out; the stairs leading downstairs—a girl lying on her back can only see while shaking with only a plain white dress drenched in the rain.

e brave, Ill give you that. But why did it come to this.. For that girl? ” The man grinned acknowledging the youths persistence, but he was only met with silence; but that doesn stop the question.

”…Really serious huh? Ahahahaha, well- looks like you
e not one to take things easy ” The rain subsided but increasingly took the momentum to come back swiftly, the dark night was filled with clouds that several times flashed lightning from a distance highlighting the young mans face that only showed a sharp and irritated face. He then turned his attention to the girl in front of his back – to smile. The girl briefly lost her fear and trembling, replaced by a look of shock and confusion. The young man looked back at the middle-aged man, with a kinder look… even— sad?

”Then? You can just be standing around- ”

Before he finished his words, the man saw a foot that shot forward inches from the right of his face, *BAM!* The man stopped the foot with his right wrist in the thinnest of a moment, bouncing off the Youths leg.



Without prolonging the time the young man launched an attack again; his right hand with terrifying speed—but was again blocked by the mans left hand. The floor which was wet by the rain dragged the middle-aged mans standing place further back, away from the girl, the young man came to him without interrupting the time. Farther away from his starting position, the young man threw punches and kicks at a fast tempo—but was still blocked by the man.

”YOU HAVE GREAT POWER! LETS DO IT HARDER! ” The middle-aged man heated up the Youth, but then he pulled the bait and realized something. They were getting farther away from the girl; the young man attacked with a face that slowly became gloom and filled with pity, but why? to whom?.

”Halberd-san, bringing your daughter there wasn the right choice. ” The boy finally opened his mouth, only when the girl was not within reach to hear.

The rain was getting more violent, the girl couldn move from her place, the boy and the man slowly petrified. ”…How did you know my name- ”

=== Crossroad ===

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