My glare sent a message to Romeo, and he knew that something was wrong somewhere.

The way aunt Elisa spoke, I was convinced that she planned something evil, but what? Thats what I can tell.

” R-Romeo, what are you doing here? ” my voice cracked while inquiring. He gave me a confused expression as his eyes widened.

” I… ” he paused and shook his head.

” You what? ” I almost yelled, not because I wanted to, but it was because aunt Elisa was around, and I wouldn want something bad to happen to him.

” What a bad behavior… ” aunt Elisa scoffed and offered a seat to Romeo, but he wasn comfortable, so he wanted to leave, but aunt Elisa didn allow him.

” She has no right to shout at you. This is my family house, and she has no right to spat rubbish against anyone.

Have a seat and lets discuss like a family. ” Aunt Elisa spoke with a caring voice, making me wonder what she was up to. Romeo, on the other hand, wasn comfortable because I wasn happy with his visit.

But what surprised him is how Aunt Elisa, who I always tell him that shes wicked, turned out to be nice to him.

He finally sat on the couch, but his gaze was fixed on the floor. He was either shy or scared to look aunt Elisa in the eyes.

” What are you staring at? Leave this place this very seconds before I descend on you, ” she sent Angela away, and with speed, she disappeared from her standing position.

My eyes were fixed on Romeo as I felt pity for him. ” Well, ” her voice finally called for my attention. ” to cure your curiosity, you daughter of a whore… ” on mentioning that again, I was fed up with the whole thing. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath so that I wouldn say anything stupid to her.

” Let him tell you why he came to visit you. Mr. Romeo or whatever is your name. Can you please explain why you are here? ” she inquired and Romeo sighed a relief before responding.

” Y-you sent me a text message to come over exactly this time, ” Romeo responded, referring to me.

”What? Me? You must be kidding. I can remember sending you a text message. ” I retorted and he was shocked.

” But here is the text message you sent yesterday, and you also added that I shouldn call back, ” Romeo responded as he took out his phone and showed me the text message.

I was stunned to see that, but I can remember sending any text. Then it dawned on my mind that Aunt Elisa was responsible for this act.

I glanced at Aunt Elisa, who was evilly smiling at us. ” Surprise right? ” she teased, ” well, I sent the text message. Happy? But I will warn you not to keep your phone anyhow because people might use it to accomplish their mission, ” she said with a chuckle and a slight smile.

I was too occupied thinking about my life. The phone wasn a problem for me. Why should it be?

” But aunt, why should you… ”

” Hey! ” her irk voice cut into my speech. ”Hold it there. Don dare spit out rubbish, or I disgrace you in the presence of this fool you called a boyfriend, ” she warned and Romeo got furious, but he didn show it openly.

The reason was that he was trying to avoid Aunt Elisas trouble. He shut his eyes and shook his head before sighing in relief.

” Back to you young man, ” she turned and faced Romeo, ”All those warnings you have been receiving from phone calls, its not any other person than me. It seems to me that you weren considering the warnings. So, I decided to invite you over so that your impossible dream wife can explain to you. ”

Aunt Elisa spoke and Romeo was lost by her last statement, ” impossible dream wife. ” Though he knew that she was kicking against our relationship, he never gave a thought that she could threaten his life just for dating her niece.

” I don think I need any explanation, I understand your point. ” Romeo fearfully replied as he swallowed hard.

” No, you didn . There is more of what you know. She has more to explain. ” she responded.

” Let him go! ” I shouted at the top of my voice, and Aunt Elisa was sure that I wasn ready to tell Romeo about my agreement with Aiden.

” Tsk… everything needs to be revealed here, or else, someone is going to die because of a heart attack after receiving a wedding invitation card, ” she whined, but it might be true.

” What do you mean by a wedding invitation card? Who is getting married? ” Romeo curiously asked confused.

” Persuade her to explain to you. Im in no position for an explanation. ” She muttered.

” Explain? Is she hiding anything from me? ”

” I think I have had enough of your questions. Can you just face her and ask her yourself? ” Aunt Elisa smirked and rolled her eyes.

Romeo turned and faced me, and I felt like the earth should open up and swallow me. If stares could kill, I would have been dead by now.

” What do you have to say about this? Are you hiding anything from me? ” he asked.

” I have no secrets to hide from you, Romeo. You and I both know that I lo… ” I stopped on my track without completing the statement. ” Romeo, ” I called and shook my head, ” I don know what she is talking about. ”

” The lies we tell ourselves, ” aunt Elisa muttered with a smile.

Silence reigned amidst us as everyone was looking up for other people to speak up. ” Stop lying and tell him the truth. You know, there is an adage that says, ” the truth is always bitter, but it cures. Why not say it out, huh? ” aunt Elisa spoke.

”Speak out, Ruby! ” Romeo yelled as he was fed up with the whole thing, which made my blood evaporate.

”Good one. Now, you
e speaking like a man. ” she praised him, and I began to sob.

” It was her fault, ” I sniffed as I shed more years.

” Don dare go dare, or you won like me, ” she warned.

” Just tell me what happened and stop blaming someone. ” Romeos voice echoed as his ears itched to hear what I was about to say.

” I signed a contract to marry someone, ” I managed to respond before burying my face in my palms.

” What! Contract what? How come? Why and when did it happen? ” Romeo asked a series of questions.

” When my mom was sick, ” I whispered, and then went ahead to explain how the entire thing happened.

Romeo was confused if he should laugh or cry. He was mad at me to a point that I saw his entire body shivering. It was heartbroken.

” Believe me, we can fix this. ”

” Shut up! ” He smacked.

To worsen the entire thing, aunt Elisa added, ”Her marriage is just a few days away. Be prepared to receive an IV card. ” she scoffed, and I could see Romeo getting angrier than before.

” Your mom was sick, and you didn tell me. You needed money, yet, you didn tell. Now, you have the nerve to lie to me that you love me. Do I look like an abandoned child? What do you take me for? ” He spoke in a low tone, but I knew that it was because he was outraged. Thats what made his voice sound in such a way.

” Im sorry. My thoughts never went there. I was running about searching for help, thinking that I informed you. ”

” Look! ” he said sharply, ” I don care what you were passing through, all I can tell is, you never loved me from the beginning, and its painful that I was too blind to see that. ”

” Love is always blind. ” Aunt Elisa muttered supporting his statement.

Romeo ignored me as I knelt before him to ask for forgiveness. I was a bit glad that Aunt Elisa wasn going to hurt him by any means. The only pain he was going to pass through is the heartbreak he just received.

I never wished for this to happen.

He finally stood up to take his leave, and I immediately took hold of his leg to find a place in his heart to forgive me. But as soon as I gripped his leg, a voice echoed in the parlor.

” Whats happening here? ” We all turned around to see the person, and it turned out to be my mom.

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