After spending a few days in the hospital with my mother, we were discharged, and we went home.

Immediately I stepped my feet at home, I realized that it was time to unveil to my mom what happened when she was lying on the sick bed.

It won be easy to voice it out, but I have to.

I felt goosebumps on my neck as if everything should just turn out to be a dream. I wish!

To my amazement, Clara never asked about where I got the money from, which I was thrilled about. But then, I still need to tell her everything that happened. Shes the only friend I have.

Since we came back home, Aunt Elisa almost made my soul leave my body as she kept reminding me about the marriage contract. She was too wicked for my liking.

I wish she could just die so that I can have peace of mind. She doesn deserve to live at all. She wasn worthy to be called an aunt.

Nonetheless, on the other side, Romeo was giving me a heart attack as he keeps calling to tell me that someone has been calling and sending messages to him. The person was threatening to kill him if he doesn stay away from me. I wonder who that could be.

I was suspecting nobody, rather than Aunt Elisa or Aiden, but how they got his contact is what I can tell.

” Ruby, are you okay? ” Angela, who had been staring at me without my knowledge, finally asked as she noticed my mood.

Aunt Elisa brought her into our house as a maid. I don know what she needed a maid for.

Well, I won say its bad since Angela does help a lot. Moreover, Aunt Elisa also picked her up from the street.

Angela was an orphan who was chased out of her parents house by her uncle without any reason. What a wicked world!

And Aunt Elisa saw her bitterly weeping on the roadside. She stopped and had a conversation with Angela, and she ended up bringing her into our house to be a maiden.

Thats the only help I think Aunt Elisa had ever rendered to humanity since I lost my dad.

” Madam… ” Angela called out.

” Hey! ” I sniffed and warned her, ” haven I told you to stop addressing me as madam? I see no difference between me and you, so always call me by my name. ” I reminded her.

” Im sorry, its a slip of the tongue, ” Angela apologized as she shyly fixed her gaze on the ground.

” Its okay. What were you… ” I was about to ask Angela a question, but on sighting Aunt Elisa, I became speechless and dumb.

” Well! Well! My girls are having a meeting, ” Aunt Elisa teased as she motioned toward us with a fake smile on her face. ” What are you both discussing? ” she asked as if she was suspecting something.

Thats the mentality of wicked people. Once they
e wicked to people, they think that others also have evil plans against them. Their guilty conscience never allows them to have peace of mind.

” Didn I ask a question or am I talking to silent graves?! ” she yelled when she saw that none of us responded to her question.

” I was… I mean, we were only t-talking about… ”

” Shut up and go to your duty post. I wasn demanding the answer from you. ” Aunt Elisa snapped.

Without delaying a second, Angela was out of sight. It was only me and Aunt Elisa in the parlor. I was thinking of what to tell her as my heart kept pounding inside my chest.

” Are you deaf? Should I slap you before you speak?! ” her angry tone made me wince inside. I covered my face in fear as I thought that she wanted to slap me. I wanted to leave, but there was no way.

Within minutes, I could feel tears gathering in my eyes. My mom was still sleeping in her room when all this was going on.

” I can see that you are not ready to speak, ” she said as she found a seat and sat down. ” Now, have you informed your mom about your marriage? ”

I knew this question was going to come up.

I shook my head as I still covered my face in fear.

” You are nothing but a bunch of useless waste! ” she cursed, and I could feel the anger in her voice.

” Anyway, Im here to tell you that Aiden needs your presence in his fathers mansion tomorrow morning.

He wants you to meet his father. And don try to play smart by escaping because… I don need to tell you what will happen. But I assure you that before Aiden could punish you, I would have made sure that I cut off one of your tiny legs.

For your information, your marriage date has been fixed. ” she said with a chuckle.

” What?! ” I was stunned. Although, it wasn a big surprise because Aiden already told me that once my mom got discharged from the hospital, Im moving into his house.

” This can be possible, ” I shrieked angrily, and Aunt Elisa gave me a glance that could cut someones throat. I swallowed hard as I was having teary fill eyes.

” Its already possible, you daughter of a whore! ”

On hearing that statement, It created a bitter gall in my mouth and I tried to control my tears, but then I boldly responded, ” don dare address my mother as a whore or… ” I pointed my index finger at her as I was burning in anger.

” Or what would you do? Wait, are you pointing that finger at me? So, you have grown wings to talk back at me in such a manner? So, you have the guts to raise your voice at me? I don blame you. I blame that idiot you call your boyfriend.

Hes the one deceiving you, but trust me. Im going to grind him like grain. I will crush his bones into pieces. ” She kept threatening and raining insults on Romeo. Furthermore, I know what Aunt Elisa was capable of doing, she never fails to fulfill her promise.

My hand was down as I silently sob.

” Aunt Elisa, please do anything you want with me, but please don touch him. Hes innocent. ” I pleaded with her, but she hissed and crossed her legs as she took her phone out of her pocket.

I knelt before her and pleaded, but all in vain. Aunt Elisa was already wearing her earpiece, and she increased the volume to the last point so that she wouldn hear my disturbing voice.

I was on the floor begging and weeping at the same time. A knock finally came from the door, which Aunt Elisa wasn aware of. The person knocked again, yet he received no response, but the knock was unusual that Angela had to leave what she was doing to check the door.

I was thinking about two people that might visit our house at this time of the day. It was either Aiden or Clara. That was my thought.

I immediately stood up from the floor and sat on one of the couches and wiped my tears away.

” Where are you heading to? ” Aunt Elisa asked, making Angela stop on her track.

” Someone is at the door. ”

” Come again, ” Aunt Elisa demanded as she reduced the volume of the music she was listening to.

Angela responded, and Aunt Elisa signaled her to go check on the person.

Aunt Elisa gave me a deadly glare and hissed irritably. ” You should have remained on the floor. Rubbish. ” she cursed and rolled her eyes.

My eyes were fixed on the door, and the person I saw at the door sent a shock to my spine. It was Romeo. I don know what made him come to my house without an invitation.

To worsen the whole thing, he came at the wrong time.

” Wow. ” Aunt Elisa gasped after seeing Romeo. ” Look at whom we have in our house as a guest today… I never knew you would arrive this fast. ” Aunt Elisa added, and I was lost.

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