Never in my life have I seen a stubborn lady like this. Whats her name? Ruby right? Yeah, I can remember that name clearly.

Father, you caused all this! Why must you force me to marry a decent girl? I never complained about the ones I flirt with.

I have been deprived of my happiness. My father wants me to get a decent wife before he can make me the heir of his properties. What if I don get married? Who will he then transfer his assets to? Does he have another son Im not aware of?

This lady Elisa got for me is not my type and she can never be my type. She will only stay in this house like a picture and nothing more.

Shes too disgusting to call her my wife. Not in this life. Maybe my second, third, fourth, or even my fifth life.

Ruby has signed the contract whereas I haven taken her to my father, he might need to see her first. What was I thinking? I shouldn have allowed her to sign the papers until she meet my father.

What the hell is this? The girl is too fast for my liking. But Elisa made me believe that Ruby is a nice lady.


Aiden lay quietly on the bed, facing the roofs. He lives an expensive life and the life of celebrities and here he is, preparing to marry a classless lady.

This wasn his plan, but does he have a choice? Not at all. He can afford to lose all his fathers assets.

But the question he kept asking himself was, ”who will inherit his fathers properties if his father is threatening him like this?

That question has remained unanswered since then.

Elisa, who happens to be a younger sister to Rubys father, was the real gold digger, but Aiden couldn see that. Although Elisa never loved Rubys mom when her brother got married to her, she just had to appear as a kind person, but she wasn .

She hid the hatred when her brother, Mr. Michael was still alive. Mr. Michael was a kind and nice man, but Elisa was the total opposite of his characters. Maybe she inherited from her death mother.

Mrs. Celina, Rubys mom failed to see that in Elisa because Elisa pretended to be nice to her all the time.

Here is where life has got them and Elisa saw it as a privilege to chase them out of the house. This made her accuse Mrs. Celina as a whore who joined hands with her daughter to kill her brother because she wanted to marry another man.

When Elisa came in contact with Aiden in a club, she wanted to make him her husband. Although, she was older than him, but to her, age was just a number.

She lives an expensive lifestyle that can make one think that she was a billionaires daughter, but she just a mere classless lady from a middle-class family.

Elisa got so close to Aiden as she meandered her way to get Aidens attention. Thats when she knew that Aiden was depressed and he was looking for a well-trained lady to marry.

Since she couldn get Aidens attention, she made use of Rubys condition as an opportunity to be a salary earner through Ruby without working.



Yes, I know what I did will be unacceptable to my friend, Clara, but do I have a choice? No, I don .

Not only will Clara get mad at me, but if my mom recovered and get to know it, then I don know what would happen next.

I pray she won faint when she gets informed.

Men can control themselves when they see beautiful women. I can believe that that man wanted to lay down on the bed when I haven become his wife.

His wife? No, it doesn sound nice. We should leave it as a puppet, thats better. If not that I stood my ground, he would have raped me. Yes, **** me because I never wanted it and he was trying to force me.

Aunt Elisa sat there without uttering a word when the whole thing was going on.

Such a wicked aunt. I wonder where she got her characters from. My father wasn this wicked, and I believe that my grandparents weren like her as well.

She was different from everyone.

Im still shocked that she didn ask me about the boyfriend I told Aiden about. Maybe she thought that I only lied to be freed from the whole thing.

Nevertheless, the beating I received from her that day was enough to ask such a question.

Enough of her silly stories.


Immediately I got to the hospital, Dr. Derrick was informed. I followed the necessary procedures for paying the bills. As soon as I was done, her treatment commenced.

I was shivering from head to toe. Different thoughts has been running through my mind.

”Your phone has been ringing earlier before you arrived, ” Clara said.

” Who was calling? ” I asked, but my mind wasn there. My mothers thoughts have occupied every space in my mind.

”That should be your boyfriend, Romeo, although I didn check, ” her statement captured my attention and I quickly received my phone from her.

What I saw shocked me. Five missed calls and a text message. Romeo was complaining about not reaching me on the phone in the past few days. And I never bothered to call him.

He can come to my house to check on me either, because Aunt Elisa won allow it. Unless I want to get killed.

” Clara, has this phone been off? ” I asked Clara with surprise. ” Yeah, but I switched it on this morning when I noticed that it has been off. ”

” Does that mean I didn inform Romeo about my mothers health? No, that can be possible. But I can remember calling him either. ” I thought inwardly.

I immediately entered my call details and I was shocked that the last time I had a phone call with Romeo was two days ago before my mothers illness.

”What have I got myself into? Romeo isn aware of all these, and yet, I have been claiming that he abandoned me. ”

” Is anything the matter? ” Clara worriedly asked in confusion. But before Clara could finish her statement, my phone was ringing.

”Shit! ” I cursed after seeing the callers name.

It was Romeo. What will I tell him?

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