Dr. Derrick was informed immediately after he arrived at the hospital in the morning. Without delaying a second he rushed to the ward where we were with my mom.

Her temperature was so high that I couldn get enough sleep the previous night. Thanks to Clara who spent the night with us in the hospital.

The way my mother was coughing the previous night was unusual. I heard my heart panting heavily with fear.

I can afford to lose her. Shes everything I have in this world.

Immediately Dr. Derrick came in, he ran a check on her. My mind was unsettled. I wouldn want to hear something like, ”sorry to inform you that your mom… ” I wouldn want to complete it.

That statement can break someones bones into pieces.

We stood silently as we waited for Dr. Derrick to tell us what was happening.

” Hmmm, her condition is getting worse. ” I was a bit relieved by that statement. At least, I still have hope that my mother can get healed.

Money was the problem.

”Doctor, can you continue the treatment until Im able to raise the money? That was my question to Dr. Derrick, but he pitifully shook his head and responded, ”no money, no treatment. I have been expecting you to settle the bill, but you haven . This isn my hospital so I can decide to render service for free. ”

Although I could see the pity on his face, his hands were also tied. He couldn help even if he wanted to, and I understood him.

Clara and I stared at each other. The pain in our hearts could be seen in our eyes. I turned to Dr. Derrick and spoke, ” Doctor, I promise to settle this bill today, but promise me that you will do your best in treating my mother so that I won lose her. ”

” Sure, why not? I have been a doctor for years, so this is my profession. I will do my best, ” Dr. Derrick promised.

From the confidence coming from him, I can count on him. He won fail me.

I turned around to leave the ward and Clara held me back and asked, ”who are you running to? ” I knew she was going to ask this.

” To anyone that can render help to me, ” I responded to her, even though the person I had in mind was my wicked aunt.

Yes, Im ready to be his puppet, I mean that man called Aiden. On hearing that, Clara freed my hand, but she warned, ”just be careful. Don do something that you will regret tomorrow, ”

I nodded with an assurance that I won do anything stupid. How I wish I won , but I can help it.

She was good at encouraging, warning, and advising people. Clara was the type of girl that can predict the result of your action. I can say much about her, even though Im her best friend.

I exited the hospital as I headed home to meet Aunt Elisa. Luckily for me, I met her at the house entrance when she was about to go out.

” Didn I warn you not to step your feet in this house? ”! She yelled and I wondered if she was the same aunt that likes pampering me when my father was alive.

I was at the verge of breaking down because of the abusive words she was using on me. ” Aunt Elisa, Im deeply sorry for disgracing you in the presence of that young man. I shouldn have done that. ” my eyes were shut as I spoke.

”Do you think you disgraced me? You disgraced your shameless self and not me! ” she spat every word with anger.

She angrily pushed me out of her sight, making me fall to the ground. I groan in pain, but she never cares. The maiden came to assist but aunt Elisa stopped her from doing so.

” Im ready for the deal, ” I announced courageously. She abruptly stopped on her track. A smile played on her face for a few seconds before she finally turned and said, ”good girl. Now, take a bath and quickly dress up. ”

She spoke with a chuckle.

I was glad she didn deny me being able to get the offer.

Offer? Anyhow you call it.

We got to Aidens mansion filled with workers. The men were in black suits and I must say, all of them were holding guns. We were asked to wait at the gate as he got informed.

After a few minutes, we were allowed in. One of the men in black suits led us to the enormous room. On sighting us, Aiden came and welcomed Aunt Elisa with a hug. They whispered some words to each other.

That wasn my business.

At that moment, my eyes were fixed on the ground. My heart was beating extremely fast. ”We should get to business and stop this delay, ” I thought inwardly, not because I loved what Im about to do, but because my mother was dying in the hospital.

I need to be fast with everything.

As I stood thinking, I saw Someones feets close to mine. I wondered who that could be. On raising my head, my eyes came in contact with Aidens eyes.

I immediately took my gaze away. Those blue eyes are scary. Unfortunately, his arms were already wide open as he invited me for a hug but I declined.

Aiden got tired and went back to his seat. I could feel Aunt Elisas eyes on me. She was glaring at me in anger. To her, she has seen an opportunity of earning money from Aiden, but that wasn my problem.

I only need help, and I wonder why he wouldn help unless he makes me his puppet.

What a world.


” I never knew gold diggers like her have choices. She had the guts to tell me to my face that she has a lover. She couldn have said such a thing if she knew what I needed her for. Anyways, shes here, lets please who we want to please and deny our joy. ”


” Please have a seat. ” Aiden offered and I sluggishly walked to one of the couches and sat down. I would have been in big trouble if I didn follow aunt Elisa to the seat, even though I don want to.

” Lets get to business, ” Aiden announced and I was glad to hear that.

” Is she ready to be my puppet? ”

” Yes! I will, ” I quickly responded even though the question wasn for me.

Both Aiden and aunt Elisa were shocked. Aunt Elisa could have burst into laughter, but she maintained herself.

” I can see it written all over your face, ” Aiden spoke and then raised his hand and signaled someone.

One of his bodyguards brought some paper forms and placed them before Aiden before taking his leave.

” Here are the contract forms to sign. Once your mom is confirmed healthy and strong, you
e moving into this house without any delay. Failure to do that… ”

He paused and crossed his legs.

” I won have to say it, you will see that yourself from the contract rules, ” he said with a chuckle.

The papers were given to me and without reading any rules, I engaged myself in signing the necessary places. They were delaying my time.

This amazes them the most. I was desperate to get my mom treated, and thats all I want. After signing, the papers were given back to him and he also signed. Everything was done within minutes.

” May I have the money please? ” I asked with a calm voice. My eyes were staring somewhere else and not Aidens. Although, he was the one I was talking to.

” Not so fast my dear. I would need to test you, ” thats Aiden speaking. ” Huh? Test what? ” I gathered the courage to look him in the eyes.

” Hmmm, stop behaving childishly. ” Aiden smirked and said, ”Follow me to my bedroom and I will show you what I mean. ”

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