All hope was lost as I informed Aiden that I have a lover. He got disappointed in Aunt Elisa. It was a big slap to his face that he left his comfortable home to come and hear such trash from someone like me.

After Aiden left the house, I was beaten up mercilessly by Aunt Elisa. She threw me out of the house without any pity.

Who will ever help now?

My boyfriend who claimed to love me was nowhere to be found. This generations men only offer love, but when it comes to helping, most of them withdraw back.

My friends too weren helping matters. The only thing they can do is to offer some advice, but their pockets will forever remain silent.

Oh, heaven, take this cup away from me. Was I born into this world to suffer this much? I have no father and no siblings. Relatives are not ready to help. Everyone made a mockery of me and my mother. Why do you want to take her now?

Tears were dripping down my cheeks as I dragged my feet on the street.

” She might end up losing her life if the treatment isn taken with immediate effect. ”

The surgical oncologists statement kept ringing in my mind as I cried out more tears.

Why me? Who have I offended to deserve this? Someone help!

I continued weeping as I walked down the street. It was barely evening and everyone who worked during the daytime was rounding up whatever his or her job was before going and resting at home.

”Hello, beautiful, ” someone called out.

I lazily raised my eyebrows to look at the person.

”Whats making an angel like you cry by this time of the day? ”

His voice echoed, but all I could do was glance at the young man standing before me. To worsen the whole thing, he was holding a cigarette in his hand.

I don need an angel to tell me that he was a smoker. From the look of his dark lips down to his dress, he resembles one of these gangsters that cause trouble everywhere in the town.

”Im talking to you, beautiful princess. Are you deaf and dumb? ”

That statement almost aroused my anger, but I wouldn want to add diesel to a burning fire. I might end up in another trouble.

I studied him for a while like I was checking the design of a book cover.

To me, he looks irritating. Nonetheless, I was seeking help, and I don mind who can help me at this stage of life.

”I… I… ” I tried to say something but burst into tears. My palms were placed on my mouth as I let out a cry which came out like a whispering.

The young man standing before me took pity on me and engaged me in a tight hug.

”Im so sorry for what you
e passing through. But such is life, full of ups and downs. You can be happy now, but after a few minutes, your happy face will be replaced with a sad expression. Someone neither looks for your trouble nor life lands you hard on the ground. ”

I couldn believe that something like this could come out of such a person. He must be good at encouraging people, but then I began to cough.

”Oh, I apologize for the inconvenience. ” He said and turned off the cigarettes burning fire and then threw it into a nearby waste bin.

”Should I get you some water? ” He caringly asked, but I shook my head.

”I can get you a bottle of water from any of those shops before they close. ”

Yet, I rejected the offer. Assuring him that I was fine.

When I finally relaxed my mind, I said to him with teary eyes, ”My mom is in the hospital. And her treatment needs to be continued, but the issue is, I don have any money and no one is willing to help. ”

” Thats bad news. ” He took pity on me.

” Don you have a father? ”

” I wish I had, but he joined his ancestors a few years back. ” I sadly explained.

” Im sorry for that. How about relatives? ”

The young man asked, but when he saw the look on my face, he knew that I was beginning to get annoyed with his continued questioning.

” I apologize for asking. So, how much are they demanding? ” This is the question I have been waiting for, ”two million dollars. ” I quickly responded.

” W-what! Two what? The money is too huge for a poor girl like you to get. This is unfair. At least, they should have considered your situation. ”

He furiously spoke, and I distanced myself away from him. The way he was flinging his hands in the air could make one run away.

I began to wonder how I started a conversation with this stranger.

The young man finally stopped bragging and calmly spoke, ”I can help. ”

I couldn believe my ears. Without delaying a second, I rushed and hugged him so tight that I almost pushed him to the ground.

Imagine that he was a woman, we would have landed on the ground, but the young man firmly stood his ground.

” Im sorry for… ” I was about to apologize as I took a step back but he cut in and said, ”No, you don need to worry yourself. I understand you. Besides, I like the way you
e wearing a smiling face now. It doesn look like an angry lioness anymore, ” he teased and we both smile at each other.

” But on one condition, ” another disturbing statement.

” Which is? ” I asked as I crossed my arms over my chest.

”What ladies offer to men, ” was his response.

”Im confused. What do you mean by that? ”

”Come on, don behave like a kid. ” he smirked and chuckled.

”But there are countless things ladies offer to men, ” I responded with a serious tone, making him wonder.

”Then mention one, ”

”Well, ladies can offer you water and food after cooking. ”

”Oh, gosh. Which type of lady are you? Don you know what men always demand in return after offering you help? Do you think two million dollars is a small amount of money here in America? ” He almost yelled.

”To save our time, just tell me the condition plainly and in a simple statement. ” I suggested.

”Good girl. This is the logic, lets have at least three rounds s×x before I give you the money. ”

I almost knew that this is what he was craving, just for helping me.

” And what makes you think I will give you my body? Mr. Man, if this is how you want to help me, then its no longer helpful. ”

” Come on, this is what your mates are doing in a living to survive. This is not a big deal, you know, ”

” To me, its a big deal. You aren my husband. So, how is it not a big deal? ”

I rolled my eyes and hissed.

The young man laughed out loud and said, ” D-do you think that that middle is only for your husband? Anyway, I don blame you. You are saying this because of that person who is deceiving you all in the name of love, ” he said as if he knew that I have a boyfriend, but he only said it anyway.

Believing that a beautiful lady like me wouldn stay single without a boyfriend.

”Let me remind you, you are not his girlfriend, its just his turn to rule you before another man comes and takes over. ” He added.

I began to grow angrier, but I wondered why I still stood there hearing his shameless words.

”I never knew you were this shameless. If I had known, I wouldn have wasted my precious time talking to a fool like you, ” I spat because he doesn deserve any respect from me.

I motioned to leave, but the young man grabbed my wrist from behind and spun it in anger.

The street was looking scanty, only a few people could be seen as the place got darker.

”How dare you call me a fool? ” I could feel the anger in his voice.

”Let go of me, ” I yelled, wondering where the courage came from.

The young man raised the tip of his shirt, and what I saw sent a shock down my spine.

A gun!

I struggled to free my hand from his grip, luckily, a pointed light finally shunned us from afar.

”Hey! Whats happening over there? ” A police officer in uniform called out.

The young man immediately freed me and ran off, the police officer chased after him, and I used that opportunity and escaped.

I got to the hospital gate panting.

”Whats the issue, young lady? ” One of the gatekeepers asked, but I only shook my head and stepped into the hospital.

I rushed to the ward where my mom was laid.

”What took you so long? I was beginning to be worried about you, ” that was Claras voice, my only faithful friend, who had stuck with me since childhood.

She was the only true friend I had. Clara was ready to help anywhere she could. Clara was from a middle-class family. They weren rich, and nor were they poor.

I left her in the hospital to look after my mother on the sick bed as I went out there in search of help.

”So how did it end, Ruby? ”

”Please, lets not talk about this for now. I will narrate everything to you tomorrow. I have seen hell! ” I responded with a smirk on my face.

”The heavy coughing from my sick mom called for our attention. ”

It was unusual!

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