My heart was shredding into pieces as the time tick faster and I don know to whom I should beg for my mothers treatment.

”Aunt Elisa, Please help me. Moms treatment needs to be continued, ” I kneeled in front of her but she turned her face away and had a disgusted look on her face.

How life has turned against me, once I was a princess and now I am nothing but a maid of my aunt. After my father died, I had to become a maid to save my mother. Tears streaming down my cheeks, I bit my bottom lips in pain as she stepped on my hand.

”Mother and daughter both are the bad fortunes of our family. Because of you, my brother died and your whore mother is paying for her deeds, ” she kicked in my stomach and clenched her jaw with hatred.

She hated me after her brother died. But she doesn understand that I also have my father. Dad, why did you leave me with us in the darkness?

But calling my mother whore, I can bear that insult from anyone.

”Aunt, don call her that name again, ” I said with gritted teeth as my heart and stomach hurt.

She raised her eyebrows and lunged toward me with continuous punches. She was not like this earlier, she was my god fairy but now she has become a rude Wicked Aunt.

I have to be alive just for my mother or she will let her die. That I can let her do as long as I am still alive.

Since childhood, my mother cared for me but now its my turn to give her care and save her life.

”Madam Elisa, The new guest has arrived, ” a maid interrupted her and stopped her from punching me.

Aunt gave me a death glare and stood back on her foot. She composed herself and plastered her fake smile and acted like a good and sweetest lady.

”Go and get ready fast. Today you will be sold to the person who will help you and me, ” she gnashed her teeth and turned off her heels.

I couldn go against her, I am so weak and trash. And if she knows that I love someone else then she will make sure that he suffers as well as I am doing. I have to be her puppet for everyones happiness.

The maid helped me to stand back on my feet, she sympathized with me. But she knows very well what I am designated for this fortune.

I got dressed up, just like Aunt Elisa wanted, and went to the living hall where she was sitting with my new master.



I stood before the handsome-looking man, who was in a black suit. My body was shivering like a chicken that had been beaten by the rain.

Even though the man before me was sitting on a couch with his legs crossed, his long legs still drew attention.

He was quite tall, with a muscular frame that ripples with strength whenever he moves. His short dark hair was perfectly combed. From his dressing, he looked like he was heading to his office, but I can tell if he was.

He raised his deep blue eyes and stared at me in disgust.

I have a lovely body shape. With curves in the right proportion and fair skin, that looked soft to the touch, but I don think he was pleased with these things. This isn the first time he has seen ladies like this, I guess.


The lady standing before me look desperate to get whatever she wanted from me, even though I can see the fear in her.

She wasn a great beauty compared to the ones that are always gallivant around me anytime I need them.


”So you are my new puppet? ” he asked as he studied my body from the top of my hair to my toe.

He signaled to Aunt Elisa to walk out of the room. And indeed she walked out hanging her head low without any questions.

His gaze averted back to me and frowned.

”My name is R-Ruby Michael. ” I stuttered in a whispering voice.

”Go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush, woman, ” he yelled at me and I winced inwardly, thinking he was about to slap me.

Even though he was just watching me from his position on the couch, fear still overtook me.

”Yes, master. ” I quickly said.

However, I stopped talking when I saw the way his blue eyes were staring at me.

What have I done? He asked me to go straight to the point, which I was about to. Why is he staring at me like that?

I wondered.

”Im listening. Whats the reason that you agreed to be my puppet? ” he finally broke the silence.

Aunt Elisa tried to give me a threatening look that I should not tell him the truth. She was peeping from the window as she listens to our conversation. I quietly gulped my heaviness of guilt.

”Sir, my aunt has told me that you will help her and… ”

Before I could complete my statement, Aiden cut in and said, ”I am not here to listen to your shit. ”

Yes, Aiden was his name. I saw that on his name tag.

”Do I look like someone who likes stories? Huh? See, young woman, I have a lot to do. Tell me what you want and lets end the discussion. ” Aiden added.

” Sir, help me to clear my mothers hospital bills and I will serve you until you recover your money with my service. I wouldn mind if you don feed me when I start working. ”

Aiden couldn help but laugh out loud.

” Wait…wait…wait. So… ” he was about to utter a word, instead, another heavy laughter sneaked out of his mouth.

Why is he laugh

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