Seeing that reinforcements arrived, the young sorcerers do not waste time, give a surprise attack to the standing adults knocking down some and infiltrate the temple, pass between them like ghosts, with a speed that did not allow them to react to the healers, the adults could not stop them.

ESU, tries not to lose consciousness, OGLAE reaches to see her on the ground, she can believe it, she sees the panorama around, she is not encouraging, she is surprised to see her in such a state, injured, OGLAE knows perfectly well that, she is very strong, OGLAE and the men rush the step towards the temple.

Inside the temple, the children have run to hide in different parts of it.

Seeing them advance with their weapons raised, those who have been left outside, prepare to fight.

Sorcerers who have entered the temple, smell the fear in the environment and like it.

There is total silence.

The evil ones set out to look for the children. Inside the temple there are baskets containing medicinal herbs, other potions, there are cabinets everywhere and some tables in the center of the rooms as well as furniture to stack the lounge chairs.

The children dispersed.

One of the children is hidden inside one of the baskets of herbs, thinking that the leaves could cover his smell, he waits nervously for everything to end, closes his eyes, trying to calm his agitated heart, he just wants to get out of there alive and return to his mother.

The evil ones have entered the room, forcefully opening the sliding door to make a lot of noise, they perceive a scent, they know that there is someone inside, one of them is responsible for tracking the smell of the child, not that of his body, but that of his fear, when he approaches the basket, he sinks his nails that grow like claws inside the basket through the child inside it.

The cries of the little healer are heard throughout the temple.

Hidden children become more frightened.

Drain the blood that gushes into the basket.

The evil ones, they celebrate this first achievement, they want to see blood.

In another room, under one of the offering tables, there are two girls hidden under the tablecloth, very quiet, one of the 2 doors of that room opens, fear runs through the body of the girls with cold in the back, 2 evil and a woman enter the room, the woman has the appearance of crazy, she is very excited by the smell of blood, the woman still relates the childs blood on her arm, everything seems to be in order in this room, , she fixes her gaze strangely towards the tables and stops looking at one, she can smell them, they when they realize they also smell to that side and catch the smell of the girls, they smile as they go around that table.

The girls know that they are there, so they are very still, waiting, they laugh and scream loudly and they get scared drowning out their screams, they hold hands, they mention that the smell of fear is extremely exciting and they scatter around the room, one of them stands behind the table and pulls one of the girls, the 2 girls scream in terror, the other could not help her friend, being forced to let go of her hand.

Outside the temple are in full battle, the healers and villagers against 9 experienced sorcerers.

Muscular sorcerers move things using telepathic power, 2 of mature men use the power of black light that controls souls, the other is able to kill nature, life.

The 4 older women use the power of the earth and the elements to form a great storm.

They are so busy that they have not been able to help ESU.

ESU, remember that, this image looks as it happened once KEKI unleashed a great storm, a great storm, ESU that finds very worried, she knows how strong the power of the sorcerers of CHOSEN can be.


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