In the village of THE SCRIBES, a horde is arriving on the outskirts, among which come 5 sorcerers who will go to the SCRIBES temple, where INKU is located.

The sorcerers, come sheltered by 2 beasts in which two of them are mounted, and have taken a path on one side to go directly to the temple, separating from their group.

In another place, on the way to the village of LOS ORACLES, a young man walks, his name is LAO, who was a disciple of TESUTO, who was elected the new priest who is going to serve in that temple, as it is the most distant temple, he has not yet arrived, but, in the temple 6 sorceresses (2 older and 4 young) are already waiting for him.

Elsewhere, the 5 sorcerers are already outside the temple of the SCRIBES and it is INKU who is the first to perceive the evil outside the temple.

INKU, immediately, gets up, this makes the others also become alert, so that the veil that covered that evil essence, fades.

There is terror in the eyes of the new members.

After several hours of travel, in the KINGDOM OF KIRO, OKATA AND SUKO are arriving at the citadel, with their mouth dry and tired body, they leave their horses in the stable and go to the falcor armory, there, they find him and CHARIOT.

OKATA explains what he saw in his vision, they send a message with CHARIOT to the NEMU combat school and FALCOR rushes to the palace, OKATA AND SUKO will stay in the armory to rest a little.

CHARIOT is almost at the school, but, FALCOR is still a little away from the palace when the alarm is heard, which sounds suddenly, the gates of the citadel begin to close, when climbing the wall, you can see that, on the outskirts of the citadel a large number of armed men and beasts are approaching, it seems as if a dark spot is covering the floor of that meadow.

FALCOR had to be returned to his shop, he must provide weapons to the people of the village.

Due to the discipline with which they work, the soldiers of the citadel have had a good reaction, the doors have been closed and there is already a defense in position, now some of them are guiding the inhabitants inside the main castle, the men and boys of fighting age, that is, over 10 years old, they will defend the city by fighting alongside the soldiers.

It is then that, mobility within the castle is streamlined.

Naturally, many parents refuse to let their children go to war, there is crying among some children, all of them had been raised in a realm of peace, they never knew war or death, fear is felt in the air.

But, the situation has changed, seeing the magnitude of the problem they have no choice, many women wanted to stay with their children, so they were allowed, they must fight alongside others, the rest of the other women, they will defend as a last option from inside the palace.

Although it hurts their parents, CHUMBI, MAKI AND CHARIOT are old enough to fight at 14, 10 and 11 years old, the children under 10 years old are taken to the palace.

The soldiers give the indication to the children and young people that they will be the support of the soldiers, carrying or bringing weapons and helping in the healings that will surely be.

The children of better aim are destined for archery, tension falls on the palace.

By circling, almost completely the citadel, they have dispersed, just then, the horde is no longer advancing, but it is still out there at a distance and they are mobilizing, they are cutting down trees and that is worrying, they will probably make catapults or things like that.

end of chapter 6

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