The horde has advanced very quickly, breaking through, destroying everything, and is on the outskirts of the village.

In the temple, ESU has managed to capture the evil essence, his body shudders, but, he realizes that, it is already too late, they have reached the outskirts of the village and are surrounded, their essence was covered by sorcerers without a doubt.

In the area where the highest rank come, at the beginning of the town is the tannery, there is OGLAE with its workers, men of the town, they see the evil ones arrive and take their work tools as weapons, some of them ran to warn the people of the town.

More evil, they are entering from some sides of the village.

The temple is besieged, almost at the end of the village so, only the sorcerers are the ones who are surrounding the temple, all the HEALERS who are inside the temple, try to lose the fear of what their consciousness feels, they can perceive all the hatred and resentment that that horde surrounds, they try to concentrate, more than anything, by the children present.

ESU is worried not only about her children, there are 4 other learner children and only 7 adults next to her, so they ask the children not to fight, they ask them to dedicate themselves to healing the adults, at a distance with their power.

The situation is disadvantageous, the adults look at each other, as tacit language, one by one, they leave the temple and see that there are 15 sorcerers (3 men of strong appearance, 2 of muscular appearance, 4 older women, 3 young women and 3 young men) all very gloomy looking.

The 6 young men are the ones who will attack, to everyones surprise, they present themselves as chosen sorcerers.

CHINE still runs towards the village, really worried, rests for a while, catches his breath and runs again.

ESU, is outside the temple, ready for the attack of the young people, but, in her mind she manages to contact WAPURO, she tells him that evil has been unleashed in CHOSEN in front of her door.

Faced with such a statement, the mobilization begins in the castle, WAPURO verifies what ESU said while sending troops of sorcerers in the direction of THE TEMPLE OF THE HEALERS.

In the temple where RAYDEN is located, the temple of CHOSEN, RAYDEN, is meditating with 3 disciples, inside the temple of the treasure of CHOSEN, RAYDEN, notices in a breeze that reaches them, has evil essence, immediately, leaves the temple with his disciples following him, you can see that by the way that comes from the temple, 7 sorcerers come (3 mature men and 4 young men), they all look aggressive and serious, wearing CHOSEN robes.

All of them stop outside the temple at a distance.

end of chapter 5

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