After 2 years of training, 3 of them were chosen.

The disciples of TESUTO have concluded their training which has been rich in the management of spiritual power, ancient and powerful magic both for healing and to be mortal, also, they were instructed in healings, they were able to practice physical exercise in the handling of weapons and different disciplines.

Each with a different potential, with remarkable skills in different things.

But, only the outstanding 3 would occupy a special position of high priest in one of the 3 sacred temples of CHOSEN, which were available.

To instruct more disciples to inherit these lessons.

Their names are LAO, coming from distant mountains in which access is almost impossible, it is home to temples that instruct in the ancient arts of combat and spiritual development.

LAO, is one of the young people with high honors within his temple, studious, dedicated and humble.

It possesses powerful combat and defense techniques inherited from its temple in which it was developed.

LUZBEL, a gloomy young man, of great beauty, his gaze as clean as his innocent appearance, too serious and cautious, almost so shy that it seems that he does not wish to socialize with anyone, possessing great spiritual power.

And RAYDEN, the son of a lamia and a human who was cursed by CHONT-SU in those times, inherited part of that curse by turning it into spiritual power, the perfect container for the soul of an angel.

RAYDEN was sent to the rebuilt temple of CHOSEN, the place where KEKI grew up and from where he stole the treasures of CHOSEN to save them.

RAYDEN has a very strong and developed spiritual power due to the influence of TESUTO, in addition to a very remarkable physical power due to his race on his mothers side.

LAO has high aptitude for battle, with or without the use of magic, the physical power is admirable and its defense almost absolute, with its power of potentiation.

LAO, was sent to the temple of THE ORACLES.

LUZBEL is a young man too attentive to details, too studious and soft-hearted to fight, yet possesses an exceptional talent for alchemy and magic, touching the threshold between life and death.

LUZBEL was sent to the temple of the healers possessing pure blood.

The others would be sent to different temples to share their new skills.

A good opportunity to enrich temples and cultures.

It is warm season, in the temple of the ORACLES, OKATA is meditating, the weather is completely calm, despite the humid heat since it has not vented in days.

Suddenly, a slight breeze sneaks inside the temple and reaches her, OKATA opens her eyes and the vision settles in her open eyes.

Just then, in one of the mountains near the temple of the HEALERS where ESU is located, evil erupts like a stampede, flooding the sky with darkness.

The earth seems to split, from within one of the mountains, a tunnel is formed, from which, all the evil ones hidden for almost 2 decades, have returned with fury, no one had detected them, since AISU was defeated.

They have been strengthened and multiplied and plan to come to light.

OKATA, who has seen everything within her vision, is very scared and comes out of the trance, she had never had a vision with her eyes open and of such magnitude, she is very agitated, soaked in cold sweat, she, gives a desperate cry, 2 boys who were in other parts of the temple approach to see what happens to her, they see her desperate and calm at the same time, she sends notice to the castle of UNDERWORLD, she personally, will go to the KINGDOM OF KIRO to give notice, there is much to plan.

The attack is imminent. Immediately, the boys leave the temple, one towards the chiefs village and one towards the castle.

In those moments, from the caverns inside the mountain, the evil ones have already begun to emerge from among the mountains that separate them from their target.

This great horde is composed of mercenaries, terrestrial beasts, chosen sorcerers still possessed by evil, assassins, as well as winged beasts known as griffins and giant vultures.

The evil ones are guided by perceiving the smell of the spiritual power of ESU, MUK NIOM and YEYA, in addition to the 10 people who work there, dedicating themselves to healing and using spiritual powers.

In the village of AGUILA, WASHI AND CHINE, are loading the cart, with boxes of jars full of medicines and ointments, CHINE, will go to make a delivery to a town near the temple of THE HEALERS, will take advantage of the trip, to deliver some medicinal herbs to ESU, then return home.

WASHI, will stay preparing another order, which they will take in the morning of the next day and take care of the business, they plan to go swimming after returning from the trip, the next day.

CHINE, already with his donkeys ready for the trip, which he caresses before getting on the cart, smiles at WASHI, she approaches and dismisses him with a kiss, begins his march, WASHI, sees him walk away, trusts that he will return soon, although, he feels something strange in his chest, like a hunch.

After a few hours, CHINE goes into the forest near the mountains, there is something in the environment, the air feels weird, tense, CHINE, gets a little nervous to notice that the donkeys are restless.

Its certainly not his hallucination, something is going on in the woods.

A flock of birds confirms this by passing in terror far from those lands.

CHINE, decides to hurry.

end of chapter 3

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