OSIRIS, has developed his spiritual energy successfully, his power is comparable to that of his mother, who says he will be able to overcome it.

Because of the extent of his power, he developed alopecia, which, far from discouraging him, helped him to see it objectively.

He is always seen dressed in temple robes.

Because of his approach with the family of MUK NIOM, OSIRIS has asked his mother and ESU to be able to go to serve the temple of THE HEALERS in seasons and help in the temple of THE ORACLES, in which he fulfills a very important task since he possesses a strong spiritual power and there are few monks in the temple, for this reason in another season he returns to his parents house and helps in the temple of his village.

In this way, as everyone knows, he will be able to be close to MUK NIOM, with whom he has developed a romance, so, he has gone to live in the village, near the house of ESU and OGLAE.

ORUS, has developed as an ingenious young man, at the time when OSIRIS was losing his hair, due to an overflow of spiritual energy.

ORUS, his brother, decided to cut his long hair, since then, he wears it very short.

He likes to wear a headscarf to hold back sweat from his forehead.

He is skilled with mechanical things, for this reason, he works with his father in the ”workshop of ideas ” there they perform all kinds of construction, from tables, carts, beds, crossbows, bows, music boxes, toys with movement based on gears and synergy, as well as tools for the field, for example, a corn sheller, guards to collect cotton with better efficiency, everything imaginable.

ORUS, is very dedicated to his work and often travels to bring or take objects to the KINGDOM OF KIRO, although he does not accept it, his main reason is to see CHUMBI.

Although, on past occasions, he was not a pleasant person given CHUMBIs tenacity to embarrass him due to his shyness.

Now it is he, who seeks the opportunity to be inconvenienced by the young woman.

Only his voice makes his heart race, although he is foolish to want to hide it.

He is a bold young man, he goes hunting from time to time with CHINE or to get herbs in somewhat risky places, in addition, talented in wood carving.

Many of his pieces are sold in the FALCOR store.

Very often, he lets himself be carried away by CHUMBI to the outskirts of the kingdom to walk and explore the terrain, due to his position in the security of the kingdom, although, it is a good pretext to be together.

OKATA works as a priestess and dressmaker in her village, as well as, a silkworm grower for temple fabrics.

When her son is i

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