『He won't pull it out, and He won't let me rest.
I told him to wait, but he wouldn't. I told him to stop, but he wouldn't.
No matter how hard I cry or scream.
And the next time, he'll thrust it in even deeper.








 Sweat trickled down Lydia's face. 




『It's deep.
It's so deep, He pushes it all the way to the hilt 』





『But, but ……Isn't Gevaudan's thing is like……very long?』





Abigail nodded silently.





『I can feel it pushing up the back of my belly button.
Then, my belly, which was swollen by Gevaudan's……
seed, will be scratched into a soggy mess.
You've never felt this before, have you?』




 Lydia gasped her hand over her mouth.
She looked down at Abigail's lower abdomen.




『It's a roller coaster ride back and forth between heaven and hell.
But as you are forced to climax, the ……
floating sensation becomes greater and greater my body was floating up and up and up.
Eventually, when the time was right, Gevaudan pulled my hips tightly together, and at that very moment…』





『at that very moment…?』





 Lydia's face was close to Abigail's as she lowered her voice.









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 Abigail's sudden loud voice, with her forefinger sticking out, caused Lydia to look up.





 I, who had been listening, was a bit taken aback too.





『I felt intense pressure as if something energetic was invading the center of my body, and the blood in my head drained away in a flash.
I fall from the sky to the bottom of the earth.
In the midst of that never-ending crashing feeling, there comes a pleasant sensation as if my whole body is being shattered into pieces.
I swear, anyone would faint.』




『That's so much……』




『This is where it really starts.』




『There's more!?』






『The next time I regain consciousness, I'll be in a different position and getting penetrated again and the moment I realize that I'll have electric shocks all over my body and I'll start screaming.』





『The position is changing……which means…….』





『I was being continuously ravished by Gevaudan while I was unconscious.』




『How much longer is this……
going to go on……?』




『It never ends.』




『It's not over…..』




Lydia moaned in shock.




『 Halfway through, I'm in pain, I'm scared, I feel like I'm going to die, and I wish it would end soon, but ……
at some point, I don't want it to end.
I want this time to last forever.
I don't care if I die like this.
I've been made to understand that I've lived my entire life to give birth to Gevaudan's child, and strangely enough, that makes me happy.
At the end of the day, every woman who gets ravished by Gevaudan spills tears, snot, and drool all over the place, but they're not crying because they want it to stop.
They're crying because they're happy.』





『Happy………..amazing …….』






『I guess you could say I feel like the chosen one.』





 *Hiss*, Abigail continued.





『This is how everyone bows down to Gevaudan and begs him with all their might.
More and more.
They will all be tempted to do whatever they can to get their hands on Gevaudan's……thing.』




 Abigail's terrifying scary story was over.





 Lydia, who had been listening, pursed her lips in a shiver and said, 『In the end they'll all give in to him and begging for more…….』




 The last bit about crying with joy and begging, I think you're making it up? Lydia's reaction was so great that it got me all worked up.





 Abigail smiled at Lydia, who was in a feverish stupor as if she had just finished watching a horror movie.



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『But it's still too much for your little girl's body.
You need to be a more mature woman to be able to take Gevaudan head-on.』




 The corners of Lydia's eyes twitched, and her expression disappeared.




『Hou~…….You know I'm a member of Lilith's clan, don't you?』






 Abigail shrugs her shoulders.




『I don't know, but I can tell that you can't possibly do it by just looking at you.』





 A small spark flew between the intersecting gazes.





『Huh…? Aren't You the bitch who pees her pants when pressed up against a mirror, climaxing in a huge orgasm ♡ and making vile moaning noises?』




『You can only say that because you've never had a taste of Gevaudan.
You'll end just like a little girl, whimpering and screaming, “Stop! please stop”』




The air between the two of them scream, *GIGIGIGIGI…….*




 What is this? What's wrong with you two? I don't know what the point of the fight was, but is this what women's pride they're talking about? I was surrounded by men, so it's a feeling I'm not very familiar with.





Hey, Gevaudan.
I'm interested in this subhuman.
I was wondering if you could lend me some.



 She winked at the Butcher with her hand clasped.
Lydia began to ask for help.





 It's not good.
I can't refuse this, neither Abigail.




 I've already declared that she's mine, so I don't think she's going to be too rough with her, but I don't want to risk her using some kind of drug.
Soft torture with a truth serum is quite possible.
I mean, with telepaths, you never know what they're really capable of.
If she gets her mind-broken, she'll be unable to do anything.




 Abigail was also biting her lip with a slightly sour look on her face.





『I'm just going to let you know which one of us has the better technique, So it's okay~~? Right~?』




 ……That's it? Are they going to have a 69 showdown?  If it's just a lesbian thing, I guess it's fine.




 With that in mind, I threw a glance at Abigail out of Lydia's eyes, and she's buzzing shaking her head.
Yeah, that makes sense.




 Mmmm …….




『……….As long as I am watching over you』





『Of course! I love you, Gevaudan!♪』




 Lydia hugged me cheerfully.




 But it's painful…..




 Abigail's gaze hurt …….

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