“If you are going to go to the trouble of getting an escort, it means that you are aware of certain dangers, right? Why are you being targeted? And what is it that's targeting you, a human? The ones in the Fort or the ones in the Central? Or the aliens? And what kind of alien would risk its life inside the Fort? What kind of alien? Why are you being hunted?”




” I'm ……
still having trouble remembering things clearly.””




 Abigail flinched, unable to respond.




“I can't help you unless you tell me.”




(I can't tell you!)




 There was no way she could tell them that easily.
There is a possibility that I am being targeted by the AASPINT from central rightnow, and I am in a position where even the lieutenant general cannot be trusted, I am surrounded by enemies.
On top of that, what I am looking into is the past of the monster that so infamous among soldiers, the Butcher, who escaped from Faymbaum with me, and who is supposedly a former human soldier.





 Abigail's face turned as if she had something stuck in her back teeth.




 Whisley watched her, but after waiting for a while, he uncrossed his arms.




“—- I refuse.
The alphas are best suited for security and that kind of mission.”



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“If you don't want Alpha, I know another woman you can trust.
I know a woman you can trust.
I'll write you a referral letter myself”




 Abigail was at a loss for words.





 Captain Whisley must have suspected that Abigail was in some kind of big trouble.
because he had already agreed to the term when the headquarters asked him to escort her.
and the reason for requesting an escort are already included in the request.




 However, he raised the issue and refused the request for the same reason.
This means that something has changed his mind.




 After seeing Abigail, there was something about her that changed his mind.




 –I have to make a move now.




 While she was trying to find a way through, Whisley continued indifferently.





“Our battlefield is outside the walls, and we're going to kill as many aliens as we can and then die along with our friends.
That's what we've been training for.
We can't send our men on a meaningless and potentially fatal mission.
Intelligence is notorious for using up soldiers with little regard for their own safety.”








“Abigail, if you don't want to cooperate, then we can't help you.”




 There came a silence that pressured her ears.
Before I knew it, everyone in the hall was listening to the conversation between the two.




“Excuse me.
I know I'm interrupting, but ……”




 Eugene intervened.




“Big sis is a very knowledgeable person, She took the trouble to choose me out of all the reporters.
I'm sure she didn't come here without thinking it through already.








“She's a reliable woman.
You can trust her, after all, she came back alive from the enemy all by herself.
It's just that she seems to have forgotten a lot about her life in the enemy city.”





 Eugene stared up at Whisley from below.





“If you've been with her for a while, maybe she'll remember some of the more detailed information that I didn't write about the other day, such as spending time with a missing soldier whose body was never been found, or hearing information about the alien's headquarters that would turn the local government upside down.”








 Watching Whisley's reaction, he continued.




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“Big sis also wants to know what Fox is up to, so I think we should cooperate with each other.
And If aliens come to get Big sis back, that's exactly where you guys come in.
I'd be more than happy if the War Maiden and Fox worked together,  so I'll have plenty of material to work with.”





 Abigail was a little surprised by Eugene's unexpectedly serious intervention.




 So she decided to go with the flow and lay down her card.




“I want to talk about the Grim Reaper.”





 There was a long silence that Abigail was not expecting.




“Please leave.”





 That's all Wisley said.




“Well, it's a shame then …….”





 Abigail said just that and headed for the entrance.





“….Are you sure, Whisley?”




 She heard Hirsch's voice behind her back, but she didn't care and walked out of the place.
Along the way, InoRyder never took her eyes off Abigail.





 The snow outside hadn't stopped, leaving footprints as she walked.



Sorry, I'm all talk.”




 Eugene followed in her tracks.




“It's okay.




 Abigail looked at Eugene, who was standing next to her.





“I don't have any information to give you, but I'll buy you something.”





“Oh, I guess I'll have some ramen then.
There's a place just down the road that's really popular these days for warming up the body.
I'd also like to know more about your relationship with that handsome guy from USEG.”








“Ah, wait! It's just a joke, a joke!”




 Abigail went to Eugene's favorite ramen restaurant.
The sign said “Genko Ramen”.


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