The white liquid spurts out of Natsuki's opening, but she reflexively tightens her vagina because of the stimulation.
The girl is so cute how she unconsciously tries not to let even a drop of sperm escape.





 –I wonder if Yakumo is excited by this kind of lasciviousness of her sister.




 I glanced at him before, but he didn't have an erection.
He was just observing Natsuki's behavior.
No doubt he would use it as an inspiration for his creative work, not masturbation.
He is the epitome of an artist.
I'll have to contribute as a nude model.






 Butcher's ejaculation lasted for several minutes.
Natsuki was out of breath.





 Without pulling out, I roll her over onto her back and squash her from above, this time from behind.





 I thrust into her roughly, as if I were spanking her ass.







 bronebone is great.
It can only be done on a bed, but this way, the girl can't resist at all.




 Missionary causes her to flap her arms and legs, and doggie style causes her to lunge forward.
But sleeping back was simply impossible for her to move, she couldn't move if she was crushed by my huge body.
She can't even close her legs.
In fact, the most effective position was the pronebone .




“foo……! fooo……! fuuu……!”






 All Natsuki could do was chew on the sheets and moan as her eyes watered.
She had no choice but to go through with it.
This feeling of impending defeat is planted in her mind by the smacking of her ass.






“Ohhhhh!?♡♡! Hold on! Jeeebo-tan♡! Stop it! You're breaking me!





 In a pronebone , the angle of the bed makes it possible to grind the G-spot




 I stuck my nose into the back of her head, smelling the nice scent of shampoo and the sweat, and tapped the terminal.




“In honor of our reconciliation, let's do this five more times.” 




“F, five, ……♡”




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“from dinner to breakfast.”




“no ♡! no! impossible♡! No way♡! I'm going to die!”




“And I'll do this every day because I already bought Natsuki.” 




“♡♡!? ♡♡♡!?”





 Natsuki scrambled to get out from under me, and then reached her hand out looking for help.
But the bed frame was too far away.
So she pulled in a pillow and bit into it.





 –Good, I think her brain is starting to burn.





 It's time to ask.




“By the way, In Yakumo note”








“It has Natsuki nudes in it right?”







 She squeaked and tightened.




Crushing Natsuki's plump buttocks with my pelvis, I continued my interrogation.





“Your face is hidden, but I can see it right away, Why did draw that in hisnotebook.”




“No, that's…




” Do you want to be a nude model?”



“That's not♡!”




“I'm not pressing Yakumo so I don't know, but I think this means that Natsuki voluntarily let him watch it?”




“No, that's not ……




 Natsuki cum a little.




“Natsuki want Yakumo to see.”





 I waited for her to finish her orgasm, then stopped moving.
I questioned her about her true intentions.



“Actually, You like it.”




“-No no no!! That's not true!!” 





 Natsuki suddenly began to thrash and flail.






 I restrained her from the top and made a proposal.





“I want Yakumo to watch every time I have sex with you.”



“No, No, That's ……




 Without waiting for her to answer, I pull the rod out and push it back in again when the tip of the rod is stuck at her opening.




 There was no resistance at all.




“You see?, I'm telling you that you got really wet.”






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 There was also an erotic drawing in his notebook.
Probably a picture of Natsuki being fucked by a dude.





 –Natsuki had been showing her sex act to Yakumo?




No, that's not likely, I guess.




 The other day, when the Yakumo was watching, her refusal was serious.
She was soaking wet, though.
Anyway, that's the first time she's ever been seen having sex.




Yakumo can be creative.




 In fact, the scene with me turned out to be a fantasy tentacle erotic scene.
But even such a creative drawing must have origins.




 In other words, the original source of that erotic drawing is–.




“You're masturbating and let him see it right?”




Underneath me, Natsuki chewed on a pillow, her whole body trembling.
She seemed to have climaxed hard.
Her ears were bright red.




stop ……
saying that anymore ……
ugh ……”




 She pressed her face into the pillow and whimpered.





I'm suddenly getting the rape-y vibe.




“I prefer to be seen too, we're the same kind of pervertd”








 Natsuki glanced back at me with a bright red face.




” right, right.
ain't you like it? Let's both be perverts together.
Now put your hips up.”




together, ahhh ♡!”




 I violate her hot, throbbing honey pot with renewed vigor.




“Ah ♡! Ah ♡! Ah ♡! Ah ♡!” 





 A scream echoed through the bedroom.
Her rational mind was destroyed.




 –When I thought about it, there's Shigeaki's shooting equipment.




 How about an AV shoot with a yakumo as the director?




 The title of the film is “Closet Gap: A Brother's Lightless Eyes Watching the Fall of His Sister, Who Is Being Raped and Destroyed by a Butcher from Morning to Night.”




 It's going to sell like hotcakes.





 While fantasizing about this, I decided to focus on the visual in front of me, and this time, I decided to face-fuck Natsuki.
I made sure to apply my filthy fluid to her brown hair as well.





 After I had done that, I brought her up and fucked her in a sitting position.





 I chose a position where he could see her well from the closet, and I sprayed her with the white liquid regardless of whether it was inside or outside.





 After that, every time I mentioned Yakumo's name and taunted her, her orgasms became harder and longer.
I was just in awe of her bro-con shota energy, and it was a pleasure to continue to defile her.




 The Butcher's lecture on contemporary art, which started in the early afternoon, lasted until the evening.




 –I'm looking forward to seeing what masterpieces will be created.




 After cleansing the unconscious Natsuki, I took Yakumo and Diamond out of the closet and started to prepare dinner.


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