Chapter 156: Jebotan

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I went into the bedroom with Natsuki.




 Immediately, I took off my apron.








 I hugged her from behind, and Natsuki turned around, surprised.








 I groped her breasts over her top, trying not to scratch them with my fingernails.
I sniffed the scent of her nape.
*sniff* *sniff* Sweet.
It's like the scent of honey.






 I rub my boiling hot rod against Natsuki's buttocks through her clothes to show her how excited I am.




“Oh……you've been holding back this much?”





 Natsuki stroked my head over her shoulder.





“I'm sorry I ignored you yesterday.”





 I need to make sure that we are made up first.
Then I stretched out my tongue and pushed it into her mouth.









 I stroked the curves of the girl's body, savoring her mouth.




 Each time I licked her mouth, Natsuki shivered a little in my arms.
I gently twirled the base of her tongue so that she wouldn't vomit.




 After doing this for a few minutes, I tore her clothes.




 One vertical, one diagonal.
So fun.
There are many more clothes to wear, and this outfit can be put to rest now.




 This is how the knitted dress was torn to shreds.
The collarbone behind the slit.
The belly button behind the tear.
The deep V shape.
Her entire figure is now like a torrent of revealing skin.





 I gently insert my hand into the gap.
I feel the smooth texture of her stomach.
I felt the fabric tugging at the bottom.
Natsuki was wearing underwear.




 I pulled them off, mischievously.








 A piece of fabric slipped down her white legs, losing its support.
It was a normal pair of white panties, but it had a hole that looked like a tail hole on the butt.




 I took her in front of a standing mirror and together we observed our activity.





 The girl in the torn knit dress was being groped from behind, her cheeks blushing as she sucked on a thick tongue.
It's very erotic.




I pulled my tongue out and she let out a hot breath, “Haha……♡” as she drooled.



Ah, This is too much.
I really like this clothes.”





 She looked at me from behind the mirror with a teasing glare.




“Hey, can I call you Jebotan?







 Another weird nickname…….




“When typing an email, I suddenly thought of this name and it sounded cute.
When I thought about it, “Onii-chan” doesn't sound like what a girlfriend would call.
And Gevaudan also sounds a little scary, you know?”





 Here it is, the kawaii culture.
It's common among Asian girls anything can be kawaii they say, I don't get it.




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 I let out a small sigh through my gums and nodded my head.
You can call me whatever you want.




“Ehehe ……
Jebotan♪…Let's take a shower.”




 Pulling me by the hand, she led me past the sink and into the bathroom.




“go ahead, you take a bath first.”





 He urged me to go ahead and open the bathroom door.
It was a rather large bathroom.





 When I lifted the faucet, hot water came out of the shower.





 I picked up the soap and stroked my whole body to wash it.






 –There was once a guy at Fox who used to wash himself from head to toe with soap, no shampoo.
I thought he was crazy but now I understand.
Without the hair, the head is just another part of the body.





 As I was washing my body like this until my excited son calmed down, a figure rustled behind the translucent door.





 Butcher's senses are sharp.
She seemed to be moving quietly but I could hear her perfectly.
The sight of Natsuki's naked body moving behind the frosted glass was mesmerizing.




“Phew …….”




Okay!” With her determination, She switched on the motivation switch.




*knock knock*







“Ehehe, I'm here♡”





 She smiled, flashed her white teeth shyly, and giggled. She had her hair pulled back and her shoulders and neck were in full view, which was erotic.
The nape of her neck to her shoulders is sometimes more sexual than her tits and ass.





 She walked into the bathroom with her hands covering her breasts and crotch.




“Your back kinda too big right?, I'll wash it for you.”





 That's right.
I can't reach it.





The bathroom was spacious, and it was no problem for Butcher and the girl to get in together.





 I left the shower running and Natsuki scrubbed my back with a towel.





“Your skin tone is amazing.”





 I could feel the soft flesh pressing against my back, flattening it.




 A hand reached out from my side, then to my stomach, then to my chest.
They slithered down the front of my body.




“……this is a payback for earlier!”





 Natsuki, covered in bubbles, hugs me from behind and caresses me.
Her hands were slippery and skilled.




 Eventually, her slender fingertips touched my half-erect member.




 For a moment, her finger jerks as if touching something hot, and then she gently squeezed it from behind.
A provocative smile appeared on her face in the cloudy mirror.





 The feel of the girl's slender fingers entwined with my throbbing penis made the Butcher Lance stand up immediately.




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It doesn't feel like I'm washing a dick at all.
Just touching it makes my heart pound.
Is this ……
thing really went inside me?”





 Natsuki stared at the rapidly swelling rod and gently caressed it.





 Suddenly, she seemed to notice something and sniffed.




''–I was thinking about this the day before, are you using some kind of perfume?”




 That is the scent of my semen.
It smells sweet but I can't tell for sure.




  I rinse my son in the shower and turn around to show her.
The glans is shiny and coated with pre-cum.




 Natsuki swallowed her saliva, said nothing, and then knelt down on the spot.





 With pious hands, Natsuki wrapped her hands around the bulging rod of flesh and looked up at the butcher as if praying to God.








 The corner of Natsuki's eyes dropped.
She touches my testicles and pressed a meat stick against his nose to smell it. 




I knew it ……..
it's the smell of Jebotan's dick …..fuu…..fuu…
I'm feeling weird……Mmm……..ehehe…..guh!?”




 She couldn't take it anymore and started giggling, so I roughly shoved my meat into her cheeky mouth to silence her ramblings.





 I didn't need to prompt her any further, and she began her voluntary does her oral duties.





 I can tell a girl's personality by the way she gives blowjobs.
According to the blowjob personality test I've drawn from my years of experience, Natsuki is a meticulous woman.





 She traces a vein with her tongue.
The warm, wet, tongue crawls over the entire surface of my cock, making sure not a single spot is left untouched.
During this time, she twines her slender fingers together and occasionally glances at my face.




 With the tip of her tongue stretched out, she carefully tickles the hole, and at the same time, she rubs and squeezes my balls to stimulate the production of sperm.





 The sound of the shower, the sound of wet licking and sucking and her excited moan echoed in the bathroom.





“I don't know why.
Just sucking on it is making me really excited……
I've never felt anything like this before.”



 Natsuki looked up.




“Just the thought of something so lumpy, thick, and hot fucking me makes my heart pound so hard it feels like it's going to burst.”




 She fidgeted with her crotch.
She flirted with me with moist eyes.





 Well, you're dealing with a beast, and sex with me is, in a sense, bestiality.
You are right in feeling that you have never done this before.
because I bet you've never done this with a horse before. 





 I flicked my cock in front of her eyes, urging her to continue.








 She made a slurping sound and picked up the pace.
But it seems that no matter how much experience she has as a prostitute, she can't deepthroat my big cock.




 When I think about it, even the girls in the prison and Abigail couldn't swallow it all.
I don't know if it's humanly possible.




 I mean …..
even Lydia couldn't do it.  But Titania was able to.
Even Urshela was vomiting and choking when I attempted to shove it down her throat.  So It doesn't mean she can do it because she's an alien.





 Ultimately, Titania is a top-tier professional.
Her talent has been proven yet again.




 In that sense, I guess Ferris had a good glimpse of it too, because she made it to a nice spot.
that girl was a bundle of talent.
It was really a shame.






 As I was thinking about this, Natsuki's precise tongue work aimed at the underside of my penis caused a good amount of sperm to come up.



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*slurp* *slurp* *slurp*




 Bobbing her head back and forth.
She seemed to be having a hard time.




 I lightly grabbed her head to hold it in place and shook my hips. 



“ummm!?!? ummmm! Mmm! Mmm!?”




 Natsuki, unable to keep up with the suddenness of the situation, puts her teeth against my cock.
But I don't mind.
Using the stimulation as a side dish, I violently fucked the girl's throat and finally shot my load deep into her throat.




“Ngg!? –nng……nng……nng……”





 Natsuki's eyes turned white and she stopped moving.






 She was quietly accepting the burning lust with her mouth as it poured into her.





 Her cheeks swell up like a hamster and the white liquid begins to gush out of her mouth.





 She looks up at me with a furrowed brow and a pained look in her eyes, but there's no need to feel bad for her while I'm ejaculating.
The Butcher is very strict about seeding





“Uff, uff!! *cough*! *cough* *cough*”





 She couldn't stand it and threw up in the middle of it.
But it's all right because it's her first time.
It's really dangerous if it gets into the windpipe, so I let go of her head.





 In return, I grabbed her by the hair and made her look up.






 I placed my ejaculating penis on her agonized face



“Ooo ohhh………”




 Natsuki's body shuddered as she was slapped by the sticky weight of the penis.
She quickly closed her eyes.
I continued to shoot into her cute face, which was still somewhat young.
I'm going to paint it white.



“Ah …….”




 She opened her big mouth and stuck out her tongue.  The submissive pose of the slave, as if to say “Please, let it out anywhere you want, Master” made my ejaculation more vigorous.




 I didn't hesitate to apply cum on her tongue and teeth.
Halfway through, she licked her lips and said, “Haa~fu……” which was the most erotic thing I've ever heard.




 I squeezed out the last drop and then let go of her head.




 Natsuki puked out a thick stream of semen into her hands.
She looked stunned at the pool of semen.



 I wondered what she would say when she was covered in sperm.




“Sorry I bit you…….”




 She smiled apologetically.
It's so cute and innocent.
Good girl, good girl.




 I let her get up and took a shower.
I love doing it in bathrooms because we can wash off quickly.





 A wobbly Natsuki hugs me.




“Jebotanm can you wash me too?.



 She licked my chest and said in a flirtatious voice.




 I really want to wash you too, but I'm sorry.
I held my fingers up.  The Butcher's sharp claws glinted.
I hate these nails…….




“I see……”




 She looked a little disappointed.




 Instead, I got on my knees, inserted them into her crotch, and pushed up from underneath.


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“Mmm ……!”






 Natsuki seemed to understand immediately and began rubbing against my thick knee as if it were a jumping box.



“Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm–“




 She's not masturbating using the table corner, She's masturbating on my knees.
The hot, plump folds slid back and forth across my thighs as Natsuki moved her hips.





 Soon, a slippery sound came from the friction area.
Natsuki is so wet and pretty.
I think she's ready.





 I pushed her against the wall, lifted one of Natsuki's legs, and placed the tip of my butcher lance on her.




“eek— ooh!!” 




 Natsuki's eyes peeled for a moment at my sudden intrusion.




 I thrust into her until I reached the back of her vagina and then pulled my hips back.




“So hurry~♡ ahn♡”




With each thrust, she stretched her toes and moaned with excitement as I repeated the motion over and over in the shower.




“Hu ♡ Ha ♡ Ha ♡ Ha ♡ Haa–” 




 She clung to my neck and panted desperately to the rhythm of the pumping.




 Natsuki's vaginal flesh was still firm and tight, but it felt good, probably because she gets wet easily.
You like it deep, don't you? I think we're a good match.




“Aah~~~~♡!?  So……full♡! I'm losing my grip♡♡ No more.♡”




 Apparently, she was on the verge of losing her balance, and she began to slump down.



 So now I lifted both her legs up and hold her, I thrust up her internal organs a little harder.






 Natsuki's face turned bright red.
The reason melts away from her face.
While enjoying the change in her expression, I repeat the pistoning.




“♡ No! ♡ No! ♡ cum….cumming—-!”




 She hugged me tightly and she came to an abrupt halt.



 She climaxed, wobbling and shaking all over.
Her vulva tightened around my huge cock again and again.





 I waited for the tension to dissipate and then pulled my penis out.




“–Hmm …
♡ …… Hah, huh, huh, huh …
I'm sorry ……I finished first” 




 Natsuki sat down on the floor of the bathroom, slumped.




“I'm sorr–!”





 I made her look up at me and shoved my glistening, wet meat rod into her mouth.




 I wrung it and finished it in her mouth.



“Humph!? …… N ♡ Ngu ♡” 




 This time I pinched her nose and forced her to drink.
This is my punishment for climax on her own.




 After nodding fearfully at my demand, Natsuki cleared her throat ……
looking prepared.



 I let go of her hand, allowing her to quietly comply.



 Natsuki kept looking at me with cloudy eyes while she was drinking cum like a sex slave.
The expression on her face conveys her 100% determination and willingness to accept my request.



 pop! Natsuki let go of my cock.
She was breathing hard for a while, but then she looked up at me with a debauched look in her eyes.  I could see pleasure floating in them.
I really like a naughty girl.

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