◇◆◇(Gevaudan's point of view)

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 Natsuki shouted cheerfully as she headed for the front door.






“Hello, is this Shigeaki-san's house…”




“My darling is sleeping at the moment, so I'll take it for him.”




“Alright, please bring the terminal over here.”




 Online shopping is wonderful.




 I think it's an achievement of civilization that we can get food and other supplies delivered to us without even stepping out of the house all thanks to Shigeaki's wallet. 



 I think it's an achievement of civilization that we can get food and other supplies delivered to us without even stepping out of the house.
Thanks to Shigeaki's wallet.
I'm also grateful for Natsuki, who does a great job helping to answer the door.
Thanks to Yakumo for helping to get the computer working before I knew it.
Thanks to Diamond for making sure he didn't get left out.





 Thanks to everyone, I was able to stay indoors and enjoy online shopping in safety.





 Natsuki returns to the living room with a big cardboard box in her arms.




 She was wearing a sleeveless knit dress today.
Her white shoulders were exposed and there was a slit from her armpit to her waist, which was quite sexy.
Shigeaki's women's clothes were all like this.




 I can help Natsuki with luggage.
Leave it to the butcher.








 She didn't say thank you, just gave me a quick glance and went back to the sofa.








 I regained my composure, unpacked it in the kitchen, and packed food into the fridge.




 I bought a lot of stuff.
Fresh food and frozen food.
I immediately put the frozen cheesecake in the fridge to let it thaw as soon as possible.





 The luggage also contained some disguise items for Natsuki.





 Colored contact lens and wigs.
Glasses to camouflage her distinctive gaze.
And a gal-style outfit.





 We had to assume that she would eventually have to go outside.



 It seems that Natsuki has a few fake IDs in her terminal because of her job, and if she uses them, she can easily avoid the police with a simple disguise as long as they don't search her too closely.



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 The microwave rang.




 I made a cup of hot milk cocoa.
I put it in front of Natsuki who was sitting on the sofa.
Thank you for your hard work.








 Natsuki sipped the cocoa in silence while fiddling with the terminal with one hand.




 Overwhelmingly ignored.




 It's not surprising.




 Yesterday around noon, she woke up and was very upset about the fact that I had made her cum so many times in front of Yakumo.
She was furious.




 Eventually, she didn't speak to me yesterday.
We didn't even have sex at night.
And this morning was no different, and She's now on the second day of “ignored” mode.




 Well, I was planning to let her rest last night, which is good, but I'm a little sad.
But I don't regret having seeded her so many times.




 Still, I managed to get a “good morning” out of her this morning, which means that the ice in her heart is slowly beginning to melt, in contrast to the snow outside that is gaining in intensity.
My spring (sexual) is near.
Maybe the hard work I put into preparing the meat dish has reached her heart.



 –In fact, even this kind of quarrel is fresh and fun for me.
I've never been around people who get angry like this.
It's adorable.




 While Natsuki was ignoring me, I was having a heart-to-heart talk with the younger brother.



 From the living room, I glanced into the study room.




 There, I see Yakumo clicking at his computer.
Diamond was also on the desk, looking at the screen with him.
This spider was obsessed with the computer.




 –He doesn't talk at all, but he seems to be able to use the Internet.





 I thought, If that's the case, wouldn't it be possible to exchange text messages or e-mail? but he can't.
According to Natsuki, he was born with a disability, very serious one.





 However, beyond the thick, gloomy fog, I can see the presence of a clear intelligence.
Yakumo is not an idiot.




 If you think about it, he's a lot like me.




 He thinks, but he cannot communicate his thoughts to others.
Or there is a serious obstacle to that communication.
I feel somewhat sympathy for him.




 That's why I, as a senior with a speech disability, took over the teaching duties.





 I pinched Yakumo on the shoulder.
Next, I pointed to the back of Natsuki, who was sitting in the living room.
pinch two finger together and drag it across my mouth, making a zipping gesture then shaking my head and shrug.





 These combinations mean 'Natsuki is still mad at me and won't talk to me, what should I do?' Yakumo, who had been watching my body language, took out his notebook, flipping and stopping to a specific page.





 It's an erotic drawing of Natsuki.

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 It was quite erotic.
Since it was the last page of the notebook, it was probably the scene from the previous day's sex scene, but somehow, it was a picture of her being violated by countless tentacles.
Maybe that's how it looked like to him.
You have a pretty wild imagination.




 So, I guess I'll just have to do another lovemaking session, huh?



 They say that sex is always hotter at the night after an argument.
Okay, I'll ask her out today.



 In response to Yakumo's helpful advice, I patted him on the head.
He looked up at me with a slightly satisfied look in his eyes.



 –How about it? Even without words, mutual understanding is possible through wisdom and creativity.
The most important thing is the passion to communicate.




 The conversation between me and Yakumo is basically pointing and gesturing, but strangely enough, it makes me feel like we understand each other somehow.
Although there are times when we seem to be at odds.



 By the way, Yakumo is really good at drawing.



 When I flipped through his notebook, I found a variety of pictures on it.
Everything is very good.




 And the nude picture in question, there were quite a few of them.




 I hadn't noticed it the last time when I saw it, because I couldn't see the face, but it was definitely all Natsuki's nudes.
It looks just like her naked body that I saw the night before.




 Hmmm ……
I'm getting horny.





 I let my gaze drift to the top of the desk.
There was a large number of paper cranes scattered all over.




 As shown here, Yakumo is also good at origami.
Not only cranes but also rats, dogs, cats, cows, dragons, etc.
The desk was becoming an origami safari park.  Diamond is like a kaiju waling among them.




 Also, he has access to the Internet.




 He was the first one to start using Shigeaki's computer.
I wondered how he knew the password.





 That's why yesterday when I couldn't stand Natsuki's ignoring attack, I put Yakumo on my lap and enjoyed surfing the net with him.
We spent the whole day together.




 The first thing I looked up was Abigail's fetish.



 I was a little curious if she could be considered a masochist if she felt good when she was about to be killed by me.




 After a day of research, I found out that she was probably had a fetish with the cool name of Autoassassinophilia.
I learned something.




 –I mean, the list of sexual fetishes is too large.
Mankind is too sinful for its own good.




 And so, Yakumo and I did a lot of online shopping.
It was a lot of fun.
I wonder why shopping is so much fun maybe it's because it's Shigeaki's money or maybe because it's just someone else's money.




 My fingers are too thick and my nails are in the way, so I have to use only my index finger to type on the keyboard like an old man who's not used to technology.
It's miserable.




 Yakumo, on the other hand, typing like a hacker click, clack, click …….




 –He can type on the keyboard just fine…..




You really can't type to communicate with others? I am not convinced.


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 I feel like an idiot for having a sense of fellowship all by myself.
I felt cheated.




 As a test, I let him copy online articles in his notebook, and he can do it.
He can write.





 So I wrote some words in my notebook and tried to talk to him…..
and he forced shutdown.




 In short, it seems that anything interactive is not working.
But he can read and write letters.





 Even though I discovered such a rule, it still doesn't make sense to me.
Why? Is it just because he doesn't like me?




 I couldn't help but ask Natsuki, who was ignoring me.





 Then she said “Oh ……
that,” and told me that she's been trying that for a long time, despite the fact that he's been thoroughly ignoring it.
She said that Yakumo's condition is that he only can't communicate in conversational form, so she believes that there is a possibility that he can be cured someday.




 At this point, I was determined.
I tried all sorts of methods to communicate with Yakumo, but all attempts at conversation failed.






 The defiance in me reared its ugly head.
I was known to be notoriously resilient I'll make it work, Yakumo.
Just you wait.



 And what does Yakumo doing on the Internet? I wondered, so I went through his browsing history and found an anonymous message board on the Internet.
It was called “F-chan” (F-channel).



 This is a place for Fort residents to vent and communicate with other Forts, and it has been popular for a long time.




 Naturally, it is under surveillance, but the Fort government is not going to shut it down.
Rather, they think it is easier to control if they let people spit out whatever they want and monitor them.




 Still, the secret of its popularity is that it has a certain degree of anonymity.





 I'm not interested in it, so I've hardly used it.







103 Anonymous eighteight

[sage] ID:bsKHifcj0u



This will be heavy snowfall



The shining white scarlet will appear with bad luck.



Be prepared.





 This is what Yakumo wrote.




 Is he a prophet?




 By the way, there were a ton of negative responses.
Fort 88 is not a heavy snowfall area.
So this particular weather is rare.




 Yakumo's posts are so distinctive that even an anonymous reader can tell that the series of posts are from the same person, and he is referred to as Nostradamus-kun.



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Whenever a Yakumo writes, he gets a response like, “Nostradamus is coming! “



There was a lot of bickering between those who thought he was crazy and those who thought he was a troll.
In a sense, I would say he has an amazing presence.
There is even a website that checks his accuracy rate.
Incidentally, the success rate is an astonishing one hundred percent.



 On a board, it's called wrestling when someone gets hot-headed and engages in a fight.
But no Yakumo, no matter what kind of response he gets, he stays blank-faced at it.
He doesn't seem to be interested in responding in the first place.
This boy is invincible.



 Yakumo's wording is a bit religious, but he can still write on the board like this.
The reason is probably because it's not a conversation.
In other words, he can write if he wants to.




 I'm still not convinced.



 I imagined it might be a brain disorder, but isn't this just a severe communication disorder?




 As I was looking at him with suspicion, Yakumo wrote something in his notebook.





 It's a picture of a blood-soaked cheesecake.
I'm not sure what to make of it.
Maybe it's not blood, but strawberry sauce?





 I took Yakumo and moved to the living room sofa.




 I sat down next to Natsuki and put the cheesecake on the table which had just arrived and was still a bit frosty.
Natsuki tried to be the first to get her hands on it, but when she saw Diamond crawling up from under the table, she jumped withdrew her hand.
She still couldn't seem to get used to Diamond.



 I pulled out my laptop and continued to surf the net while sitting on the couch.
I was addicted to human society, something I hadn't done in a very long time.




 Then, lo and behold.
Yakumo, who was sitting next to me, generously offered me a piece of cheesecake.
 It's still a little icy but still, it's delicious!




 Yakumo, who also offered it to Diamond.
The spirit of sharing a piece of cheesecake is so noble.
But as you can imagine, spiders can't eat cheesecake, so Diamond made a cute X with his front leg.
When Yakumo saw this, he looked disappointed …….





 Instead, I stretch out my tongue and eat it.





 Yakumo, who had been watching it with a glance, showed me the terminal in his hand as if he had come up with something.
On the screen, there was a picture of a giraffe licking.




I see.
It's true that my tongue looks like a giraffe tongue.
The color the size is similar.





 In the eyes of the saintly Yakumo, the Butcher must be just another happy member of the Safari Park.



 –How are yooou!




 Suddenly, the “How are you” sound came from Yakumo's terminal.




 That is Yakumo's notification sound.




 I peeked at his terminal and saw that Natsuki's icon (with a wrestling mask) had a badge on it.




『Jibotan, lunch?』




 The messenger app popped.




 –one, two, three, daaaaaaah!




 That is Natsuki's notification sound.
I wonder if he likes wrestling?

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