Chapter 68:  Abigail's room

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Abigail stares at me with startled eyes.




 This is her room.
In other words, this is her prison cell.




 Abigail's hair is tied up in a ponytail, and she's lying on her bed, comfortably dressed, reading a book.




 With a potato chip in her mouth.




 Potato chips!!!




 Next to me is Lydia.




 So here's the thing.




 If Lydia had the controls, I would be free to move.




 Butcher is available on a rental basis, so Lydia and Ferris can take me around freely as long as my schedule is free.
When I came up with this idea, I decided to ask Lydia, whom I thought I had gotten to know somewhat, to help me out.




 She immediately said yes.
That's how I ended up being brought to Abigail's room to see how she was doing.




 Lydia, as I expected, immediately passed with out any inspection.
She's the daughter of a powerful clan afterall.




 And so, we made it to this room with ease.




 So that's what happened.




 By the way, I heard that we can't go to Titania's place.
The Butcher also has a minimum restricted movement zone, and you can't take them to important areas such as the armory, administrative facilities, not to mention the cells where dangerous aliens are held.
Well, I'm treated like a dangerous weapon, aren't I? It's understandable.




 Lydia walks into the room with a smile, waving her hands in the air.
Abigail fluttered her hand back.
I caught on and waved a little behind Lydia.




 Lydia immediately sat down on Abigail's bed, smiling and laying her hands on her.
I wondered if they were talking about something.
Even though it's almost the first time they've met, the distance is so close.




I just mentioned the names of people I know without thinking too deeply, but this is too awkward.





 From now on, Abigail and I have to talk naturally as if we've never talked before, although this is not the first time we've actually talked, so as not to seem suspicious.
The contents of our conversation will be leaked to Lydia.
There was no prior arrangement at all.




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 Abigail sneaks a glance at me.
I fixed my red eyeballs on her and tried to make eye contact.
Our mutual understanding is being put to the test.








 Lydia beckoned to me.
Let's do this.




 I'll take the lead in acting.




『My name is Gevaudan.』








 We pretend to be new acquaintances.




 As expected of the elite.
She got it right the first time.



 Abigail looked a little puzzled at my first words for a moment, but then her mouth tightened, her eyes sharpened, and she began to look at me with a mixture of alarm and reproach.




 She was good.
It's only natural that she would do that since she's now standing in front of a person who can't speak her language and who is trampling on her dignity.




 –But it was a bit crushing.





『……and I'm Lydia.
Abigail and I talked once before, didn't we? Do you remember how I kissed you while Gevaudan was thrusting into you in the back? Well, Gevaudan wanted to talk to you, so I came to visit with you today.』




『Talk to me?』




 Abigail gives me a scandalous look.
I think she's overacting a bit.




『You're one of my masterpieces, so I wanted to talk to you.』




So, if I talk to you, will you stop doing terrible things to me?』




 I wonder…




 I know it's just an act, but it's so hard for me to feel Abigail's coldness.




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 In order to hide my inner shock, I kept silent for a while, and then suddenly there was a crashing sound.




 I looked over to see Lydia pushing Abigail's face against the wall with all her might.




『Gevaudan has mercy on you.
Do you understand? There's no reason for you to talk like that.
You should be grateful for the opportunity to talk to Gevaudan.
Okay? You got it?』




 That's very powerful.




 That's right.
I forgot that Lydia is an alien because she looks and acts like a good little girl, but she is an alien.



 They see humans as nothing more than wild animals, and Abigail, who is now being held captive, is nothing more than a specific alien species to be exterminated in a cage.




 I hurriedly followed up.




『Lydia, she's mine.
I don't want you to be too rough with her.』





 Lydia then took her hand off Abigail's head and smiled,『If you say so, Gevaudan』 before continuing.




『But remember, Abigail.
But remember, Abigail, Gevaudan is a terrible Butcher, but he is special.
He's an amazing Butcher who is now remembered by the top echelons of the military.
You're subhuman, you're just an offering, and you are not the kind of person we should be talking to, okay?』





 Finally, Lydia chuckled.




 I'm glad she recognizes me, but I'm a little afraid of Abigail's eyes, which are bleeding a little at her temples.



 Those eyes that look at me without any light in them.







 It's okay, because I'm on your side.
I'm desperately trying to give her an “I'm on Abigail's side” look, but she's probably not getting it.
I hate this face that can't make an expression.




 Then we had a conversation.




 I was grateful for this.
Communication in a prison cell is slow.
It's very hard to communicate every detail.





 I introduced myself, but since I had very little to say, I started by talking about the expedition I had been on with Abigail as if I were reminiscing.




 It was Lydia who showed interest in this.
She doesn't seem to know much about what goes on outside the city.
The story of my rampage outside seemed to sound very interesting to her.

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 I also unveiled here the ability.
This power is a known fact in the alien camp, so it's nothing to hide.





 Abigail, of course, was surprised by this, as was Lydia.
Lydia seemed to be unfamiliar with military topics.




 In addition, I told her about the other day when I participated in the execution of a human.
I wanted to talk to Abigail about it later.
In this way, I told Abigail about my recent situation.




『What, ……
Gevaudan, did you and Arshella have another fight?』




『She suddenly started poking at me.』




『Did you win?』




The knife was shattered, so I punched her to make her calm down.








Lydia looks up at me with a little concern.
Then Abigail interrupts me.








『Lydia's friend.
She's little rough around the edges.』




 I asked her something that had been bothering me.




『She's very angry that day.
Do you know why Lydia?』





『Hmmm ……
Arshella is from a dragon tribe called , a clan of thoroughbreds. You see, the last time Gevaudan did that stretching thing in the schoolyard? She's had a pretty bad day lately.
She said I'd win if I got my revenge.
It was kind of annoying.』





Lydia shrugged her shoulders.




『I think it'll settle down now.
You've made the difference in ability clear.』





 This time, she lost in a fair fight with a weapon, and if she still tries to come at me, she's just a thug. Moreover, Arshella can fly. 

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『Arshella, did she use ?』






When I tilt my head, Lydia continues,『It's a spear.』





『It's a weapon that's been passed down in Exmut family for generations, and it's said to be able to pierce through anything.』




 Not as good as my butcher lance, I'm sure.





『Probably had it.
That's how the knife got shattered.』





『You beat Arshella even when she's using Lexcel? Gevaudan is really strong…….』





 A respectful look from Lydia tickles me.




 She suddenly remembered something and said, “Oh.”




『By the way, Why did you ask? or do you have any idea what else could have caused Arshella's upset?』





 I think it's a little bad……
Well, it's okay if it's Lydia.




『When I pushed her down in the schoolyard before, I might have gone in a little deep.
Tell her I'm sorry if I ripped it.』





I see I see.
That's how it is.
Okay, leave it to me ♪』








 Lydia replied casually, while Abigail was in utter shock.




 What was surprising was Lydia's reaction.
Aliens don't care too much about virginity, do they? No, it's possible that it's because she's Lydia.
Hmmm …….




If she should talk to Arshella with like “Oh, I heard it.
It was ripped? Oh, no! I'm so sorry! (lol)” then I might get executed for real… 

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