Chapter 147: Playing lovers

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let's take a bath together!”



 Natsuki smiled at me.
She pulled me towards the bathroom, holding hands.



 Halfway into the bathroom, I pulled back my hand and stay still.




“It's getting cold again…….
Hmm? What's wrong?”





『I want to take your clothes off.』









 Natsuki couldn't help but laugh.




“go for it.”




 When I swept her bangs away with the back of my fingers, Natsuki squeezed her eyes shut and let out a small squeal.




 She stood defenseless in front of me, and when I looked at her closely, I realized that all the parts of her body other than her scary eyes were really well-shaped.
That's why her eyes turn into her uniqueness and fact that she was dizzy from being drunk made her even more adorable.




 I ran my hand down her back.
I carefully took off her blouse, and let it fall to the floor.
Her brown hair was hanging down over her white open-collared shirt.




 I hugged Natsuki close to me, she didn't resist, and with my fingers, I explored the hook at her waist.
I tried to remove it but I accidentally cut it with my fingernail and her miniskirt fell to the floor.



“Hey, ….geez”




 A black bikini thong appeared from underneath.
I can see a glimpse of it from the hem of her shirt.
I couldn't help but stare at the sight. The seductive curves that rise from her smooth buttocks to her thighs are erotic. 



“Hey, stop gawking at me like that….”



 I turned to look at her face and saw that Natsuki was blushing.
I wondered if she was drunk or just really embarrassed.



 So I boldly unbuttoned her shirt, bottom first.




 the shirt split open vertically revealing her slim midriff.  I could see her navel, her curvy bottom, the strap of her thong, 



 I slowly pulled it up, as if I were opening the treasure chest.


 What emerged from inside was pure white skin and her bra strap, its modestly full breasts.







 she isn't wearing a bra? ……
No, she is.
She's wearing a bra.




 It's not a 1/2 cup bra, it's a 0 cup bra.
What's the point of wearing a bra then? But why aren't her nipples visible? It was a mysterious bra that made me want to poke my head in.  My brain was very confused.




“So don't stare so much, it's embarrassing…….
You wanna peel it off?”



 Peel? What?



 When I tilted my head, Natsuki pointed to where her nipples should be.



 If I look closely, I can see that there is a skin-colored sticker on it.
Oh, right.
A pasties.




 I want to take it off.
I want to rip it off so badly.




 I pointed my fingernails and stopped.
I can't do it, it's too dangerous.




“What? Oh……I see.”




 As if she understood, Natsuki looked at my nails and continued.





“Well, I'll show you.
Only for you, Onii-chan, because you're special okay?”




A small pretty areola and nipple appeared from underneath.
I want to suck them.




“——–uu!! that was so embarrassing…….”




 She bit her lip with a look of regret on her face.




 Open bra and thong, all in black.
Wearing nothing but socks down to her knees, a necklace dangled over her white breasts, and her bracelets and rings looked amazing on her half-naked, so lewd.



 I took the notebook I had left on the bed and start writing.




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『Very beautiful.』




“Oh, really? ……
hehehe ……”




 Natsuki giggled, blushing.




She's one of the nicest girls I've ever seen.
No joke.





 She is a little on the skinny side, with a well-proportioned body.
The flesh is a little thin, but her muscles are strong.
I guess she works hard every day.
She had a sweet, youthful scent that doesn't often get from female soldiers.
And above all, her skin.




 Natsuki's soft skin was incredibly pale.
It was so pure and clear that I felt as if I could see what was under it.




 The lower levels of the Fort do not get much sun.
That's why most of the people in the slums have such white skin, but Natsuki's skin was probably due to her race.




 On top of that, her skin was currently very pale due to the effects of alcohol on her blood, she was also full of pheromones.




 It was the first time since I became a butcher that I have ever carefully undressed a girl.
What is this? I'm so excited.
My son was already so erect that I could feel the pain under my apron.



『It's not safe for me to do it, so just take it off yourself and show me.』




 Seeing my writing, she was about to take off her socks.



 I hurriedly stopped her.
keep it on.




pervert ……”




 As she said that, she unhooked the front hook of her bra.






Youthful skin, knee-high socks, thong, and jewelry.




 She seems to be used to showing her skin, and yet her slight embarrassment is quite something to behold.
Very good.
I can't add or subtract anything from this.
This is it.
This is the perfect form of Natsuki.




 Natsuki leaned closer and stretched out to put her arms around my neck.





“Can you kiss?”




 The dark tongue emerges.








 I licked her lips, as she made a strange sound.
It tastes like cheesecake.





 I continued to lick her lips with the tip of my tongue.







 She closed her eyes and started to twitch.
Natsuki took my tongue in her mouth.








 I guess this is the first time for you to have such a thick and long thing in your mouth.




 In the beginning, Natsuki did not know what to do and was at my mercy, but eventually, she realized that it was the same thing as a blowjob and started sucking on the tongue, moving her head back and forth.




 Her hair fell down from her shoulders as she leaned her head down for a deeper suck.




 Her ears, neck, and even collarbone were now exposed, and her neck muscles rose each time she gave my tongue a desperate service.





 Natsuki's cheeks flushed, and she fearfully put her hand on my apron.







“Puhhh …………



 Her eyes widened.



when the got apron removed.
massive manhood emerged, standing tall and erect.
Her gaze was fixed on the grotesque penis of the beast.



 It was already on the verge of bursting, the veins throbbing ferociously, showing every bit of desire to fuck the girl in front of me.



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 I could hear her gulping her saliva.



“…..Isn't that….too big?”



 Natsuki's true self came out.
The edge of her mouth twitches.



 I pushed her by the shoulders and pushed her down on the bed.



 Natsuki lay back down and dragged her ass across the bed to escape.



“……..No, No! wait a minute! I can't, I can't! That's impossible …!” 



 She pointed and continued.



“I mean, that thing is almost like your third arm! that thing will split me in half….”



I followed her on all fours and drove her to the edge of the bed.



This is ruining the mood. I took out my notebook and write.




『Don't worry.
also, none of the girls got split open.』




“No ……
it's because they were aliens! I am just a human.”





『here's the thing』








『I've done it with a hundred of human girls』




“H, Hundred!?”





『 I have a lot of experience, so don't worry about it ……
But there's something you should be aware of.
I'll let you know first.』




 As Natsuki flinched at my stallion cock, I wrote down in my notebook the important instructions to follow when having sex with the Butcher.




One, don't resist more than you have to. because my whole body is a weapon and dangerous.
Especially the fingernails so stay still, especially when I'm holding on to you.





 Two, no kicking, punching.
Never bite the tongue.
Pain inflates my ferocity.
But if you can't take it anymore just claw my back, no problem.





 Three, a virgin is a no-no.
The blood will melt my reason.
Natsuki seems to be okay.




 and lastly, it's going to be rough when it starts, but don't worry, you won't die, so enjoy it.




 Another advice is that you should do your best to satisfy me as much as possible so that it will be over sooner and easier in the end, so serve me to the best of your ability.




” Natsuki nodding in agreement.
She's sitting on the bed, looking serious as she takes my class.
She's half-naked, though.




“umm…what about rubber? pill?”




『I'm a sucker for raw sex.
I can't have children with you, so you don't need to take pills.
You can take it if you want, but don't use hormones, they're bad for you.』




“Are you sure we can't have a baby?”





『As you can see, I'm too different from humans, so I can't have a baby.』




 I believe there are things we can do to prevent it, but we'll see.
Moreover, if Arshella is to be believed, she said the child that is born will be the same species as the mother.
After I heard that, the little bit of guilt that was left in me disappeared.





Can I take the lead?”




『You don't have to overdo it.』




With a smile, Natsuki began making notes of her own on the important information I had written.




She's so serious, I love the gap between her knee-high socks and thong.




『Let's play lovers and enjoy our lovemaking.』




 Natsuki's mouth formed a wavy line as she looked at my penis.






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 She put her hand on her chest and took a series of deep breaths.




 And then–




 She thrust her hands out in front of her and made a heart symbol.





“—your Christmas present is here onii-chan! Please be gentle with me ♪”




 I put the notebook down.




 Then, Natsuki puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me down





 We lay down on the bed, side by side.
By the way, this bed is king-size and quite sturdy.
Nice job, serial killer Shigeaki.




 As I stroked Natsuki's head, she nervously reached out her hand to the burning rod and started squeezing it.




 She licked my nipple and looked up at me.




“You've made a hundred people cry with your dick? That's a pretty scary dick …….”




 Natsuki stuck out her tongue and licked Butcher's chest and collarbone. She crawled up my neck and licked it while giving me a hand job.



“It's so lumpy…… I don't know why, I'm just touching it with my hands but I'm so nervous …….”



 With cold fingertips, Natsuki began to touch my scrotum gently. Once she smeared the glans with pre-cum, she brought her hand in front of my face and showed it to me.




with a questioning look on her face, she said.




“It smells…..good?”




 Apparently, it is.





 I took Natsuki's hand and pressed it to her lips.
She didn't resist and took the finger in her mouth.




why is it so sweet!? ha ha!”




 She giggled as she took a mouthful of my bodily fluids.




 Meanwhile, I rubbed my glans against Natsuki's navel, smearing the slippery skin of the girl's lower abdomen.
I can't wait to get in there.




“Oh ……
I'm so nervous.
Did my naked body turn you on this much, Onii-chan?”




yes yes



“You're so naughty…”




 Natsuki pulled her face close to me and let out a longing breath.




“I want to kiss you …….”




 Not good.
It makes my heart skip a beat.
So tis is playing lover….








 At her request, I'll give her a kill (ultra deep).
She did her best to twirl her little tongue around me, she reached one of her hands to her crotch to comfort herself.




 For a while, the only sound in the bedroom was Natsuki's embarrassing wetting sound.




Ngu …
ha …! …
Hah, hah, hah …” 




 Saliva threaded forming between our mouths as she back off for oxygen.




 Her fingers wriggled obscenely in her thong in time with her feverish breathing.





“Wait, Wait a minute, I'm scared, so –kyah!”





 I decided to help her, so I raised her ass up. 


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 I spread her legs apart and stretched out my tongue.




“……What!? Are you going to put that in there?”





 She looked a little frightened, but when I licked up her labia, she relaxed her body as if she had given up.





“Hmm …
umm …”





 With the tip of my tongue, I shifted her thong, tickled her clit, and pushed her plump labia.
I kneaded it carefully and slid my tongue along the crack to find the entrance.





It was wet, but not that wet.
She's nervous, I guess.




 I stuck my face close to her crotch to rub my scraped nose against her crotch and inserted my tongue into her vagina.




“Nnnn hi! ……
ah ……
ah, ah!”





 I heard a smacking sound.




 It was because Natsuki hit me on the head.
It was not intentional.
Her jittery eyes are clouded by the unknown sensation.
She doesn't seem to be in pain.



 I rubbed my tongue up and down her slimy vaginal canal, and inserted it deep into her.




“Mmmmm ……! Aah ……!”




 I reach the back of her vagina.
It's a little stiff.
maybe because she's young.




While thinking about this, I rubbed my tongue on the portio.
With this in mind, I rubbed the tip of my tongue on her cervix entrance, caressing the area with the my tongue.





“Ohhhhhhh!?! What!? Ah!? something is bouncing around inside!!”




 This is a Butcher's foreplay.
You've experienced having a hard object inserted into you, but nothing can beat the experience of having a mass of muscle that moves freely inside you.




 Use the tip of my tongue to create three-dimensional stimulation deep inside the vagina.
Apply pressure to the inside of my tongue to make it swell and relax.
Stimulate the entire vaginal canal with a vibrating movement.
While I'm doing this, I also rub her clitoris with my flat nose.




 The butcher's tongue rampaged inside Natsuki's vagina like a lively fish.



“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah–“





 The torrent of stimulation made Natsuki scream and grab my head, staring dumbly at my tongue as I pumped it in and out of her vagina.




 *lick* *lick* *squelch* squelch* *schlik* *schlik*




“Ha, ……, ha, hey! Gevaudan! Inside, inside something ……
no! ……
No! Not this! you can't! Hmmmm”



 With a squeak, Natsuki's toes stiffed up.




 Her pussy contracted as she squirmed.
She seemed to have had a small orgasm.




 Her eyes closed and her whole body tense, but the viscosity of the honey flooding her vagina increased.
now it's time to get serious.




“—- haha ……
haha ……
haha ……”




 When I pulled my tongue out of her, I saw a clear, transparent string of fluid.




 Natsuki relaxed and lay down on the bed, but she immediately sat up and crawled towards my crotch.




 I stopped her from bringing her mouth close to the meat stick.



 Instead, I cover her in the missionary.
I can't wait.
I don't want a blow job.
save that to tomorrow, please.








 Natsuki gritted her teeth as she receives my butcher lance.




“– Slowly, please …….  I'm scared”




 She seemed to have completely lost all of her composure, but she lift her hips to adjust the angle.
I felt a small tinge of affection in her actions, and with a satisfied feeling in my heart, I slowly pushed my hips forward.

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