d, “Oh,” and put down her fork.




“–I almost forgot about Onii-chan! I'm sorry I didn't notice it.
It's Christmas, so let's have a drink! do you drink alcohol?” 




 Natsuki lifted the bottle.





I waved my hand to her and wrote




『I don't drink alcohol.』





“Heeeh……” she said, her face looking surprised, “then,” she continued.





“I want to drink a little ……
is that ok?”




 She put the bottle on the table and glanced at me.





 Here you go.
I poured some sparkling wine into an empty glass.




 Immediately the white foam, a small *Fsst* sound followed.





 She watched with happiness as a line of foam climbed up from the bottom of the glass, once the foam had settled, the golden liquid took its place.




 In return, Natsuki poured some water into my glass, I filled the glass in front of Yakumo's, and then the three of us celebrated, Cheers!




 Natsuki started working on the plate again.




 I took a piece of meat as well.
I picked it up with my fingernails and ate it in one bite.
The beef is delicious!





 Natsuki's stunned voice leaked out from her mouth at my uncivilized eating style, but soon the sound of clanging echoed in the room again.




“Jevo onii-chan you say you're a butcher, but you're also a cook? Does it have anything to do with that outfit?””


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 Natsuki asked, looking at the apron.




『Sort of, I was in charge of the kitchen.
This is my uniform.』




“You said you were human.
Is that true?”




I was a soldier here at the fort.』




“Eh? not butcher?”



『That was when I was in the alien city』








  Natsuki looked somewhat hesitant, but continued to ask.




How did you end up looking like that?”




『I was killed in a battle and found myself like this.
I don't know the details.』




“Killed ……
that's terrible …….”



 Natsuki was speechless and furrowed her brow.




『I don't mind dying, but this is really horrendous.』




 In a way, it's crueler than death.



“Gevaudan is not your real name, is it? Because that's the name of monster in a fairy tale”




『That's right』




“What's your real name?”




『I don't remember.
I forgot a lot of things.』




“I see.
I'm sorry.
Did you come back to this city because you have a family?”




『No, I don't.
I'm not from this fort and I'm an orphan』

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so you're also from the slums?”




 I nodded, and the glint of caution in Natsuki's eyes seemed to fade a little.



 But it's not really a slum, it's more of an , which is a goddamn hellhole.
There's nothing like that in Fort 88, so you probably wouldn't understand even if I explained it to you.




“You're a soldier even though you're from a slum.
That's awesome.”




『I've been through a lot.』




“If I could be a soldier, would I have a better life? ……
Oh, haha, what am I saying, I probably can't get in in the first place.






『You can be a private soldier, Natsuki.』




“Oh, really?”




 Natsuki was puzzled.




『They don't really actively recruit from the slums, but there were quite a few in my unit.
Of course, it's tough to start as a private, but 88 values merit, if you survive and pass the promotion test, you can become an officer.』




 All of the Fox captains had been promoted.
I, too, became a warrant officer on my fifth exam.
I heard that I was the talk of the town at the time and being so young.
But as expected, it is difficult to get to the rank of Major or even Colonel without graduating from school.




“The exam ……
must be difficult.”




『I didn't go to school, but I passed.
You seem smart, so I'm sure you can pass the written test.』




 The physical test is going to be really hard.
The people in the slums are poorly nourished.
They grow a little slower than other people their age.
They need to train hard or they might throw up in the physical test.



“I'm not that smart…….”




『Really? I've seen a lot of people and I think Natsuki is smart.』




 Natsuki stopped eating and looked at me.




『You have the guts to dare me, and the courage not to run away and leave Yakumo behind.
Thus, showing the quick wit to deal with a monster.
You're pretty enough to make me want you at first sight, and I know you'll turn into a great woman in the future.』




 She clenched her mouth shut for a moment and looked down at her plate, then looked up and chugged her drink down.

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