It was a room that was fully equipped with SM stuff.




3rooms(3LDK), he's quite a rich man.
He probably took bribes from people who wanted him to procure things,  illegal of course.



 I wrapped Shigeaki in Diamond thread and threw him into the SM room.



  This is a good place.
It's a perfect hiding place.



 This is the end of the year.
the time when the whole Fort is in high spirits.

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 In Fort 88, they celebrate New Year in a grand way as a sign of surviving the year.
In peaceful times, there are even fireworks.
Maybe there'll be a chance to make contact with Abigail.








 By the way, this SM room.




*sniff*  *sniff*



 My Butcher's meat sense is tingling.



“What's the matter, Gevaudan?”



 At my sniffling, Natsuki's face turned curious.
Yakumo was still expressionless .




 I stopped them both with my hand and pointed to a large wooden cross at the back of the room… nostalgic.



 I shifted the cross to the side.




 What emerged was a hidden entrance and a small room behind it.



 –Oh, well, Shigeaki is a real pervert.



 –The room was filled with jars and boxes, refrigerators.
And on the walls are tons of photos.



 In the jars are organs soaked in liquid.
The boxes are filled with piles of hair and nails.
In the refrigerator, there were small portions of meat.



The photos on the wall are all woman.



 A smiling woman, probably on a date.



 A naked woman, probably after sex.



 And a bloody photo.
The so-called snuff film.



 –That was a close one, Natsuki.



 This was indeed unexpected, and she was standing behind me with her face pale.
I pat her on the head.



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 You've got some serious talent, Natsuki.
You managed to lure a butcher and a murderer in one night.
An unusually high amount of luck has fallen upon this sacred night.
If you go to the casino now, you will surely win the 777 jackpot. 




 Since we were busy, I crucified Shigeaki and bound him with diamond thread.
Leaving him there, I took the two back to the living room.




 I nudged Natsuki, who seemed to be in a bad mood, to sit down on the sofa.



 She sat down and picked up the glass in front of her.



 I stopped her from taking a sip by holding her hand.
The way things were going, it could be anything in the glass.



 I threw it away and filled another glass with water.




 Natsuki drank it in one gulp, took a deep breath, and then asked, “Gevaudan won't use that room, right?”.




 No, I won't.
My butcher lance is an unparalleled S equipment.
Man-made goods are just a burden.



 When I shook my head, she looked relieved and patted her chest.




 –Koooooooooo …….





 I heard a cute sound coming from her stomach as Natsuki try to pressed it down.




“Well, the last time I ate was before noon, so …….”




 Natsuki makes excuses and turns her face down.
her ears turns red. 




『I'll make you a meal.』




“Eh? you can?”




 I affirmed, by making a gesture of flexing my arms.




 I'll make it.
The kitchen is gorgeous.
My creative mind is buzzing with excitement.




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 Immediately, a sharp gaze shot from her eyes pierced me.
the suspicion is rising from Natsuki's shoulders like a black aura.





 No doubt she thinks I'm going to serve human flesh.





 Don't worry.
I actually prefer regular meat to human meat when it comes to the taste.
Of course, beef, pork, and chicken meat taste better than human meat.
But if it's a live one, I'll choose human.





『I'll make it with what's in the fridge.
I was trained at a butcher shop, so I can cook for you.』



“butcher ……
shop ……?”




『It's a little late, but let's have Christmas dinner.
I still want to play lovers on Christmas night』




“… ….in this situation?”




yep yep.




  Natsuki tilted her head with a dumbfounded expression and stared up at me.




 I just can't wait.
What's with that dress? The miniskirt looks super good on you.




 Is there anything you want to eat, Yakumo?




 I opened the refrigerator, lifted Yakumo with my arms, and showed him what's inside.




 swoosh! He pointed to a lump of meat.




 The children love meat.
All right, all right, I got it.




 As soon as I fill Yakumo's stomach and put him to bed, it was time for me to partake in this sacred night.

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