Chapter 143: Santa Claus

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 ◇◆◇ (human's point of view)



 There are two gang organizations in Fort 88.
The Sludge Club runs prostitution rings and drug sellers, while the Sand Brotherhood runs the casinos.




 A man comes out of a small casino run by the Sands Brotherhood.




 A man with black hair and black-rimmed glasses, by the name Shigeaki.
has no plans for Christmas and has lost a lot of money playing the slots, so he is thinking of buying a girl to take his mind off things.




“Whew, so cold”




 The snow from the cold wind hit him in the face, and he nuzzled his face into his scarf.





 The siren of a police vehicle could be heard in the distance.
There seemed to be some kind of incident.
It was not a good night at all, but the thought that someone somewhere was in trouble with the police made him feel a little better.





 Shigeaki looked at his watch.
It was around the midnight.




 This watch had been a gift from his girlfriend last year, but he had just “broke up” with her last month.
It was because of Shigeaki's ” hobby”.




(I should look for them in the slums, not in Haven ……)



 Pig's Haven was rather strict about the prostitution.
It was the gangs that ran the place.




 On the other hand, in the slums, the level of ethics which are supposed to be more akin to the Fort's system than the Haven itself has fallen.
In these days, such a reversal was beginning to occur.




 If you are looking for a woman who can do whatever you want, you will find her in the slums rather than in the Haven.
In return, These women in the slums carry a greater risk of theft and blackmail.
Shigeaki was wondering which he should choose.



“—- Hey, there, that's a nice watch.
Whatcha doin?”



 Shigeaki stopped when someone called out from the alley.
He looked and saw a girl standing there wearing an oversized hood.
She was a match girl.



“Are you looking for matches, by any chance?”






 He wondered why a match girl who was supposed to be in Haven was in this place. But the smile on her face as she took off her hood snapped Shigeaki out of his thoughts.



“And you are?”



“Me? Natsuki.
And you? onii-san”



 It was unusual to meet an Asian girl, Shigeaki thought.



 The Fort is home to many different nations, but there are very few Asians here at 88.



“I'm Shigeaki.
You are quite cute, Are you Asian?”



“Oh, you too? May be we're from the same place?”


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She must have been targeting Asian men from the beginning.  People tend to have a soft spot for people of similar race.




 They stood and talked.
Shigeaki had just finished a night at the casino.
Natsuki was on her way home from work in Haven.



“So you got dumped by your girlfriend and lost at the casino, huh? That was pretty rough”




“Yes, it was.
it was a really bad Christmas.
I was just hoping for some girl to comfort me on the way home.”


 Hearing this, Natsuki smiled at him.
It was a smile that had a mysterious allure to it.




“Me too, I feel so lonely.
I will be alone for Christmas when I go home.
Nobody approached me even at this time.”



“These men are so blind to miss a girl like you.”



(Maybe I can use this one.
Haven's girl is pretty safe, actually.
I haven't done this in a while.)



 Shigeaki coughed as he felt his lower body heat up.



“Hey, why don't you come to my room? There's no one around.
My place has a great view too.”



“Oh, so you live on the high floor ……
you're rich?”



 Living on a high floor was a proof of status in the Fort.



Well, it's not the most fancy place, but you can see the beautiful city at night.
Let's relax and enjoy the Christmas night view together, lonely fellow.”







 Natsuki gazed upward at the man.
She seemed to be on guard.



“It's okay.
I'm not going to force you to do anything …….
Okay then.
I'll buy all the remaining contents of that basket.
I'll also buy the green matches.
How about it?””






 Natsuki hooked her own arm around Shigeaki's, while acting somewhat nervous.




“Wow! That's amazing!”




 Putting her hand on the window, Natsuki exclaimed with delight at the colorful night view.



 Shigeaki's house was located at the lowest part of the Fort's upper floors.
Still, for the slum dwellers, the view from here, with its flickering orange, blue, white and red lights, was a great sight.



 The Fort is a cluster of high-rise buildings connecting to each other by sky lanes that allow you to move from one building to another without having to use ground transportation.



 The Fort is a cluster of high-rise buildings connecting to each other by sky lanes that allow you to move from one building to another without having to use ground transportation.
It was like a jungle gym made of concrete.



 The public transportation system, was also designed as a three-dimensional rail system, stretching from the lower floors to the upper floors in all directions.
Citizens were able to live without going down to the ground.




 The roads above ground are mainly used for transportation, and no one is allowed to own a car.
However, it is possible to own a motorcycle.
The light spot that was now whizzing by on the surface road must have been the light of a motorcycle.
By now, they must be in a hurry because it was snowing.




“In the daytime, you can see the forest outside the fort and the mountains in the distance.”



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“Wow, that's amazing.”



 *Bleep* While listening to Shigeaki bragging, Natsuki was exchanging emails with someone.



(Young girls text right in front of me while I was talking…….)



After grumbling in my heart, I decided to look at it as a positive sign that she was in high spirits.



 Shigeaki held Natsuki by the shoulders.




“I have a clothes for you, Since you're here, I'd like you to go change into it.”



“What?, clothes?”



 Natsuki turned around in surprise, her hair softly tickling Shigeaki's nose.






 Shigeaki took her to the bedroom.
He then led her to a walk-in closet behind it.




“Wow! So classy! ……
Woah! ……”




 Natsuki let out a cheerful cry at the sight of the bedroom, and then immediately looked dumbfounded .




“I told you I broke up with my girlfriend. You two have similar physiques, so I was wondering.”



 The collection on either side of her was filled with a collection of skimpy clothing, ranging from revealing swimsuits to maid uniforms.




“Shigeaki, you're a perv.”




“It'll definitely look good on you, Natsuki.”




 He pushed her by the shoulders and went deeper into the closet.



 He pulled out a chest that was there and showed her.









 A lot of underwear.




“And also this, alright?”



 Shigeaki asked Natsuki, who was a little taken aback.




Which one do you want me to wear?”



“Today, this one.”




 Shigeaki picks out a thong, open bra, camisole, blazer, miniskirt, and knee-high socks.
It's the so-called energetic schoolgirl style minus some layers of clothings.


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“Hmm …
I've been wanting to wear something like this for a long time♪” 



Shigeaki returned to the living room, leaving Natsuki, who seemed quite happy behind.



 He walked to the kitchen bar and took out a glass.



 He put a small sleeping pill in one of the glasses and poured sparkling wine into it.



 Only a little.
Losing consciousness is no fun.



 He gives her a drink and goes to the living room for a quick bang.
After that, we'll have plenty of time in the back room.



 Shigeaki felt his heart pounding in his chest.



 Because of this hobby, she was gone.




 As he placed his glass on the table, a young girl named Natsuki walked into the living room.
She looked perfect for her age, Shigeaki thought.
The accessories was also a nice touch.



“Let's have a toast, shall we?”



“Oh, champagne, yay!”



 Natsuki, who was getting excited, sat down next to Shigeaki, who was waiting for her on the sofa.






Natsuki puts her mouth on the glass as Shigeaki stares at her.
Just then.






who? ……”



 Shigeaki looked at the intercom in a foul mood.
The time has passed the midnight.




“Ah…..I, I, I'm S, Santa “




“Hah? Santa?”



 Shigeaki raised his voice cluelessly.



I heard it's the popular thing to do this year.”




I don't know what's popular with young people.
He sighed like an old man and tried to get up from the sofa, but Natsuki stopped him.




“I'll get him—- Waa ….
the Santa and reindeer!! Wait a moment, I'll open it now.”




 Natsuki, who operated the panel, sat down next to Shigeaki again.



 Then, with no hesitation, Natsuki touched the man's crotch.



 Shigeaki flinched at the sudden caress over his clothes.



 Natsuki bit his earlobe then kissed several times on his neck.
The caresses were so exquisite that his member quickly became erect.


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“Ah, it's already get big.”




“You're too good.”



 Natsuki laughed, and the front door bell rang again.



“You can't get out the front door look like this.
let me.”



 As she ran to the door, Shigeaki sighed heavily



(I hit a jackpot…….)



 As he took a deep breath and hurried to calm his son down, Natsuki came back into the living room with someone.



 It was a man carrying a large sack and a boy dressed as a reindeer.



“Wow, that's really well done……but isn't the sack too big?




 Shigeaki pointed, and Santa put it on the floor.
There was a clinking sound.







 What in the world is inside? Santa gestured to Shigeaki to come closer, who had a suspicious look on his face.




Oh! This, is this!?”




 Shigeaki looked into the contents of the bag and looked up in shock.




 The last thing he saw was Santa Claus peeling off his face.




 A fearless monster —- appeared from underneath.








 He was strangled and lifted up.








 His screams muffled.




His vision turns dark as his consciousness began to dissolve into a hazy fog.




 With his vanishing consciousness, Shigeaki stared at his own face reflected in the glittering red orbs until the end.




 He see countless women grinning and twirling eerily around his head.
They were women he had brought into this room in the past.
For the first time in his life, Shigeaki felt fear and guilt for what he had done, he confessed his sins to God but his words never seemed to reach him.




 Then, Shigeaki's consciousness was cut off.

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