I borrowed another notebook from Yakumo.




『It's yours』




 I put down the sack with a thud, and the snow that had been piling up on the street shot up.
A devilish Christmas present.



“Can I open it ……?”



 It sounded less like a question to me and more like a question to herself.
Once she opened the bag, there was no turning back.
She seemed to have such a feeling .



『With that, I will buy Natsuki and your brother.
The amount should be enough.
If you sell it carefully, you'll never have to worry about money ever again.』




 Natsuki still did not open the bag.




“What about that office? What happened to it?”




no survivors.
It's probably settled as a war between two gangs.』




“All by yourself? less than thirty minutes? Are aliens really that strong ……?””




 Natsuki's gulped.




 I'm not sure if she's ever actually even seen an alien before, let alone a Butcher.




 Haha …..so that's why you're not that afraid of communicating with me? It's like a small child who has no psychological barrier against insects.
She doesn't have any unnecessary preconceptions.




 In her mind, I'm a cannibalistic demon that she can talk to ……some thing like that?




 I waited in silence for her answer.
Natsuki, on the other hand, stood there with one hand tightly gripping Yakumo's hand.





 She opened her mouth after a few moments, enough time for a light dusting of snow to fall on the large bag.



“—- promise me.”

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“You can violate my body, but please don't destroy it.
No serious injuries or permanent damage.
I won't be able to take care of Yakumo.”




 I nodded.





“and don't touch him”




 I nodded.




“and I don't want that money.”













 I just get it for you…….




“Instead, when this is all over, I want you to give us a …………




 —-What, what?





 I couldn't believe my ears and nodded my head.




 She stared at me and said.





“If I sell these things, I'll be killed someday.
Instead, I want a more meaningful future, one that offers me a decent living, one that offers me a home outside the Fort ……
for example, in the inner city.
I just want to live quietly with Yakumo in a safe place.
I don't care if we are poor.
I'm ready for that kind of life.”




Geez, that's a lot.




 I am the Butcher, and when I return home, I will have a kingdom of insects, and Titania will be there.
She is in a tense situation with both aliens and humans.




 There is no way I can give her the decent future she wants.




“Gevaudan has taken away all our place, our future in 88.
And if you want to fuck me on top all of that, you're going to have to come up with some sort of compensation ……
You're a professional, aren't you?”




Nuh-uh, she's right.



I think about it silently.



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………………I can't.





 Thinking is exhausting.
Only a human can arrange a place for a human.




 All right, Abigail.




 It's Abigail turn now.
She's the only person I know on the human side.




 I made a decision to put all the trouble on her.
I nodded vigorously.




『All right.
I will prepare a new future for Natsuki and Yakumo.』




 Natsuki quickly held out her hand to me.




“And of course, you have to take care of our living, right? Food, clothing, shelter, and no living on the streets.
Also, you must provide Yakumo with painting tools.
I'll write a contract for you.
I studied a bit and know a few things about that.
I'll need to prepare the document properly.
Put your thumbprint on it.




Well, that was a really expensive purchase.




 I reached out and took her hand in mine as she suddenly began to make her demands in a very bold and shameless manner.




 Natsuki and I stared at each other in silence.




 A lover contract has been completed.
I hope it was a good deal.








Suddenly, Yakumo walked up to me and placed the Diamond on top of my handshake with Natsuki. He looked up and gave a small huff, looking somewhat proud of himself.




 I don't know what the real meaning of the act is, and Diamond was glancing around in confusion.




 Only Natsuki was gently patting Yakumo's head as if she understood.





 Butcher, tarantula, match girl and a mute boy in a dimly lit, snowy alley.
There was some chaotic harmony.








 Next, I need to find a place to lie low.



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