Chapter 140: Eating thugs.
And buying hookers.

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 She takes me to a hotel and all the rooms are full.




“well, well, well, they're all like monkeys…….”




Oh, that's what I think, too.




“……….We might be in trouble.
It's Christmas, so everyone seems to be in high spirits.”




 I slapped my palm.
Gesturing, “I see.” Living together with Abigail has made me develop a habit of responding to human language with gestures.




 That's right.
It was Christmas eve today, wasn't it? Today was a night filled with all kinds of excitement and crazy sex.
also the celebration of the return of the Butcher.




 Originally, Christmas was supposed to be a quiet and solemn night, but since the Fort is filled with various peoples, and the traditional culture has been interpreted in a completely different way.




By the way, she's so cute when she smiles.




 But when she's not talking, she's a little scary.




 Maybe we should just barge into some room, I can't wait to fuck her. 




“So ……
do you want to come to my place?”







 My heart thumped at the unexpected invitation.




“You have chosen me, and it would be sad to say goodbye to you just like this.
If you promise to listen to me, not do anything rash, and not to enter any strange rooms, I might as well invite you to my bed since it's Christmas.
It's quite dirty but it's still a room of a young maiden, and then we play lovers and have lovemaking.
How about it?”




 Playing lovers.




 I've never done anything like that before.
I know it's impossible for me, but I want to try it!



 I agreed and nodded with all my might.




So, can I call you Sean? I'm Natsuki.”






 Nice to meet you.
actually my name is Gevaudan.
I'll let you know when we start playing lovers.




 Natsuki left the Haven, stopping at a bakery that was calling for customers on the side way.




“Well, this is on me.
before we leave let's share a slice of Fresh cheesecake! Doesn't that sound like lovers at Christmas?”








 It's lovely and fresh cheesecake is good and all …
but I think …fresh creampie is more accurate.
My throat rumbled uncontrollably.




 What's with this girl? She's the best.
I will be nice to her.



 Natsuki walked into the building.



 And as I was scanning the security cameras.



“What's wrong? ……
Ah, surveillance? No problem.
The camera system around here is not recording anything because it's really crappy.
If you want, we can go in the back door.”




 She's a sweet girl.
I like smart girls above all else.



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 Natsuki led me in through the back door.




 Her room was on the third floor.
She stopped in front of the door, turned around and said.




“I'm sorry, can you just wait a minute? I'm going to go clean up my room.”





 I'll wait, I'll wait.
I love the way she rushes to clean up the room, it's so innocent just like lovers.
I've read about situations like this in books.
I'm thrilled.



 When the door of the room opened, a trace of human presence came out from the inside.




 From behind the door, where Natsuki had disappeared, came the sound of an argument.




 Oops some trouble, I guess.
According to Butcher's ears and nose, there were several men in the room, and it seemed that there was some sexual activity going on.




“Get out!!”




 Natsuki is angry.
She sounds very upset.





 Now what should I do? It looks like her room won't be easy to clean.
I could just walk away, but I kind of like Natsuki.




I really want Natsuki.



 She's probably a very smart girl.
Even if her tone has completely changed I can tell from the inside that she's really got a strong spirit.
If I can communicate with her properly she might be able to have a conversation with me, the butcher, without causing too much panic.
Besides, I want to share the fresh cheesecake with her.
I'd also like to experience what it's like to be a lover on Christmas.
I want to have some romantic sex and eat cheesecake afterward.



 Most of the dwellings in the slums are windowless rooms.
This is the only entrance.
Once we get this fixed, it won't be a problem even if things get a little crazy inside.
I don't need anyone but Natsuki, so I'll just kill anyone who gets in my way, and then we'll have sex in a pool of blood and eat fresh cheesecake.
Now that's some nice Christmas!



 We went into the room.



 Natsuki was arguing with a half-naked man.
apparently she doesn't do drugs.
Her determination is amazing considering she's in the slum.
Definitely, Natsuki is a jackpot.




 First, I blocked the door.
I wrapped the whole chain around an umbrella that was propped up nearby.
Furthermore, I also put diamond there.
If anyone tries to escape, you can bite them.





“Onii……san ……?”




 Natsuki noticed me entering the room.




 I look around the room.
There is one woman and three men.
One of them is having sex with a woman ……
raping her.
The other one is tripping on drugs.




 I guess I'll start with the half-naked guy talking to Natsuki.




“Oh, hey, it's …….”




“Oh? This guy is your customer? He's kind of a whimp…….
Does he even have a penis?”




 With my piercing hand, I can pierce through flesh a water balloon, for example, human body.







 A half-naked man was twitching as a hole was drilled into his guts.




 As I pulled out my arm, pulling out his guts with it, he collapsed and stopped moving.




“O, O, O, O, Onii-san?”



 He's next.




 Leaving the shaken Natsuki behind, I snuck closer to the man on the bed.




“Hah, hah, hah ………….? What the?”


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 I want the head intact so I can use the skin.
I twisted off his neck.




“Fuhi …Fuhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”



 When I put the head on the table, the guy saw it and started laughing hysterically.
This guy is completely fucked in the head.




 –Since you're already at it, here's the whole thing.



 Using a gun-type injector, I injected all the remaining drugs.
It was a set for six doses.





 I thought it would kill him with a heart attack, but he was very stubborn.
Since I decided to go through all the trouble, I use diamond poison.
Let him try biting it.



 When Diamond saw my gesture, it slipped underneath Natsuki's feet and quickly bit the man.



 In a flash, the man swelled up and then shrunk and died.




 So this is how Diamond's poison works.
His eyeballs nearly popped out of his head.
That's gruesome.






 I could hear the rough breathing of the woman on the bed.




 Looking at her again, I saw that her arms were bound to the bed frame, blindfolded, shackled, and with headphones, she was in a full SM course.
Her hair was pink, and she had a nice body.
This is hot.




 This woman has no idea what's going on around her.




 –I wonder what she'd be like if I suddenly barged in on her with my own cock.



 At the moment when such an immoral and curious thought arose from my lower body, I heard two pings and felt a minor impact as if I had been slapped in the face.




 I looked over and saw the half-naked man who I had just punched a hole in his stomach, pointing a gun at me even though he was dying.
You're pretty good.







 The half-naked man stopped breathing.



He looks like a thug. Is he Natsuki's boyfriend? She's a match girl after all.




 Natsuki was looking at me without raising her voice.




 You are the main dish for Christmas dinner.
I'm going to have an appetizer now, so please be quiet.





 I gestured for her to be quiet.
Perhaps because she saw it, Natsuki covered her mouth with both hands and suppressed her fears when she noticed Diamond lodged in her shoulder.
She's a strong girl.




 I approached the bed gently and climbed on top.
It shook quite a bit, but the pink girl just closed her legs and writhed.
I was thrilled.
With great anticipation, I took out my butcher lance, opened the woman's legs, and placed it at her slit.




 I then pushed it all the way up to the back of her vagina.



“N……n!? m n n  n n n n n n!?!!”



 Oh …….



 The woman's body arched up so much that it seemed as if her spine was bending.
It's like she's bridging with just the top of her head.




 I felt proud of myself.
Isn't this amazing? The surprise was a great success.
And I was able to raise her hips to make it easier for me to move.




 I grabbed her lifted hips and repeatedly pumped her hard.



 There was a little bit of semen left in her vagina, but it was scraped out of her vagina with the head of my cock.  Soon there was nothing but a woman's love juice coming out of the hole.



 All the while I was destroying another man's seed, she was twisting and writhing, trying to escape the overwhelming stimulation.
Her hands tied together on top of her, which in turn made her movements very erotic and exciting, my movements accelerated.
My ejaculation was quickly building up.



 The woman's voice began to take on a bit of a more sexy tone, and then I spurted out the first shot, pumping deep inside her vagina.

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 The woman stopped her movements so as not to interfere with my ejaculation.
I wonder if it's a male instinct to find a woman cute when she becomes quiet while being ejaculated.





 Natsuki was starting to sneak around under my watch, but I'm sure Diamond will take care of it.




“Nnh!?  hmmm n n n n n n n n!!”



 Then, I put my weight on her and invaded her womb.



“―――― N!!” 



 With the penetration complete, I resumed my pistoning.
This time, with each thrust, I scraped the walls of the woman's womb and savored her screams.




 That's good.
I'm getting excited.




 There was a piece of the man's torso left on the bed that I had just ripped off, so I ate it and continued my wild sex.




 –Oh, now I'm really getting excited.




 I'm going to have lovemaking with Natsuki after this, so I'm going to use her as a side dish to eat all the men.




 Before I even realized it, I was ejaculating and cumming all over the bed.
Not happy peeing, but happy cumming.
Maybe just like the dog, when Butcher have sex while eating, they can cum non-stop.
It's so exciting.



 I stretched out my tongue to pull up the corpse of the junkie and ate it.
I was worried about the drug at first, but it was okay. poison doesn't work on  Butcher so the drug is no big deal.



 I ate both of them and pumped my semen into her womb until my arousal subsided and she stopped responding.
She fainted but her vagina was still twitching.




 We'll have to play SM later.
It was fun.
Butcher is super S when it comes to S or M.




 I got off the bed.




 Natsuki ……
ah, there she is.
She moved closer to the half-naked man's corpse, but stopped moving there.
It looks like she gave up trying to escape.
that's right.
Don't run away.




 I walked up to her, stood in front of her slumped body, and licked away the sweat that soaked her face.
It tasted of fear, the same sweat that the women in the prison had shed.




 I wondered if I should explain to her what I was doing before or while I fucked her.
Which would be best for lover's sex? As I was thinking about this, Natsuki stood up as if she had made up her mind.



 She was holding a small gun.
It was the gun of the half-naked man from earlier.



 Small ……
it's really small.
It's smaller than the palm of her hand.
It's a peashooter.
the Dillinger.




 That's not enough to hurt a normal alien, let alone a Butcher, but in Natsuki's eyes, I'm Sean now, and I'm sure she only sees me as a cannibalistic, crazy man.




 But, you know, the Dillinger is a double-barreled gun.
After two shots it's just a piece of scrap metal.
You've never used a gun before I bet.
At your age a regular citizen of the Fort should have had at least some mandatory training, but if you don't know how to handle a gun…. I see, you're a slum kid.



“Huu! Haaa! Huu! Haaa! Huu! Haa…………”




She looked at me with a fierce glare in her eyes. It's going to be a little difficult to go back to that time when we were faking some lovey-dovey stuff.
I'm disappointed. 



 With such disappointment in my heart, I was thinking that I should eat her, when suddenly….




“If you want to fuck me, then you have to fucking pay me!!”




 She yelled at me.



“If it's SM you'll have to pay extra!! And if it's some weird kink you'll have to come up with enough money to buy me a house!! Can you pay for it!? How's that!! Haaa!?”



 I was so taken aback that my body flinched a little.




 What do you mean, negotiate the price ……?


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 And what is the bizarre option? There is such a thing,…….




 This girl seems to have lost her mind.
The cruelty of human greed.
The match girl's wide options.  The guilty feeling of not having any money.
My movements stopped in the midst of all these emotions.




I've been in danger so many times! I've thought about dying a million times! But this is how we gradually climbed our way out of here, step by step.
But you—!!”



“It's true that just I'm a match girl I may looking like this — but I'm also a professional!”



 When Natsuki stepped forward and said the word “professional,” I was shocked as if I had been hit on the head with a heavy blow and took a step back.




“My body is my property, it is my only source of income!! That's the only thing I can do to grow up in a slum!! If you're going to destroy it, then you have to guarantee my livelihood!! If you can't pay, then leave!!”




 Wow, …….
You make a very valid point.
I can't say anything back.




“This is my home, and I've been working so hard every day, every day, doing shitty work until I can live in a house with a roof like this!! …
and then you fucking messed it up!! I worked so hard to get to this roof over our heads.”



She pushed me away.




“And you killed Hustler, the head of the Sludge club in my room!!…….
I'm going to be the one gangsters are after now!! what are you going to do!? What will you do if I can't do my job anymore?”



 Mmm ……
I know how hard it is to grow up in a slum.
So, this guy is the boss after all.
If so, I guess you'll be out of a job tomorrow.
And I'm totally to blame for the mess in her room.




“I've been in danger so many times! I've thought about dying a million times! But this is how we gradually climbed our way out of here, step by step.
But you—!!”



 I'm sorry…….



Natsuki gritted her teeth and threw a Dillinger at me.
Tears welled up in her eyes and her face was red.
She's very angry.



“Give it back! Give my life back! You even ruined my Christmas!! I want the cleaning fee!! And a fee for not being able to work tomorrow.
Also, transfer fee!! Take responsibility!! You—-stupid bald fat fuck!!!”







 That was really intense.



 I'm the one who flinched.



That was a good dare.
This girl is a professional.
If you don't have the money, you don't get to hold her.
She want compensation for the damage.
I know exactly how you feel.
I also had a breaking point.



 I feel like I've been reminded of something important.



 I know I'm a balding fat guy, but I'm a little shocked …….
Does that mean she knows that I'm a butcher?




 –I see.
Sean's skin flew off when I got hit by Dillinger earlier.



 This means that Natsuki has been arguing with the man-eating butcher head-on.



 Is she just a fool, or is she a real deal?




 Still, I caught a glimpse of tremendous courage in the powerful gleam of Natsuki's eyes.




 They were the eyes of a fighter with beliefs that you sometimes see on the battlefield.


 I can use her, this girl.



“………… Ah, that ……”



 I stood in front of Natsuki when she was about to say something.






Her face twisted in fear and despair.
No, it's not.




 I let her put her arm out and wrote on it.







 I decided to officially purchase Natsuki.


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