Chapter 67:  Ferris's Knight

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 No.1 is a miniature tarantula.
He died in my mouth.




 No.2 is also a mini tarantula.
I once released him into the city, but we suddenly met again in the forest outside the city the other day, and now he's lurking in the shadow of the butcher store where I work.




 Sometimes when I feed him, he gets so happy that he does a “banzai” with both legs.
This is quite cute.
I gave him the nickname “Niblo” and continued to take care of him.




 He has a distinctive pattern, a purple color that looks like a diluted version of my black-blue tongue, but with a red stripe running along the centerline of his body, making him look like a racing car.




 Niblo must be a special spider.
I don't know where he's been or what he's been doing, but he seems to be more dignified than when I first met him.
He's come back with a new skin.
I want to show Titania how much he has grown.




 No.3 is a cricket army.
I scattered them all over the facility where I'm being held.
Their whereabouts are unknown.




 And No.4 is now in my mouth.




 Like last time, I got it directly from Titania, so I still don't know what it is.
She seems to be quiet this time.




『Well, she told you to take a bite…….
You're not going to eat her, are you?』




 Lydia gives me Titania's message.
She's talking to me across the grate.




 A bite, huh? I guess I should put it with Niblo.
Got it.





『I won't eat.
Tell Miss that I'll use my lips on every bite.』




It's okay, but ……
I don't understand, Why are you guys using such poetic words?』




 Lydia is a frequent visitor to my place.
Of course, today it was for the meeting of the next Jibodan meeting, but beyond that, she is very polite.




 She is a good girl at heart.
I made Ferris crazy last time, so it seems like she's coming to thank me for that.





 After that, Lydia continued to pleasure Ferris while comforting herself with a toy.
I love how open she is, smiling and talking about such things.




 There is now a red-haired woman lying in my prison.
She is a victim of an unfortunate coincidence that she came to me on the day of the last Jibodan meeting, and her heart is already broken since I'd spent the next two days beating the living daylights out of her.





 Lydia took one look at the red-haired woman, narrowed her eyes, 





『Gevaudan is so relentless…….』





『Some times, things are happier when you're unconscious.』





In this case, it can be said that women are happier when they are unconscious.



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『Hmm, You know the blonde from before……Abigail, right? That subhuman was conscious, wasn't she? Aren't they all lose consciousness when you're finished?』




 My neck tightened in alarm.




 It's a secret that Abigail and I are working together, so I'm not supposed to know her name.




 Why would Lydia know Abigail's name?




 If that's the case, I'll have to get rid of Lydia.





Abigail, is that her name?』




 I pretend to be clueless and try to inquire.




You know, the last time I kissed her.
We had a little chat.』





 Oh, I see.
So that's what happened.
I won't have to kill you.




 I see.
I see.
That's why Abigail didn't mind French kissing Lydia at that time.
She was trying to get as much information out of Lydia by talking to her.
She really is a strong woman.




 However, I know something.
Her vagina was wetter when Lydia was kissing her.
I don't know if it was Lydia's technique or if Abigail was actually a masochist.




『She really felt it when she was being sucked and played by us.
She made a lot of noise while she was talking to me.
It was amazing, you know? I'm not sure how she even got in there…….』





 By the way, I'm completely naked.
My son is stiffed and soaked with the fluids of the red-haired woman and me. I like Lydia's calmness face, and her sense of maturity.





『She is my proudest woman.
There aren't many women who can take me in and keep me sane for that long.』





I'm a little bit proud of it.




『I know.
all subhumans might go crazy if they got screwed like that by Gevaudan and had a belly full of your seed.
Maybe I can enjoy it because I'm human~?』




 Maybe that's why Sadako and the others in the cell are forbidden to consume my seed.
It seems that my liquid has a drug-like effect on the aliens.




Huh? But Titania seems to be fine.
She'll gulp it down and stand up straight at the end.




 By the way, Lydia in front of me also said that she had some kind of tolerance.
I wonder if she has that same kind of resistance thing?




Is Titania fundamentally different from Sadako and her friends? …….




 No, no, no.
It's rare for my seed to contain magic in the first place. That's what Lydia said.
Then I'm fundamentally different from other butchers??


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 I feel like my head is going to explode.
For now, all I can say is…




『I'm sure Lydia will be fine with it, given you have some resistance?』




 Lydia smiled provocatively at the words that came out of my mouth casually following by my confusion.




『Do you want to bang with me?』




 And then she gave me a coercive look.




very Nice, very gal-like.




 I wouldn't be flustered by such a play on words.
I'm an experienced butcher who's brought nearly a hundred women to their knees.
But don't tell anyone that I've been getting a lot of losses against Abigail lately.




『Lydia is pretty.』




 I try to respond in a dignified manner without being vulgar.





Lydia's grin deepens.
It is impressive to see her short fangs peeking out when she smiles like this.




『Hmm, what should I do?』





Lydia said and giggled at my son as she touched her lips.




 ……Huh? Is she going to let me bang her for real?




 If she lets me do her once, it's not a stellar performance, but it might open up a route for me to train her to do what I say.




 Gal versus Butcher.
The battle of the century is here.




『I don't want Ferris to get mad at me.』




 Ferris? Why is Ferris even brought up here?





『Ferris belongs to Lydia.』




 Butcher makes a flattering gesture, even though she doesn't understand.
Lydia makes a face as if she was saying, “Oh no.”




『That kid like Gevaudan, you know?』




That's a lie.



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 That's not true.
I'm the Butcher.




 Young people are always trying to have things understood in that way.
It's impossible.




『Unfortunately, I'm losing to Gevaudan right now.』




『I'll help Lydia.』




 Lydia is my only hope right now.
It doesn't matter what happens to Ferris at this point, as long as she doesn't die.
I will sacrifice Ferris in order to have the device removed.
Let Lydia boil or roast her as she pleases.




『Ferris is……』





 Lydia grasps the bars and leans in close, looking up at me.




『She's weak.
She has no means of attack.
She's also too gentle.
If she's in a group, she'll be fooled and bullied.』





 I see?




『However, because she has a very valuable talent, she is highly valued by the organization, and her future is guaranteed.
because of that, Ferris who is supposed to be weaker than us gets more attention, so they become very jealous and she is often bullied.
That's why she don't have many friends.』




 Is this about the healing magic?




『That's when Gevaudan came into the scene.』




 Here I am.





『He's so strong, everyone's afraid of him.
But he is kind only to her.
He is a ruffian who ignores all rules and beats down her opponents.
A knight who stubbornly defends her with his lawlessness.
That's you.』








『In addition, there was the special feeling of having shared a secret thing that she could talk about.
I, on the other hand, am just a woman who does naughty things to Ferris.
That's a big difference.』




 Lydia puts her fingers to her temples and groans.




 It doesn't take into account the fact that I'm a sinister being who only wants to ravish, kill and eat.




 But I understand the situation.
Maybe Ferris is becoming dependent on me.
Abigail is right.




 However, no matter how much Ferris relies on me, the self-destruct mechanism in my head will not come off.
Lydia, after all.
The current trend points to Lydia.




 But how do I get her in a good mood from here?




How about I take over Gevaudan? That way, I can use you as bait and call Ferris whenever I want, and we can talk more freely than we do now.』


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Oh, that's a good idea…….No, no, no.




 I do not just want to go out there.
I need the device removed.
If I'm officially an alien pet, they won't be able to take it off me.
There's even the possibility of more shackles because it's too dangerous.




『If Ferris like me, wouldn't she be more upset that I was taken?』




I'm going to do everything in my power to avoid Lydia's pet route.




I wonder~』



 ”Huh” said a disappointed Lydia.
I'm safe.




『By the way, was Ferris okay after that?』



She slept in my room, By the time the sun went up, She felt fine.
The bed was still soggy, I realized that your fluid seemed to lose its magic as time goes by.
Oh, yes.
We even took a bath together afterward!』





 Geez, look at her face….




I was going to die of rage soon.





『I think Ferris' training program has some progress now, don't you?』




 Appealing accomplishments.





『Mmm, I now sure that's enough………』




 Kuh ……
she's so unconfident, but she's stoic when it comes to naughty stuff.




 Switching Ferris' dependency from me to Lydia.
This is a difficult mission.
The next Jibodan meeting will be an important turning point.
I can't think my way out of it, so I'll ask Abigail to come up with a plan.
I can't wait for her to get here.
I can't wait to hold her.
I need to even the odds. 





 As I clear my throat and turn my head frantically, Lydia's expression softens.





Gevaudan is keeping his promise to me, isn't he? You really have an amazing gap between you and your appearance.
You're so much nicer than most guys』



 Oh ……
Just like Lydia that is not what she seems, she is a sensible girl at heart.




I tend to forget a little bit these days, but I'm the Butcher.




The fearsome gray flesh, the swollen body, the mysterious device stuck in the side of the head, the mouth with bared gums, the black tongue, the scraped nose, the eyelidless eyes, and the red glow eerily glowing in them.




 Lydia talks to me in a casual and friendly manner.




 There is no sense of discrimination.
She doesn't judge people by their looks or race, and she doesn't make assumptions based on first impressions.
It's a rare kind of personality.
Even if her motive was to train Ferris, she wouldn't be able to do it if she didn't have a warm and friendly personality inside.
I like girls like that.

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