ere like the barking of a dog.




 The monster, who was now moving even more aggressively than before, reached out his hand.
On the bed was the corpse of a man who had lost his head.
The monster pulled it to him and began to eat it as naturally as if he were rehydrating in the middle of a sporting event.




 With a swing of his hips, he twisted off the corpse's arm and snapped it.
Smacking the woman's ass.
Gobbling the corpse's shoulder.
A splash of bright red drenched the woman's chest and face.
After thrusting into the woman's womb, he tore into the corpse's chest.
Putting a lot of weight on the woman's vaginal opening, grinded on it.
He pulled out the corpse's guts and began to bite into them.




 *smack-smack — gurgling — smack-smack– splat splat –*





 In front of the nightmarish intercourse that was beyond belief, Natsuki experienced the sensation of her own semicircular canal being destroyed.





 The bitter taste was all over her tongue.
She tried to walk on all fours, but her hands slipped and her elbows lost their strength and she couldn't move forward.
A shiver came from the core of her body.



“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Nhoooo!?”



 The monster came again, filling the room with delighted female screams and sobs.




 The ejaculation was so intense that the bed was soaked with the semen that spilled out from the womb.
It was a tremendous amount.




 A huge amount of blood was also splattered all over the room.



 The strange thing was that it wasn't the smell of semen or the iron smell of blood that was wafting through the air, it was the smell of something sophisticated, like perfume, but that wasn't what Natsuki was thinking about right now.




 How will I survive? That was the only thing on her mind.




 If I die, it will be all over.
I can't die.




 But no matter how hard she tried, she was going to die.
There was no doubt about it.




 There was no way that I could lift the weight of a single person with my body overwhelmed with fear.
There was no way the plan I had just thought of was going to work.
It was just a stupid, childish plan based on a cliche action movie story.




 But I had to survive.
What should I do? It's impossible.
But I have to do something.
When the monster's fun is over I'll be next.
Whatever it takes hurry up before that woman dies.




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 Her head was whirling in circles.




 Her endless muddle of thoughts was suddenly interrupted by a silence that overwhelmed her ears.




 Before I knew it, the monster had gotten off the bed.



 The monster walked up to Natsuki.
His steps were so quiet that it was hard to believe from his physique.



 In the hands of the monster, whose entire body was dyed bright red, was a hairy leg.
The torso, which should have been there, had disappeared.



 Can you give me some extra time? Even a condemned man on the verge of execution would still get mercy sometimes.
My head felt like it was going to explode.




 My heart was beating so hard that I felt like it was going to burst.
I should have screamed, but I couldn't.
In the midst of the adrift feeling like being in a feverish dream, she had completely lost control of her entire body.




 The monster finally stood in front of Natsuki.




 A black tongue surged out and licked up her cheek.



(Sorry ….
I …………




 At that moment, when she prepared to die, all that came to her mind was a face that stared back at her.



 –When humans show courage beyond their limits, it is always for the sake of those they are supposed to protect.



 I felt the blood surge back into my body.



 In the center of my body, there was a release of pressure, as if something had exploded.



 Natsuki's eyes widened, and her gaze pierced the monster.



 She brushed off its tongue, stood up, and held up the gun she had found and stashed in her purse.




 She knew it was meaningless, but the weight of the steel in her hand was more than enough to motivate her.




 The monster stopped moving when the gun was pointed at it.




“Huu! Haaa! Huu! Haaa! Huu! Haa…………”




 Natsuki breathes heavily, repeatedly as if hyperventilating, and yells with all the energy she can exhale at the moment.





“If you want to fuck me, then you have to fucking pay me!!”




 As she shouted out loud, adrenaline flowed into her brain like a turbulent stream.



“If it's SM you'll have to pay extra!! And if it's some weird kink you'll have to come up with enough money to buy me a house!! Can you pay for it!? How's that!! Haaa!?”



Emotions that had been repressed overflowed incessantly.

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“I've been in danger so many times! I've thought about dying a million times! But this is how we gradually climbed our way out of here, step by step.
But you—!!”




 The blood rushed to her head, and with tears in her eyes, she threw the gun she had in her hand at the monster.




 The monster did not move an inch and took it in the head.
The pupil-less red eyeball remained fixed on Natsuki.



“Give it back! Give my life back! You even ruined my Christmas!! I want the cleaning fee!! And a fee for not being able to work tomorrow.
Also, transfer fee!! Take responsibility!! You—-stupid bald fat fuck!!!”



and a deafening silence came.



 Hah ……
hah ……
and all that could be heard was Natsuki's breathing.



 As the heat slowly subsided, a cold shiver came from her burning, sweaty neck, this time twisting around her entire body.



 A monster that killed men, raped women, and ate people without batting an eye.
What was the point of such a stupid tantrum?



was that useless?



I wondered,  but there was nothing I could do.



 I have already done what I can.
All I can do now is wait for this monster's decision.



“………… Ah, that ……”




 Natsuki, who could no longer stand the tension as if a knife was being held to her throat,  spoke up.




 At the sound of her voice, the monster stepped forward and closed in on Natsuki.



 She was almost crushed by the monstrous presence that filled her vision.






 I'm going to die.




 As I was preparing to die,, the monster gently took my hand and wrapped her arm around it.




 He slid his blood-soaked fingertips down her exposed white arm.




 With a slurp, the monster finished with a swift movement of his fingers.









 A strange voice leaked from Natsuki's mouth.




 The words were written in blood.




 –I'm buying you–

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