Chapter 133: scolding

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 ◇◆◇ (Ferris and friends point of view)






 Tiriel is walking down the hallway.




 The morning sunlight was falling through the window onto the floor.




 The sun's position in winter is low, and normally the sun's rays would not be visible at this time of day because it would be blocked by the outer walls, but the reason we can enjoy the soft winter sunshine like this is that the Titans destroyed the outer walls that day.




 She walked along, watching the wall being hastily repaired in the distance.
The outer walls of the sub-human race were originally strong, and it would take at least a few months to repair them to the same level of strength.




 Suddenly realizing that her own right hand was reaching for her buttock, Tiriel hurriedly shook her arm to cover it up.
For several days now, she had been feeling a strange foreign sensation that bothered her at every turn.




 *Bun! Bun! Bun! Bun!*




 I waved my arms vigorously and walked forward to find Lydia and Arshella waiting for me at the door.



 When Lydia noticed her, she waved her hand in a happy mood.



“Good morning.
Have you gotten over your headache yet?”



“……morning, actually yeah.”



After that day, Tiriel continued to suffer from headaches and nausea for a while.
It was a symptom of a magic hit.  There is no potion that can cure magic loss, but there is no potion that can cure magic hit.



“So, what do you think? You've absorbed a lot of stuff directly, so you're a little more powerful, right?”




 Arshella said as she stared and peered behind Tiriel.




 She and everyone else in the room had received an explanation from Lydia about the dense magical power in Gevaudan's semen.
It was an afterthought for her to tell us.




“… time you mention it, I'm going to put a bunch of sharp spines on your magnificent tail and make it impossible for you to get a good night's sleep no matter what position you sleep in.”





 The dense, deadly atmosphere that Tiriel created made Arshella face twitch.


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” Stop making such unpleasant threats …….”





 The three of them opened the door together.



 In the room, Orlando and Dantalion were waiting for them.
This is Orlando's office.



“Excuse me.”



 Tiriel was the first to bow, and the other two followed suit.




“Ferris…..she's not ready yet?”




 Lydia replied to Orlando's question.



She's still in bed.
Phoenicia has been keeping her company.”




“According to what I've heard, she's in a state of shock and is suffering from apraxia.
Well, it can't be helped.
She was kidnapped by the Titans and held in isolation for nearly two weeks.
I don't know what they put her through.
It must have been very hard on that kind-hearted girl.”



(She's not shocked about that…….)



Tiriel muttered in her mind.




 But there is no way to explain it.
It's not that because she's shocked, but it's because it was caused by the Butcher.




“More importantly, you …………
are being too rash!”





 The three girls were immediately scolded as they were lined up in front of the desk.
Each of them expressed their remorse.



“but—- I'm glad you're okay.
It should be part of the school curriculum to understand how dangerous the Butcher is.
This is why young people ……
*mumbles* ……
Dantalion told me about the situation, but why don't you report it again from your own mouth?”





 Lydia, the originator of the idea, took the brunt of it and report what happened to Orlando.




 In other words, it took four of us to do the trick.




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 The result was —- a crushing defeat.




“What are you thinking? ……
You ……”




 That's all Orlando could spit out with a look of utter disgust.



 Dantalion finally opened his mouth.



“But as it turns out, we drove it back with zero damage to Faymbaum.
You can praise them for successfully carrying out their mission with their own body.
He even arranged a ceasefire for us.””





“That's right, Orlando.
You can think of it as the four of us working together to defeat Gevaudan.”




Arshella got on her high horse. Orlando replied with a stern look in his eyes.




“It sounds like bullshit.”




 With a deep sigh, Orlando continued.




“So, Tiriel.
What did you do with that cocktail of skills?”




 He looked at me, and I stepped forward.




“There are five.
, , , , and .”




“You put five of them together? You are indeed the Elf of the Crystalline Desert.”




 Tiriel's tense expression faded into embarrassment at Dantalion's impressed voice.




 But Orlando, on the other hand




“Enhance ……”



 He groaned.




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“you strengthen him ……”




He held his head in both hands.  Tiriel hurriedly added in a panic.



“I was afraid that if I just removed it, Titania would take over again when he got back, so I gave him a thorough anti-hex finish during the enchantment ceremony.
Now that I've put him into the Demonic Protection stage, even won't be able to curse Gevaudan for a while!”



“You put the Owl's Mark at the bottom of the enchantment stack.
Nice work, Tiriel.”



 At Dantalion's compliment again, Tiriel nodded cheerfully, “Yes!”



“Gevaudan didn't seem to know much about skills, so I don't think he noticed.
He's got three layers on top of that, so even if Titania were to check, she wouldn't be able to analyze them all! The tougthest one would be the fourth one, and the cost would be too high to do anything about it! Even Titania cannot forcibly stack her spell on top of them! Also, I did get a good reaction on Dispel!”



“But Dispel doesn't even work……”




 Orlando blurted out as Tiriel, who seemed to want more praise, began to speak faster.




“What do you mean it doesn't work? Are you saying that there are some skills that even Dispel can't undo?”




 Arshella cocked her head.









 Orlando crossed his arms in silence.





 Then Lydia, sooty ……
walked around the desk and climbed into his lap.




 She smiled and patted his wrinkled oak face from top to bottom, catcalling.




“Hey~, Grandpa~! Tell me about it…”




“Hey, don't do that you fucking brat.
Don't you dare try to charm me.”




“Now that they're involved, you may as well tell them.
Their knowledge is not that great anyway.”




 At Dantalion's words, Orlando looked as if he had chewed on a bitter bug.

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Don't tell anyone.”




 He told the three girls what he knew about the power of domination.




“—-, so dispel has no effect.
It's the same as how the healing skills can't cure aging.
Indeed, I've heard that you can break an imperfect control.
For example, the death of the wielder.
However, once the deceased is taken hold of by another person, it will seep into the soul.
It's not a matter of whether it can be lifted or not.
Lydia, you said that Titania asked you the name of the Butcher in the cell block, and you told her.”






“If so, his control is complete.
It's hard to say for sure, but if the ……
dispel was triggering, it means that some sort of skill was being applied.”




 After a pause to catch his breath, Orlando continued.




“Well, however, you have done well in that you have prevented Titania from doing anything to Jibodan ……
Gevaudan for a while.
We'll use that to help us appeal to the destroyer squad that arrives later.
It will save us some face.”




 As Tiriel's cheeks relax in recognition of the praise, Arshella crosses her arms and asks.




Orlando, why is Gevaudan even sentient? I've heard that when you transfuse a Butcher with a soul, the consciousness disappears.”




 Lydia and Tiriel looked at Orlando with a reproachful look in their eyes.




 After that day, the two of them were told by Arshella about a part of the Butcher's manufacturing method.
In other words, using human sacrifice and transferring the soul to the Butcher.



“I also don't understand.”



 Orlando said.



“I can only assume that Titania's power and the nature of the source subhuman had something to do with it.”



“What was his subhuman source like?”



 At Arshella's question, Orlando snorted, and opened his mouth in annoyance.



“It seems that it was a subhuman warrior who went toe-to-toe with Coronzon in the battle when he seized Faymbaum.”



“Oh ……
that's a new one.
It was the Butcher's original subhuman that defeated the Coronzon.”



 Dantalion raised one eyebrow in amusement.

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