Maybe it''ll go in, but it was probably better not to do it today.




『No, no, no.』









 I tilted my head, not understanding what she was trying to say.




 Then Lydia moved to the side of the bed, flipped Ferris over on her back, and covered her with her legs open.
It was like Lydia was fucking Ferris in the missionary position.




 Then, in front of my eyes, two secret slits were opened up, one above the other.
Ferris, who was in a daze, did not resist.
Both of them are wet with fresh nectar and twitching hungrily.



 This is how the two petals were presented to me as I stood by the bed.




 If I thrust out my hips just a little bit, I could jump into them at any moment.




 This is poisonous to the eyes……




 I just know what she's trying to say.
This is also a job.
I'll do my best, I'm a professional.



 I clenched my teeth tightly and grabbed Lydia's ass as she was on top of me.
“Hmm!” She hissed and jerked her back.




 The red-hot scorching rod was inserted slickly into the gap between their tightly packed stomachs.



 This made it so that I could bare down on both of them at the same time.
Hot breaths escaped from Lydia and Ferris' mouths simultaneously.




“Hmm …


“Hah …



 Lydia's shapely ass was presented in front of me, and I started to move my hips toward the brown flesh of her buttocks.





 It felt even better than I thought it would because this play stimulated my penis all the way.
As I moved my balls against Ferris' warm labia and my lower abdomen against Lydia's cold buttocks, I felt a satisfying sensation similar to penetrating a womb.
And yet, it was a new sensation to be sandwiched by a girl's slippery belly, different from the vaginal walls.
I felt a faint scratch at something in the back….is that a navel?



 The best thing about it is that I don't have to worry about destroying the woman.
I was able to slam my hips as hard as I wanted without any hesitation.



“Ah! Ah! Ah ah!?”

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“Ha ha ♡ ha ha ♡ ha ha ♡ “




 Two young women's bodies, one black and one white, wriggling and overlapping in pleasure.




 The room was filled with a duet of cute and lustful voices, and it was easy for the male to lose all sense of reason.








 Ferris seemed to gain some consciousness.
Tears spilled from her eyes and she opened her big mouth to gulp air.




 But I don't slow down my pistoning.




“Nah!? Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!”




 As a result, Ferris was cumming like crazy under Lydia.




“Hmm ♡ Hmm ♡ Hmm …
Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡”





 Lydia also cried out in a prettier voice than I expected.




 As I pressed my crotch against her bouncy brown buttocks again and again, her back arched each time.
There was not the slightest hint of restraint there.
Forgetting to admire the face of her beloved Ferris, she was now turning her head back and beginning to make wistful noises as she joined her.




 Would they forgive me if I told them it was an accident?




 I put a little more pressure on my hands gripping Lydia's round ass.
Rubbing it with a gnarly grip.





No, I must strictly refrain from any action that would lower Lydia's trust level.




 Nevertheless, the urge to conquer her that was born inside of me began to boil in the depths of my guts.





 Hmmm …….




 I reached out with my tongue and decided to distract myself by licking her rear hole.
A little bit is good, right?



“Ah ♡ Hah ♡ Hmm, hmm …
Hmm, hmm!?” 




 When the tip of my tongue pressed against her asshole, Lydia rolled her eyes and looked back at me.
I like that.
That look is so cute.
Is it undeveloped?




『Hey, Gevaudan!』





 Oh, there was a protest.




 But I pretended not to hear them and increased the pace of rubbing their clits.







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 Now I couldn't hear Lydia's voice anymore, and there were two soft female bodies underneath me that were just screaming.
They were making a nice sound.




 The tip of my tongue gradually entered Lydia's anus, but I didn't want to go any further.




 As I rocked my hips against the two luscious flesh that I had brought to its knees, an idea flashed through my mind.




 I kept my eyes on Lydia and continued my pistoning.




 As I repeated the movements, Lydia, who was more experienced, adjusted the position of her cleft so that it would hit the right spot.




 Eventually, I sensed the signs of her orgasm from the curve of her back, the twitch of her buttocks, and the way her toes twitched, so I pulled out my cock, which was about to explode, and stopped my movements.




『I have to go home.』








 Aliens say “eh” when they're surprised, too.




 Lydia lifted herself up from the bed and looked at me with an extremely sad expression.
Her cheeks were tinged with vermilion that I could see through her brown skin.




 Underneath, I could see Ferris twitching and spilling drool.




 I turn my back on them and put on my butcher apron.





『Wait! Just a little bit more…….
I bet that's painful for you, isn't it, Gevaudan? I'm going to make you cum, okay?』





 Lydia reaches for my arm.
Her eyes are moist.





『If I get my head blown off, I won't be able to talk to you anymore.』





 I tried to shake off Lydia's hand and added a few words.





『If I were free, I could spend more time with Lydia and the others.』





 I left paradise.




 I walked through the alien city with murderous energy on the verge of exploding.




 Every time a female cunt caught my eye on the way, I had a hard time suppressing the animal lust that was building up in my lower abdomen, ready to explode.




 This is going to be unstoppable when I get back to the prison.
The woman coming today might be broken, but this is a necessary sacrifice.
I feel sorry for her, but I have no choice.




 The wild roar of the Butcher rolled through the night.

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