er, so the destructive power is extraordinary.
Of course, the Dragonet is also equipped with a howitzer and can fire a large number of rocket missiles.
If it keeps circling at high altitudes bombarding us, there is nowhere to hide.
It's scary. 




 When the ground troops heard the dragonets had arrived, some of them dropped to their knees and waved their hands in the air, saying, “The Dragon God has arrived!” Some of the soldiers clasped their hands and cried out to the sky.
It is said that on the battlefield where the Dragonet has achieved a comeback victory, a shrine in the shape of a dragon appears behind its departing back.
That's how immense its ground control ability is.
It is truly the god of the air support aircraft world.




 There's also a plane that flies around with a crazy 40mm Gatling gun.
It's called the and the joke is that it's not like a duck or a duck carrying an onion, but instead, it's the ghost of a duck coming back from the underworld with a huge Gatling gun on its back to take revenge.
It's not funny.
After I heard that story when I was a kid, I was too scared to shoot a duck for a while.



 By the way, the monster Gatling gun has a nickname, It's called .
Somehow it's a big deal for some comic nerds. 



 The sound of the incendiary armor-piercing shells firing at a rate of 4000 rounds per minute was like the sound of a duck's voice.
By the time you hear it, though, you've already been reduced to dust without a shred of flesh left.



 You see? Anyway, if we surrender the sky to mankind, we're in trouble.



 –Ah, big mistake.




 I'm a professional.
I shouldn't have been so formal like Diamond said.
I have to go back now and ask Lydia to give me the pendant after I make her bow to me with her forehead touching the ground while ramming her from behide




 I need to have a long talk with Titania about our air defense capabilities.




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 I'm sure there's some sort of countermeasure, but I don't know about it, so I'm really worried.




 –Maybe she doesn't know ……?




 She doesn't know!




 Geez, I think I figured it out why.




 Titania, are you sure you don't know much about the human race?




 If you were in jail with me, it's possible.




 You don't think about air defense, do you ……?



 When Titania made eye contact with me, her heart racing, she tilted her head and smiled.



 –Oh no, no, no, no, …….



 I have to tell her what this place is like.
It's a war zone.



 She slipped her cheek into my arm.
Titania with a heart mark and a wet look in her eyes.
I can't help but get an erection – no, I'm in full-on sex mode, but that's not the point.



 Reading the romantic air, I picked up Diamond that had been quietly sitting on my back and gave him a shove.
Please pass on my message as soon as possible.



 Titania glances at Diamond with a frustrated look on her face for a while after being pushed.
Diamond, too, does a desperate banzai squat on her hands.





 Then she squinted her eyes, put her finger to her lips and moaned ……, then turned back to me.



She rubbed her own arms and shake her body.
A gesture that told she was cold.




 Next, she put her palms to her open mouth and yawne …….
She put her hands together and placed them on her cheeks, then turned her face down in a restful sleep pose.
Super cute.



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 It's cold ……
and sleepy …….












 I see.




 By the way, Diamond also said it was cold, so let's go home early and go to bed.



 At the time, I thought she was just being lazy, but then I realized that ……
some insects hibernate!



 This anthill castle also serves as a shelter for the winter!




 Oh  good grief.
We won't be able to leave this place for the next few months…….!?



 That's a close call.
I'm so glad we were able to reach an unofficial ceasefire agreement with Dantalion.



 This is not a war at all.
That's why Titania agreed to the proposal so easily.




 That was the manager's suggestion, according to the conversation.
I put my hands together and bow down in the direction of Faymbaum.
Merci beaucoup, manager.



 –Let's camouflage ourselves.
At least.



 I want to at least disguise this strange anthill castle.
Also, the fireflies are stored inside.
It would be too suspicious if the entire bare rock pile was glowing.




 I repeated this and that gesture desperately, and just after I sensed that Titania understood me somehow.



 A familiar sound reached my ears from afar.



 For the soldiers, it was an exciting sound.
If I heard this sound, it would be the start of a counterattack or the end of the mission.



 But for me, right now, it was just a sound of despair that made my eyes gloomy.

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