as affected you.
I want to make some kind of excuse, but I can't…….



 –No, I don't have any excuse.



 I remember Tiriel explaining some skills to me, but I actually wasn't really listening.
All I could think about was how I was going to get into her ass and make love to her.
This is the epitome of the dumbass at its finest.



 In general, the aliens are difficult to talk to.
When they get into something complicated, they suddenly start talking too fast. I don't think that's good, difficult things need to be broken down and said slowly.

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 Titania put her fingers to her temples in a worried gesture and paced back and forth …… back and forth ……
for a while.



 It's not comfortable to feel like I have done something very wrong.



 However, It's not the time to beg for forgiveness by flirting with her like I usually do.
She was in serious mode.
That's why I stood still and quiet.
I became one with the trees around me and became transparent.
I waited in a state of nothingness.
I'd like to be sentenced to no dinner, please.
Please don't sentence me to ejaculation denial.



 After much thought, a resigned smile appeared on her face, as if to say, “Well, I guess it can't be helped.”




 Finally, with a small sigh, Titania grasped my fingers and pulled me along with her, leading me into the rocky wall.
The tense atmosphere I had felt earlier was gone.



 Foolishly not knowing what she was angry about or why she forgave me, I followed behind her with confusion in my heart.




 We were greeted by mantis-like guards standing on either side of the entrance, and we entered the place.



 Inside a huge stone barrier that had engulfed the mountainside around where our base was supposed to be was a dark, incredibly long, and intricate underground passage.



 When I touched the inner wall of the tunnel with my hand, I found it to be strange to the touch, made of a material similar to rough, granular concrete.
The cross-section of the tunnel was round and semi-cylindrical.
It was large enough for two or more people to walk through side by side.




 As I walked along the underground passage, I noticed countless green light sources glowing on the walls in the pitch darkness.
It gave me a strange feeling as if I was walking through the green tunnel hovering in the darkness.



 I took a closer look at the light source and found that there were little caterpillar-like creatures attached to the walls and ceiling, and their butts were glowing.





 I wondered if it was a firefly.
I remembered that both eggs and larvae of fireflies glow.
It's the same color I saw yesterday.





 The light emitted by a single larval firefly is only as bright as phosphorescent light, but when so many fireflies are gathered together, they produce a fair degree of light.
I guess these are the ones that made the light I saw last night.





 In the tunnel, we pass a number of large dog-sized termites and Ants.
They seem to be at work.



 –I had an idea of what they were doing.



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 It's an Anthill.



 While I was gone, the anthill had engulfed not only the base but the entire mountain.
What a surprise.




 As I walked around, watching and scurrying with excitement, Titania saw me and took the time to show me the various rooms.
She was huffing and somewhat proud of herself.
How cute.



 Suddenly, I came upon a room that smelled strangely savory and delicious.
It smelled so good that I was tempted to go inside.




 The room was warm and humid, and the floor and walls were covered with spongy lumps the size of soccer balls.



 I snatched one of them up and held it close to my nose.
Sniff, sniff.
It smelled just like the scent that came from the room.
What is this?



 As I gazed at the lump, Titania snatched it up and held it out to Diamond, who was attached to my shoulder.
Then Diamond happily gobbled it up.



 I realized that it was a mushroom.



 The ants are growing mushrooms in this room.



 Mushrooms are dangerous.
Sometimes they smell good, but ninety percent of the time they are poisonous.
What is non-toxic to humans is toxic to dogs, and vice versa.
There is no easy way to tell the difference.
In a Survival situation, it is a massive risk.
Even in Fox, eating mushrooms was considered a no-no.
I'd rather starve to death than eat some random mushrooms.
It's much easier to die that way.
Just because diamonds can eat them doesn't mean I can…..





And what's on my tongue is protein.
It's a nutritional powerhouse.



 –I see…….




 So it looks like Titania is planning to let the bugs live inside the anthill and feed them with the mushroom farm.



 There are many other rooms in the anthill, and not only the ants, but all sorts of insects are housed in these rooms.
Caterpillar No.
5's room was as big as a last-boss room.



 The scale of the anthill was far beyond my imagination.
The anthill was not just on the surface of the mountain but had been built by hollowing out the mountain itself and tunneling deep underground.



 –This was the scale of a castle.
This is an anthill castle.



 Titania seems to have built this castle using the entire mountain.
And it only took a week.
The manpower of these insects is insane.



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