Chapter 123: The Witch and the Grim Reaper

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“That means you never intended to give the information in the first place!!”




 Abigail's hand flashed.





 Barry ducked under Abigail's fist and caught her wrist.




 A small knife fell to the floor with a high-pitched sound.
It's a strange weapon with an extremely short blade.







“What a surprise.
This weapon is a favorite of gangsters.
Are you from the slums or something?”




 When Abigail didn't answer, he twisted her arms behind her back and pushed her against the wall.







“Well, okay, ……, I know you are named too right? Of course, I'm going to tell you, alright? I'm not lying  It's just that I haven't been getting enough exercise lately, and my mind is a little foggy.
It's no laughing matter that they say the more you work, the sooner you retire.
But maybe if I work out and sweat with a beautiful woman like you, I'll remember that at some point.
Well, it's been a while since I've  ……, and you'll probably have to purr all night to get it all out of me, good luck”



 Barry then pressed his nose against the nape of Abigail's neck once more.




“–That smells amazingly good.
How many people did you have lure? How about you suck my cock with your amazing techniques? ……
I don't mind a little extra if your service satisfies me, okay?”




 Barry grinned.




“I'm going to transmit this to the ……




 Abigail said, holding up the terminal she had taken out of her pocket.
The screen showed an emergency call screen.



is useless.
It's not only that the terminal's normal signal can't reach us here.
The gangs have been jamming the signal lately, and we can't even send an emergency call to the police.”




 Barry said, reaching out to take Abigail's terminal.




“Now let that thing off ……
so I can see your face!”




“Stop ……
I'm gonna bite it off!”




“Oh, that's sooo scary! That's what I'm waiting for!”




 The two of them wrestled like that for a while, but between Abigail's physical strength and the named man, they were like child and adult.



 Barry gradually restrained her, and finally, when he shook Abigail's arm violently, her cap came off, and her glasses flew off as well.


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 Her blonde hair fell out.




 Barry's eyes narrowed at the sight of Abigail's face, which was then revealed.




 A small hint of fear appeared in his eyes and he gulped.




“…………Grim Reaper…………?”








 Abigail's question startled the man.





Whoa ……, I need to be more careful.”




“I said, Who? “




 Abigail glared at Barry with an even sharper gaze than before.





“Calm down.
I told you I'll speak.
But, let me get a shot on you first, You can get a pill from any seller in the area.
If you want, I'll even give you another one if you do it more”




 Barry hugged Abigail from behind and squeezed her so hard that her breasts deformed.




“That person is pretty strong, you know.
I may not remember it now, but I may if come back and ask me tomorrow and let me hold you again.”






 She let out a pained whimper as she was bound tightly from behind and roughly groped all over her body.



 Huffing and puffing, his breath muddy with lust, Barry began to loosen his own belt.




“Just imagining such a high-quality gem fell into crazy with sex……
I don't care if you cry or break, I'm gonna drug you all night and keep you in the basement of the Haven until you die.”



 Barry slowly pulled out a pistol-shaped device from behind his hip.



 The second she saw it, Abigail yell.






“Huh?-Gu, ah …




 Barry felt a tingle on the back of his neck and turned around, instinctively ducking his head.


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 But the room was empty, and all he could hear was the ragged breathing of both Abigail and Barry.
When he pressed down on the spot where he felt the pain, he felt no different.



 However, Barry felt his over-excited brain instantly cool down.
It was the same feeling he had when he was on the battlefield.



 –There's nothing there.
But there is something out there ……



Hey, what the–“




 Barry turned and gasped.




 The reason was that he saw a strange, big spider crawling up Abigail's body.




 It was about the size of a fist, a tarantula, a type of spider with hair all over its body, blue-black with a single strange stripe running down its back.




What? A spider?”




 The spider climbed over Abigail's body and then settled down on her shoulder.



 Barry's whole body broke out in a cold sweat at the bizarre sight of the woman smiling and tickling the spider with her little finger.




 As he tried to pull up his pants, he realized that he couldn't feel his fingertips.







 Barry tried to get away from Abigail, but his pants tangled his legs, forcing him to fall.
He hit his face on the floor.
Blood spattered his nose and splattered on the floor.
The numbness was starting to spread all over his body to the point where he couldn't take a single step.




“……such an ugly, small dick”




 Abigail crouched down near Barry, her hands on her knees.



 She sighed boringly and gazed at Barry's erect member with some emotion.




“The rumor about the aliens gangbanging me is half true.”




 He whispered into Barry's ear as his whole body began to shake.




“I was raped in prison for over six months straight…..By a single Beast..”









Barry struggles to sit up. Abigail put her hand on his cheek and made him turn to face her.
The lower half of his face was smeared red with nosebleeds.



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“How can I possibly cry or break down now if punish me with something so adorable? Drugged for a night? you'll at least need to give me a whole day.”



 Barry groaned as he caught sight of the spider staring at him from Abigail's shoulder.



“That spider ……
can't be ……
an alien–“



“It's strange, isn't it?”



 Abigail interrupted, turning up the volume.
She furrowed her brow as she continued to stroke the spider on her shoulder with her finger.




“His venom, when injected into mice it kills them instantly, but when you analyze the ingredients, it's just simple saline.
It seems to become less toxic over time.
I really don't understand alien technology…”





 She continued, pointing to the pistol-shaped device Barry had dropped when he fell.



” And here's the result, a frozen corpse of a moron who drugged himself to death with his dick hanging out.
It's a fitting end for a rapist.
The gun has your fingerprints on it, and you use the same one regularly, don't you? It's in your bloodstream, so no one will even question it.
The case is closed with death by poisoning.
You better curse your usual misdeeds.”




“Are you…..
betraying ……
mankind ……?”




“No? Also they betrayed me first.”




 Abigail, who was so bold to say it, showed no sign of remorse.



“I'll ……
exposed ……
what will happen ……?”




 Barry made a threat.
Then Abigail said.




“You're right, we need to be careful when we cross that bridge.
I know all about the lack of surveillance here, and I know that the terminal is out of service.
Pig's Haven ……
is a convenient place for this.
I've had a really hard day.
I went to a lot of trouble to find you discreetly and get you out here.
I had to keep an eye on you.
and after we finally made contact……I've had to go through all of that trouble just to get one dead body.
And in the end, I didn't get the information I wanted.
That's what I call a waste of time.”




 Barry's sour face turned bright red and he peeled his bloodshot eyes.



 Abigail smiled at the man who was gaping at her.



“Do you want an antidote?”






“So, let's continue where we left off.
When you look at me, what did you say?”




“……golden ……
grim reaper.
Give me the antidote.



 Barry foamed up like a crab.
His face was turning blue and purple, with signs of cyanosis.
His eyeballs were protruding as if they were about to pop out, indicating an unnatural increase in his internal pressure.
It was characteristic of Niblo's poison.




“If I could get more information, maybe I will help you?”




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“……buh, buhg…….”




 The man's eyes were drained of life.



 The room was instantly enveloped in silence, and only the distant clamor of the slum could be heard on the wind.




What? He's dead?”




 After confirming that Barry was unresponsive, Abigail smiled apologetically and said, “I'm sorry.”



“There's no antidote, actually.
The chemical ingredient is just water.”



 ”She said to the unspoken man and stood up.”




Niblo, that' s a little too poisonous.
I was going to ask him everything I could.”




 Abigail spoke to the spider on her shoulder.
The spider, called Niblo, tapped her shoulder in a strange rhythm, tapping, tapping.
It was his signature way of communicating information.
It was Morse code.




— sorry, big sis, disgusting, man —



 When Niblo speaks, he looks like he's dancing, and it's quite cute.



 Abigail's expression faltered and she held up her index finger.
Niblo saw this and gave her a high five with his paw.



 Abigail thought to herself, I'm like a witch, manipulating poisonous spiders at will,…….



— big sis, cold —



“Well, okay.”



 After tucking the cold Niblo under her jacket, Abigail picked up her glasses and cap, checked to make sure her hair hadn't fallen to the floor, and finally looked down at Barry.




” that last Bugh ……
bugh ……
I guess you meant Fox…….”




 The golden grim reaper.




 And that man was surprised when he saw my face.







I heard a lot of bad things about them.
I'd avoid it if I could, but …….




 Abigail shuddered and closed the collar of her jacket.




 Maybe it was the cold winter wind, maybe it was the fear of not having anyone to rely on, or maybe it was the fear of getting to the bottom of something she didn't want to know.


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